Chapter 1: I See Fields of Green (Redone)
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A warm breeze rustles trees peacefully as birds chirp and flutter. The green grass waves in large open fields. Natural beauty in its most elegant form, a land seemingly untouched by anything. A place separated from reality, almost like a dream or heaven. This isn't a bedroom! Especially not a bedroom belonging to, what some would consider, a reject.

Through unknown and mysterious means, a man who spends nearly all his free time playing a game is transported to said game. Not in his own body but the body of his game Avatar, Ruler of Death and Leader of the Children of Chaos.

Slowly, the person sits up, observing his bizarre surroundings, "Where the hell am I? My voice, this isn't my voice. It's female, and actually is good to hear."

He brings his hands into her view only to see they've changed colour to brown, gone are the days as a Human male, now he is a female Dark Elf. The next glaring difference they notice is their silver hair that reveals itself by dropping down onto their hands. Instantly, their blood runs as cold as ice.

Clothes? A glistening white breastplate with purple patterns climbing up it. An oversized shoulder pad made of the same white material sits comfortably on their left shoulder. The upper part of her left arm is encased in armour while the rest of the arm isn't. Her right arm is the opposite, having only the forearm armoured. The abdomen of the Dark Elf is entirely exposed allowing for 'maximum mobility in battle'.

Around their hips is a purple battle skirt that dangles down to their knees and hides the powerful legs of the character. Their shins are shielded by the same white and purple armour that brightly reflects the sunlight. Encrusted throughout the entire set of armour are ornate, glass-like gems of various colours.

"I'm... I'm in the body of Zeruna Black," was the only thing that she could muster. "Wait, last check, ears."

Long, pointy, sensitive and presumably brown too.

"From falling asleep to this," mutters Zeruna as she begins to stand up, wobbling slightly due to the new proportions of her body.

She eventually stumbles over to a tree and falls onto it. The tree, like a frag grenade, detonates on impact with Zeruna, sending hundreds of tiny pieces of wood everywhere. However, any piece that comes into contact with the Elf's skin stops dead and drops to the ground.

"Well, I... I guess that makes sense, I was level 7362 in Chroniks and had 10,000+ in every statistic, so I guess strength like this to be expected. But the question is: are my weapons here?" Zeruna asks herself. "Come forth, Blades of the Fallen."

From each forearm, two curved blades burst out, these close-ranged weapons are a work of art and took countless hours of intensive grinding to construct. Their appearance is inspired heavily off similar weapons used by an anime character, but these are much deadlier as they can bend in all sorts of directions and attack an opponent from long range, as well as close. They retract back into Zeruna's arms upon her command.

'Now we have that confirmed I have my weapons, what about my psionics and magic?'

A purple light suddenly explodes around her; shredding and eviscerating every plant within a ten-metre radius and reducing a nearby rabbit to a bloody chow.

She turns to the collection of organs and blood that was, until recently, a rabbit. Her hand outstretches and begins to glow green. The chunks of gore suddenly start to reassemble into a rabbit — even the blood that had escaped its body is drawn back. As if nothing had happened, the rabbit carelessly hops away. This is the work of the spell: Greater Revival.

'Interesting, most interest indeed. Looks like I might enjoy myself in this world. I wonder if any of my actions in Chroniks have some effect in this world. For example: does the kingdom of the Wood Elves still exist after I destroyed it in the game. Silly game characters, they should have accepted their Dark Elf Overlord.'

In the RPG game known as Chroniks: Destiny and Fate, the player could level indefinitely, Zeruna grinded every day and managed to reach level 7000 after more than five years of playing. Throughout those years, she formed a group called the Children of Chaos consisting of a colourful cast of randomly generated NPCs, it was a beautiful thing. However, Chroniks had an incredibly strict death rule. If your avatar or an NPC died, it was permanent. Everything is gone; money, level, experience.

'The game was incredibly diverse, it was as if it was actually a real-world contained behind a screen. And still, the game grew seemingly tired of my unending destructive reign. Solution? To generate a massive army of powerful AI characters, naturally. Thinking about it frustrates me. My subordinates were slain and I was nearly too. Azure Azur Azure was just too powerful for the Children of Chaos.

If only my NPCs didn't pick a fight with them I wouldn't have been on the run in-game for so long, but I survived because I valued Zeruna Black too much.

But in a world without them, I could forge a new order.'

She chuckles to herself, she wouldn't do that. She'd have to deal with everyone's problems, a task that frustrated her in the game. She was already taxed enough dealing with a few subordinates. Despite this, they were the most treasured friends she had, in real life and in-game.

'What about my inventory? Wait, how would I check that? Guess I'll have to figure that out later.'

There is a sudden dragon-like grumble that Zeruna assumes to be an animal at first until realising the sound originated from herself.

'But more importantly, food! I'm starving! I guess this is a side effect of becoming a Dark Elf. The trait 'Tremendous appetite' seems to have carried over to this world too.'

The Dark Elf observes the path in front of her, causing an idea to materialise in her head. She moves over to the path and looks down carefully at the footprints hammered into the dust. The foot traffic can signal the direction of the nearest city.

Zeruna is about to prepare herself to launch off using a flying spell until she hears something faintly in the distance. Her long ears seem to twist of their own volition; attempting to hone in on the source of the sound.

"They're heading this way."

If she waits, she could go invisible then hop on the back of a merchants carriage, most likely, they would go be heading to a nearby settlement.

Just as predicted, a carriage does indeed go along the road and seizing the opportunity, Zeruna activates one of her rings which turns her invisible to everyone's eyes except herself. She then jumped into the back soundlessly and rests herself on numerous animal pelts.

She looks into a few boxes and discovers a crate of apples. She begins quietly eating an apple while resting in the back. She fishes through a few other crates, discovering more food as well as weapons and more pelts. There are even a few jewellery mixed in.

"That's bad news."

"Yeah, they said they don't know which Child will come, only that a great calamity will befall the world."

"I doubt it will happen here!"

"Agreed, but there is always a chance. We never know, the Child of Chaos could we watching us right now."

"You shouldn't say such things unless you're trying to scare me. Besides, most of them are the size of mountains, I'm pretty sure I'd be able to see them from a mile away!"

'It seems somethings I did in the game have carried over to this world. If I and my power is here, why wouldn't the game events be here too? More importantly, they don't even know I'm here, a Child of Chaos who isn't the size of a mountain (not that any of us are). What lucky men these are.'

A small and unintentionally mischievous giggle leaves Zeruna and causes the merchants to immediately be on guard. One seizes a short sword that lay inches away from her while the other pulls out a sheathed sword from his waist.

"Did you hear that?" mutters the one named Rudolf.

"Probably just some forest spirit, but it always pays to be prepared. Now, we keep on guard."

"Damn, we definitely need to hire some adventurers, remind me to do that Logan."

The two return to their original positions, though a little more on guard, and continue their journey to their destination. Still unaware of the powerful being casually eating apples in the back of the carriage.