Chapter 4: That’s My Magical Maguffin
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"My necklace, finally!"

Zeruna advances to her lost item, but as she touches the casing, a shock suddenly races up her arm and causing her to pull her hand away. She raises her hand, casting Spell Appraisal. Her eyes widen as the mysterious voice in her head reads the information to her. A Tier 3 spell has been set on the glass case as well as an additional spell that makes the glass immune to most forms of physical and magical damage. It would need quite a skilled caster to make an enchantment of Tier 3.

If Zeruna didn't also have a complete resistance to electricity, that little shock would've done significantly more damage. It would've killed the average person. The average Chroniks player would have also been mostly unaffected by the enchantment too, they ordinarily stopped playing the game when they reached level 400. However, there were those, like Zeruna, who went far far beyond and who grew total immunities to almost all forms of elemental damage.

"Break Enchantment," casts Zeruna.

With the enchantment broken, Zeruna takes her item from the glass only to meet an entourage of royal guards, their spears aimed steadily at her. There is a female guard at the helm and an old male attending to the king's situation. Looks like they hoped to surprise attack and subdue her before she had much chance to act. The only reason they were able to sneak this close to her was due to sound concealing magic. The wrath of all Elves, completely negating one of their biggest assets.

She uses Appraisal to gauge how much power needed to defeat the guards without casualty. The average level of the royal guard ranged from level 90 to 110, while the sage-looking man and the young female both have levels at a comfortable level 250. Somewhat more impressive than that of the Golems'. It doesn't matter though, to compete with Zeruna, one would need a level of approximately 6500; to give her a run for her money, you'd need a level of 7100. Unless you're some uber-levelled madman. You have little chance of victory except if you have some sort of instant-kill item that bypasses Zeruna's immunities. Such an item existed, but were so incredibly rare that even Zeruna was yet to encounter one.

"Halt Dark Elf Zeruna, I'm Eleanor Froheim here to slay you and protect my people," she announces confidently. "Hand over that necklace, else you won't have a neck to put it around."

"Have you read about my history 300 years ago, girl?" asks Zeruna.

"Indeed," responds Eleanor.

"Then you'll know of overwhelming power, and you'll know you have no chance of victory, and you'll know that letting me leave is your only chance of surviving this," spits Zeruna, her two intimidation skills once again working in tandem to scare her adversary.

The royal guards begin to waver; however, both the Eleanor and Gallgher Bandok don't. Their wills stay intact, despite the crushing atmosphere that had developed due to Zeruna's skills.

"Stay strong, men," Gallagher yells. "Protect the king at all costs."

"You speak as if I want this fight, I merely came to retrieve my beautiful necklace; the necklace that was unjustly stolen from me by this nation," replies Zeruna.

"Enough talk, foul beast!" Eleanor roars.

"Final warning."


'Seriously? Just take no for an answer. It's like I can't take eight steps without something trying to attack me or something. Are they purposely trying to force my hand or something? God almighty. My level is more than twenty times theirs and yet they still want to fight me. Well, you brought this upon yourselves.'

The other arm blade shoots from Zeruna's arm as she casually walks past each soldier, her movements way to fast for them to comprehend. When she passes the last man, there are audible clangs and thunks as their armour drops to the ground in mangled and battered pieces. Numerous disabling wounds suddenly open up on of the soldiers, hindering each of their abilities to fight.

The arms blades retract as Zeruna speaks, "If any of you wish to continue fighting, come at me."

'Discouraging people through showing glimpses of your power is always a better option than slaughtering a massive amount of people to discourage others. I learnt that before. Killing people will only motivate others to rise to their place. Especially against forces they consider evil, such as me. I shouldn't go too far, that'll cause the opposite effect I want.'

There is only silence from all those that challenged here, excluding Eleanor who is standing strong with her armour still intact, however, she is completely frozen in fear, her body refusing to act. Her face in utter shock at how quick her opponent is. Gallagher has been completely stunned into silence, it looks like someone is going through his search history with that face. They all have no choice but to surrender in the face of this all-powerful creature. Everyone has a single thought inside their mind, 'The only one who can kill Zeruna is a hero.'

'It only took them a thousand years to realise they have no chance of winning, it's like speaking with a brick wall. It can't listen and it won't move! I only came here to get my item back and now, fifty people have to get armour and weapon replacements, and the king no can't use his right hands due to it lacking fingers. Atleast he can still do a thumbs-up.'

Powerlessly, they watch as Zeruna's quietly and victoriously exits the throne room without a visible mark on her skin. She activates the ring of invisibility and leaves the palace the way she came: invisible. The only people who'd know she's even there is the people she'd just had a scuffle with. Everyone else is clueless to the fact that one of the strongest beings in the world had walked past them.

"My king, she's gone!" yells a royal guard.

"Help him, men," commands Eleanor.

"Eleanor, my cousin, we are of the same mind, correct?" asks Adrin.

"Indeed, the fact that a hero is needed is rather tacit," she replies.

"Why is this happening to us?" the king growls, still cupping his fingerless hand.