Chapter 3: A Bout with Golems
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The king slowly stands as his two subordinates exit the throne room. He saunters over to another pair of grand doors and opens it. Not only did he have to make decisions concerning the kingdom, but he also, willingly, took over the job of curator of the hall of magical items.

He had always enjoyed taking care of these items as much as the kingdom he governs. Each item present is a national treasure, each dating back to a different moment in time. However, the kingdom's most prized possession was an item belonging to the leader of Children of Chaos, Zeruna Black. His ancestor, King Jerlord Nordem, was one of those personally present there at the time of the item's recovery.

In the long soundless hallway, a foreign figure enters his line of sight. As he nears the person, he begins to make out features. Long ears, flowing white hair and a voluptuous profile. The king's blue eyes meet the purple gaze of the intruder.

The king stops dead in track as he fully processes what is occurring, as soon as he does, a wave of pure and utter terror flows over him. He knew who this was, from the stories that were passed down through the Nordem family lineage.

'Activate skill: Dominating Authority.'

"ZERUNA BLACK!" he screeches like a wailing banshee, as he collapses to the ground in fear. "SHE'S HERE!"

"Speak your name, mortal!" asks Zeruna with an annoyed expression upon her face.

'That's not what I said! But it sounded cool though. This must be my skill affecting my speech.'

"Don't make me repeat my words, maggot," she continues, her harsh tone intensifying. "Unless prostrating yourself in silence before your superior is commonplace."

'Damn, in Chroniks, this skill only lowers enemy morale and a few negative debuffs

"I'm the sovereign of this kingdom, King Adrin Nordem," splutters the king. "Please, do not hurt me or my people. I'll do anything!"

"Give me my necklace," snaps Zeruna. "If you want to keep you life."


'Deactivate Dominating Authority.'

The king begins to scramble down the hallway, his chest practically collapsing in on itself. Zeruna follows behind the shaking king casting a dark, menacing aura over him. Pressuring him even more. Adrin calms himself quickly as he realises to get the necklace, they have to go through the golem room where Zeruna would definitely perish.

He opens the door after retrieving the key from his royal robe, his hands quaking more than they ever had in his entire life. Zeruna Black, possibly the most terrifying individual to ever grace the world is now impatiently standing behind him. Little does she know that she's about to be attacked by four powerful golems.

He opens the door into a completely white room. Approximately fifty meters away is and a small stand with a box on top of it. Inside the box is the item wanted by Zeruna. The king darts forward as four hulking stone creates pounce onto Zeruna, he narrowly avoids getting caught in the fray.

"What's this? An ambush?" she comments.

"Yes, these are the four golems that have destroyed entire cities in the past! Therefore on par with your level! To take them down is impossible, surrendering is your only chance of living!" the king yells confidently.

"That so," Zeruna says as she slowly approaches a golem.

Upon seeing this the golem swings down towards Zeruna, striking with the intent to kill. Like mist, Zeruna dodges around the golems attack and merely taps it with her fist. The golem ends up as a pillar decoration as it is tapped. A sly smirk stays on Zeruna's mischievous face. The other three golems do not waver in the face of overwhelming power; as non-living entities, their morale is indomitable.

"Golems, don't let her attack, force her to dodge!"

The three remaining golems dive towards Zeruna's, their bulking arms flying towards her. To the average person, these attacks would be hard to block, but for a level 7362 multi-class hybrid, such attacks actions are futile.

"Appraisal," she murmurs.

[Level 221 Golem
Occupation: Protector

Level 200 Golem
Occupation: Protector

Level 212 Golem
Occupation: Protector

King Adrin Nordem Level 30
Occupation: King]

To these results, Zeruna's merely mutters the word "pathetic". Adrin merely stands there gawking at Zeruna's immeasurable strength as she punches off an arm from a golem with little effort. Her enchanting eyes still creepily locked upon Adrin as she dismantles another Golem with a chop.

Only two are left, or so she thought. She ducks under an unexpected strike from behind. Where did the Golem come from, there was only four total. Right, she forgot that Golems can only be destroyed if their cores are. Without them, they will immediately collapse and die. Destroying the core is the only way to permanently put one down.

"You may be able to destroy their frames with little effort, but you'll never be able to locate their cores!" Adrin yells.

"True, but if I reduce them to pieces, I'll see it," replies Zeruna.

The three Golems charge towards her, all attacking in different methods. Zeruna ducks and dives under and around the incoming attacks; flowing in between them like water. The Golems are too slow to land a hit on Zeruna who weaves through each movement made. However, their attacks are consistent enough to make it hard to get a chance to attack back despite how fast she is.

"How annoying," she growls as she swats away two Golems and sets her sights on a single one.

She darts towards then unloads a flurry of groundbreaking punches. She drills into the Golem's body, reducing it into small fragments that lay across the ground. Although the attacks appeared to be strong enough to kill a fully armoured human, for not a single one had she used her full power. There is a clang as a small yellow crystal drops to the ground. It shatters into small pieces as Zeruna's steps on it.

Three remaining.

Zeruna turns, this time, with a more annoyed and fed up expression on her face. She dashes at another Golem and nonchalantly plunges her hand into its chest; aiming for the area where the core was in the previous enemy. Her arms had penetrated through the Golem cleanly; however, the core is nowhere to be seen. It lands a heavy hit on her head, but despite the clubbing blow, Zeruna doesn't appear the slightest bit phased.

'Different places for different Golems? So irritating! I literally only want to have my items back. This king is gonna pay for troubling me this much; I won't kill him, but I'll definitely injure him somewhat. That'll teach him a lesson to give people's  items back when they nicely ask for it to be returned.'

She pulls her arm out from the Golem and strikes again, completely shattering the stone shell into dust. The force from the hit was so powerful, the core destroyed without being touched. Flowing like wind, she destroys the remaining two Golems with ease. Crushing their diamond-looking cores while glaring at Adrin menacingly. However, she notices that she gained something during the fight: SP, whatever that meant. From each golem, she got 75. Investigation into this will take place later.

Adrin is absolutely dumbfounded, he would run, but it feels as if his feet are rooted to the ground. As if demons were pulling him into hell. His heart is beating like a war drum, and his chest feels as it is being constricted by a python. This is what it's like to be paralysed in fear. This is due to two of Zeruna's skills, Dominating Authority and Aura of Fear, being activated simultaneously and him being in such close proximity to the source if the skills.

Zeruna's gradually approaches him, one of her arm blades in vision. Adrin closes his eyes, expecting a swift death from the supremely powerful entity. Her steps echo through the room, each one like a countdown to his death. It's like knowing exactly how and when you are going to die and you being absolutely powerless to prevent it from happening.

The King feels his arm being brushed by her shoulder. He anticipated death, but it never came. The footsteps continued. Confused, Adrin checks his body for marks, there is none. That is until he feels an odd sensation from his right hand.

He screeches once again as he realises all fingers from that hand lay on the ground in tiny puddles of blood.

"Consider that mercy, human," replies Zeruna. "I could've easily killed you, but because of how nice I am, I didn't."