Chapter 28: Collapse
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The moment Noelani realized that something was coming from above her, she started to move towards the entrance of the room.


However, unfortunately for her, the ceiling began collapsing by a fraction of a second before she started using her water skip skill.

It was all happening in a short period of time, but Noelani realized she was not going to make it.

But, at that moment, she felt something leave her side.

*bang* *bang*

The stones fell and a giant cloud of dust covered any tunnels that were nearby, making the already congested dungeon stuffier.


A body quickly hit a wall.

It was Noelani who narrowly escaped.


She hit the wall hard, and the dust that was everywhere made it hard to breathe.

However, she quickly looked behind her nervously.

The entrance of that room has been closed off by all the rubble.


Noelani picked up her aching body and tried to push through the rubble. Even though there were sand and small rocks that make up the rubble, which she was able to move, but there are also many giant boulders, like the one blocking her path, that made it difficult to excavate back inside the room.

‘My luminous snake!’ Noelani was enraged.

Right when the ceiling collapsed, the luminous snake had flung her forward and allowed her to narrowly escape. The creature does not have much cognitive ability but sensed the danger and sacrifices itself for Noelani.

Being the light child, Noelani could control elementals of the light type, much like how the dark spawn can control dark elementals.

However, light elementals are very affectionate and loyal, which is why the luminous snake decided to sacrifice itself.

‘How did this happen?!’

A level-2 dark spawn would more than likely rushed towards her when the miasma was calling to come and defend the core. All the elementals of the first rank would, at best, have the cognitive ability of a 2-year-old.

“It should not be able to scheme and try collapsing the walls instead of directly fighting me. Then that means it was not an elemental, but human.”

Noelani calmed down and thought about the situation.

‘Adam!’ She thought in rage.

She did not know how everything transpired but was sure it was Adam’s doings that caused the collapse to happen.

She looked at Adam’s orb in her possession, thankfully for her, she was able to get it out as well. But the light amplification has not reached the peak it should when a dark spawn completes the transformation. As a matter of fact, it is still a while before that is reached.

This means, Adam still has some cognition and is not in a drunken rage state, unlike Fabian when he completed the transformation.


Adam was looking down from above, he left himself a ledge to stand and not fall like the other shadows.

It could not be helped that the shadows also fell, he needs to cover the widest range so that he could ensure Noelani was buried under the collapse.

Thankfully, the thing calling him allowed him to accurately determine the correct area of where the collapse should be.

After the dust settled, he could not see anything other than his corruption shadows and the rubble.

He has become able to see in the miasma more clearly as his transformation progressed.

‘It seems the rubble has covered everything, even that thing’s calls have stopped coming.’

‘She should be buried, right?’ Adam thought and then hesitated.

‘But, if she didn’t …’

He was rushing himself and the other shadows to cause the collapse so that Noelani would not be warned by her hint talent in time.

So, he did not take precautions in case Noelani survived.

‘I should probably close off the entrance I came from’

Adam left his purification dome, he needed more mana to close the entrance of this tunnel, otherwise, he would have to confront Noelani on his own.

‘Oh! if I can block the path to the outside as well, it should be even better. This way, she can die slowly!’ Adam had a moment of realization with a twisted smile.

Each time he entered the miasma, his mind would turn darker and more sinister, but could not do much about it since he still needed mana to accomplish this plan.


He saw a light at the entrance of the tunnel he and the other shadows dug.

The shock knocked him out of his malevolent stupor and hastily raised his hand.


Adam kept using his ability to cause the wall to collapse.

“ADAM!” It was Noelani, who just noticed Adam trying to block the tunnel.


However, Adam was able to successfully stop Noelani’s advancements.

“Adam, you fool! Do you know what you have done?!” Noelani yelled.

There was a small gap at the top of the tunnel that allowed the sound to pass through to Adam.

“NO! I DON’T KNOW!” While being in the dark miasma and with the loudest voice he could muster, Adam snapped back at Noelani.


“It is not the time for your petty grievances! What I was trying to do was to purify the island core! It allows us to make skill orbs!” Noelani said.

“Why should I care?!”

“You should care because we can make a healing skill that can reverse your transformation, so open up, I can help you.” Noelani’s voice became calmer, and she tried to be more convincing.

Adam was a gullible man and perhaps normally he would have hesitated here, but for a reason, Adam did not know, he felt disgusted and rage each time he heard Noelani’s voice.

As though even the thought of her breathing was an abomination to him.

Fabian had also experienced this feeling during the confrontation before he completely transformed, it was a side effect of the yin yang birth skill.

The dark spawn would despise the existence of the light child and would do anything to try killing her.

“As if I would listen to you anymore, I won’t take your help ever again!”


Adam raised his hand and completely closed off the tunnel, not allowing any sound to pass through.

“DAMN IT!” Noelani punched the wall in frustration.

Noelani knew it was unlikely, but tried her best to trick Adam into opening the tunnel pathway.