Chapter 24: Memories
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After Noelani left, Gan was discussing with the other camp members about the bodies of the level-2 and 3 creatures.

Their bodies were dissolving but at a very low rate.

He noticed Adam, who was resting against the tree wall of the camp, stand up and began to leave.

Gan caught up with Adam.

"She's doing everything for the camp, you know," Gan said.

"Really?! Why doesn't it feel that way?" Adam asked rhetorically while clenching his stomach, the pain persists even now.

"He's not trying to convince you, he's informing you. We are not in our safe and secure lives anymore, our team has accepted this fact and is willing to do whatever it takes to survive, and that's siding with Noelani." It was Simone, Noelani's close confidante, who joined the conversation.

Adam understood her words were a threat, Simone was implying that if he does not follow the rules and the demands of Noelani, he will be dealt with.

Adam saw the face of Gan, it is obvious he agrees with what Simone said.

Adam did not say anything and left back to his shed.

He was going to leave no matter what, he did not care about what Gan and Simone had to say.


Going back a little earlier.

Noelani left the camp's dome and could see many shadows not far from her augmented purification dome.

She guessed these were following the dark spawn's lead and came here but still could not enter the camp's purification dome.

However, Noelani only had to lift her hand and a flash of light took all of them out in an instant.

The few that got in the range of the augmented purification dome were also annihilated.

She did not care to deal with all the scattered shadows and left using her water skip skill to move in the direction of the dungeon.

'It's all coming together, after all the planning and preparations, my first goal in this hell world is going to be accomplished.' Noelani thought.

While running, Noelani could not help but reminisce about a few of her memories.


"Why is she chosen? Her talent is not comparable to some of the others!" A male voice complained angrily in Noelani's memories.

"We have put all our resources into this divination, she is the most likely to affect the outcomes." An old female voice answered.


Many different voices and conversations were remembered by Noelani.

"Noelani, we are all counting on you."

"Forget those guys, if there was someone that can do it, it's you!"

"Noelani, I know you can do it; you show those numbskulls!"

Noelani remembered her friends that gave her those encouraging words and could not help but smile.

"Noelani, all humanity is depending on you, you are the one to…" It was the old female voice again.

"Change the past!"


Back at the camp.

Adam was quickly going back to his shed.

His stomach was still in pain, which Adam found a little odd, even though he got hit hard, it should not last this long, right?

Adam was in front of his shed but wanted to check on his stomach, so he raised his shirt.

He raised it for only a second but pulled it down almost immediately.

He started to check around with a terrified face.

Luckily though, there were no people around, almost all the camp members were still checking out the high-level creatures or waiting to see the miasma clear up as Noelani said.

Seeing no one, Adam started going into his shed.

Adam raised his hand to open the door but noticed his heavily trembling hands.

He opened the door and closed it behind himself.

"I – it can't be!" Adam blurted out.

He pulled his shirt and saw it once again.

The same ooze that was on Fabian, is now on his stomach.

It still seems small and just starting, but while looking at it carefully, he could barely see it growing.

"what – what in the world! Isn't it growing too fast?!"

Adam remembered what happened to Fabian, it took two weeks for the ooze to grow enough to reach his chest.

He was not sure what other factors may have slowed or sped up the growth rate but was sure Fabian's ooze should not have grown this fast.

"wouldn't I be completely taken over by it in a few hours? How did Fabian deal with this?! Surely it was not as fast for him, or he would have become a dark spawn much earlier." Adam said thinking about his situation

Adam panicked and quickly came up with an idea on the spot.

He opened the door of his shed and looked around to see that there was no one around.

Making sure that the door was covering him and reducing the chance of people noticing him.

He pulled his shirt up again.



Adam could not help but groan, the pain was too sharp.

He checked the ooze for a little while, it seems to not move anymore, Adam was not sure but had a feeling it was shrinking in size.

He did not see its shrinkage; it seems it will take a very long time to get rid of it.

Adam pulled down his shirt, he just wanted to check if the purification dome could help with the ooze, which seems to be true, for the camp's powerful purification dome at least.

"Is someone purifying shadow stones! You can't purify anything you did not declare to the camp." Adam heard someone yelling, the purification sound was much louder than the normal purification, which caught the attention of a camp member.

'I was too rash!' Adam panicked.

Perhaps it was the fear, the pain, bad luck, the rashness that seem to come with the ooze's infection, the unexpected loud noise of the purification, or a combination of all five, that made Adam make a reckless decision and be caught in a bad situation.

'Calm down! It should be fine, just calm down' Adam thought to himself.

"Oh sorry! I'll pay extra compensation when Noelani comes back." Adam opened the door completely and saw it was a member of Noelani's team.

"You-" The person began to speak but stopped talking.

Adam saw the man's annoyed face turn into a solemn one.

The man started to run towards the location of the other camp members.

Adam was perplexed, how did he find out something was wrong.

He looked down to see some parts of his body are becoming paler and grayer. It was the same signs that appeared on Fabian early on but now appeared on him.

'How did it worsen so fast!'

Adam quickly ran back and grabbed anything he thought was important, he was planning on leaving the camp asap.

Next, he went to the fireplace and opened it.

Quickly jumping in, he closed the entrance.

It was dark but he swiftly activated the innate orb and was able to see in the darkness.

Adam raised his hand to a wall beside himself.

It opened to reveal a passage.

He built this passage beforehand in the case that the camp was prohibiting him from leaving.


The secret of Noelani is finally revealed.
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