Chapter 38: That Damned Sorcerer
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"I didn't think you knew I was here," the Orc wheezes despite the tremendous pressure on his lungs.

"He was spying on our conversation!" Gallagher says, pointing out the obvious.

'No shit sherlock. You want a fucking medal you old coot? I thought someone who summoned me would be smarter than that.'

"My superiors already know of your deal," proclaims the Orc. "To think you'd know I was here, however. I would've preferred being alive. Well, this isn't all bad."

The Orc's eyes move downwards towards the crotch of Zeruna who scowls at the brazenness of the Orc. Ryota looks on enviously. Then there is an audible crunch as Zeruna's grip around the Orc's body tightens, breaking one of his arms immediately prompting a painful shriek from the Orc. With another swift movement, Zeruna slams the Orc's face into the stonework before bringing it back up as a bloodied mess.

"What is your name?" asks Zeruna in a more demanding tone than questioning. "If you do not speak, I will have to forcefully invade your mind. I've been told the process is extremely uncomfortable. I would dearly hate to hurt you more."

There came no answer from the Orc who is still conscious somehow. Any normal human might've been knocked unconscious or even died from such a forceful manoeuver; however, Orcs have the trait 'tough' the opposite of 'delicate'. Through this trait, blunt force does less damage to them. Zeruna possessed the trait delicate, meaning a blunt attack to her would do additional damage.

"I.. won't speak," the Orc spits as he attempts to move his uninjured arm. 

Zeruna glances down to see what is in his hand. It's a flask with an odd liquid in it. Zeruna uses Psionics to rip it from the Orc's hands and inspect it.

"Just as I expected: poison. Ah well, your death can come later since your so willing to die to for your cause — whatever that may be. But first, I have to ensure you can't get this," and with those words, Zeruna downs the poison like it was a glass of water, leaving everyone stunned.

'I will marry her, have kids with her and make her my wife! She's the best! I wish I could embrace her. So badass and charming at the same time, it's like God made my ideal woman and placed her in front of me.'

Zeruna shoots Ryota a brief but deadly glance before turning her attention back to the Orc.

"I'll go first since you're so shy, my name is Zeruna Black. A pleasure to meet you," says Zeruna in a sarcastic tone.

"My name is Arrasius, elite spy of King Decimus, a loyal servant who is unwilling to give up any more information."

"Unwilling? Then I'll just have to make you willing," Zeruna releases Arrasius, but before he had another second to breathe; Zeruna violently grabs his face, with that he reduced to nothing but a mindless drone. With no Psionic resistance, he unable to counter the invasion. "What is the reason you came here?"

"To collect information on the hero while staying in the shadows," replies Arrasius in a zombie-like tone.

"Who did you send the message to?" asks Zeruna.

"The Sorcerer assisting my liege."

"What is the name of this Sorcerer!? And what is his nature!?" yells Adrin suddenly.

Before Arrasius can answer, his entire head explodes coating the area in layers of blood and brain matter. The Orcs body crumples to the ground immediately. Zeruna turns around and glares at Adrin, her eyes full of fury. Ryota shakes then drops to the ground, unable to handle the gory mess before him. 

After a few seconds, Ryota regains his composure; however, his face remains grey and green. That is the first time he's seen such a bloody and brutal sight. Nothing like this should ever be shown to anyone, let alone a highschool student. Quietly, Ryota looks to his quivering hands, hoping events like that won't become common.

"What did you do!?" Adrin yells.

"I did nothing unlike you who nearly reaped us of valuable information in your haste to get answers," replies Zeruna calmly but coldly. With a quick spell Zeruna washes the blood from everyone's faces.

"What do you mean?"

"I'll explain," Ryota says trying to put on a confident front, but it's obvious to anyone he's trying to score brownie points with Zeruna. "The spy had some sort of spell placed upon him that if he is compelled to tell anyone the nature of the Sorcerer, he'll die."

"You're lucky I know revival magic else I'd get you to lick up the blood yourself," Zeruna spits.

Zeruna turns back towards Arrasius' corpse and holds her hand out before muttering what Ryota assumes is a spell. Nothing happens.

"Why isn't it working?" asks Ryota.

"Allow me to chime in. The Sorcerer has taken precautions and prepared what seems like a counter-spell that stops revival magic," Gallagher explains. "That is extremely ruthless. Whomever this sorcerer is, they're dangerous."

"I almost feel tempted to make them a Child of Chaos," comments Zeruna as she gazes at the work of the sorcerer. 

"Who are the Children of Chaos?" Ryota asks. "Wait, they're not your children are they?!"

"Fret not hero, they are merely my beloved subordinates not my spawn," Zeruna chuckles. "Mordain, the greatest necromancer to ever live; Nyrilieth, a one-armed Dragon Ogre berserker who loves destroying everything; Tina Tina Tina, the Dark Elf Sorceress who people seem to think is either my younger sibling or actual child; Varsarius, the battle-addicted and uncontrollable Majin; Hans, the Minotaur martial artist; Shogan, the Oni swordsman who can grow an extra two arms in combat; Verille, the Arachne assassin who is extremely protective; Ursula, the trident-wielding Octopae sadist; and lastly, Phalanx, my trusted Homunculi protector."

"They sound dangerous," utters Ryota. 

"Unfortunately, they are all deceased, slaughtered by the heroes from 300 years ago. If I could, I'd torture the heroes, then revive them, then torture them and then revive them over and over and over–" Zeruna suddenly pauses mid-sentence and takes a deep breath. "Apologies, I allowed my emotions to get the better of me once again."

"Is it possible that this sorcerer is one of the Children of Chaos?" asks Adrin.

"No, it is written in depictions of the fight that all but Zeruna perished," states Gallagher. "Revival magic only works for a short window. Unless someone travelled to the mythological tree of souls, it is unlikely that it is one of your subordinates. If it is, can I ask them to politely stop generating chaos."

"We are the Children of Chaos, Agents of Discord, Bringers of Turmoil. It is in the nature of all of us to produce as much anarchy possible," Zeruna says while smiling. "Of course, I'm trying to change my ways. Ahh, I wish I could stay longer boys, but I have places to be. Gallagher, you've proved to me that you are better than I originally thought. Adrin, you're a fucking senseless idiot who is protected from me by the fact you're the king. If you weren't in such a role of high authority, you'd be deceased. Ryota... I can read your thoughts, everyone of them."

'Please don't kill me, I'm only 16!'

"Stop your whinging!" Zeruna snaps. "Anyway, I have places to be. If you are to take one thing away from this conversation: I will be watching you all, carefully."

Tina and Aema had been watching the entire ordeal unfold through the purple eyes of Zeruna. Aema was excited about being joined by an additional transmigrator and wanted to know more about his personality and origin world. However, she was mortified at the sight of a person's head exploding. She very nearly fainted, if Tina and the Zeruna clone weren't there to support her, she would've passed out there and then. No matter how hard she tried to steel herself, she couldn't bare to watch such a gory and sudden death.

On the other hand, Tina was barely managing to contain her rage. This mere human had the gall, the nerve, the stomach, the audacity to entertain the thoughts of bedding her mistress. She swore that as soon as she got the chance to murder the hero, she would. The little Dark Elf was unable to restrain all of the negative energy that surrounded her, causing anyone near her to immediately become uncomfortable. Aema felt most of the wrothful spirit, those who happened to be in the immediate area felt a shiver slide down their spines.

Zeruna takes the place of her clone; there isn't a second between the clone disappearing and Zeruna suited in her disguise appearing. However, if one were to be watching carefully, they would see her flicker. Blinking in and out of reality like she was a glitch in the matrix. Fortunately, nobody was paying much attention to them.

(Tina) [Zeruna, my mana levels are getting low. We have to leave if we are to not expose ourselves.]

(Zeruna) [I have less trouble maintaining multiple spells. I will do it for a while as my mana stores are not even half-drained unlike yours.]

(Aema) [No let me! I am the only one not in disguise, it will be more convenient for me to do it.]

(Tina) [Are you sure you won't cause another explosion or something similar to that?]

(Zeruna) [I've been training her to better manipulate mana. She never got training as a child unlike me. To have as much control as she does in such a short time is impressive, I believe she can do it.]

(Tina) [Very well... I guess she can handle it.]

(Aema) [I won't let you guys down!]

(Tina) [You say that, but...]

Well, RIP Arrassius, he lived a long life as an elite spy that worked directly under King Decimus. He will be missed as the Orc chad who had the bravery to sneak a peek at Zeruna crotch merely inches from her face. A brave soul killed by the stupidity of another.

Fucking Adrin.