Chapter 6: Sissyhood of Stupidity
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There is a group of seven cut-throat-looking people gather around a cowering woman and kicking her. In her arms is a coin pouch that they are attempting to pry from her hands. As they kick, taunt and tease the poor woman, Zeruna approaches not making any effort to conceal herself.

A skinny, tattooed up man with a needle-like sword is the first to notice Zeruna's approach. He signals the other bandits to stop their relentless assault and turn their attention to advancing figure.

"Eh! Who are you?" he barks

"Your reckoning," replies Zeruna.

"You think you can take us all?" another says.

"We are the greatest bandit group in all the kingdom, the Untamed," the first guy says. "I'm Klaw, the leader."

"I'm Vergheist, the sharpshooter!" a short, stubby man with a large bow steps forward, joining the Klaw.

"I'm Heragheist, the warrior!" the next to step forward is a tall, heavily armoured man with a large sword.

"Rorlau Verosi, the wizard!" a female steps forward, she is covered head-to-toe in intricate tattoos that make her look absolutely bonkers.

Each of the remaining bandits steps forward, shouting their ridiculous nicknames and stating their roles, of course, Zeruna stopped caring immediately. They talked as if they're the best, but are really weak, their highest level being twenty excluding Klaw. The only two who are somewhat interesting is Klaw, the leader, and Rorlau. Klaw only being interesting due to his level being a prominent 60 which puts him well above his allies. Rorlau being interesting only because she can use magic. What a waste of such talent!

"We are the bandit group known as Untamed! The greatest, the bestest, the strongest!" yells the fat man with an axe, known as Glutton.

"That name is stupid," spits Zeruna.

"What did you say?"

"You want to die?"

"We ought to fill you full of holes!"

The seven stupids immediately erupt into disarray, yelling and screaming swears and vulgar words at Zeruna.

"Oh, I'm sorry that was incredibly rude of me. I think the Sissyhood of Stupidity is more fitting for you."

Zeruna's teasing causes the entire party to snap but mostly the sharpshooter Vergheist who loads three arrows into his bow and swiftly fires them at Zeruna. The purple aura explodes around her again, roasting the grass underfoot. The light surrounds the arrows shot, they slow down until they stop, her psionics flawlessly suspending the arrow in midair as if time itself had stopped.

The arrows are suddenly crushed into perfectly spherical balls by Zeruna's psionic powers. To the average person, magic and psionics are similar; however, they are quite different from each other.

Magic spells are often tiered by a multitude of factors: mana cost, destructive power, cast time, danger to the user, chance to fizzle, to name a few. The most powerful spells in tier seven, requiring incantations to be casted. There are also "greater" and "lesser" versions of most spells like Acid Arrow and Greater Acid Arrow. The "greater" versions being significantly better than others. To casts spells depends on whether a person can manipulate mana, if not they will be unable to level it up.

The stats magic attack and magic defence all influencing how good a spell is at its job. The higher the stats, the better. The higher mana points one also has can also affect how many spells someone can cast or how long a spell can be casted for.

Psionics are much different though, they rely on Psi Power and Psi. Psionics is more about the manipulation of telekinetic and telepathic abilities, allowing a person to move mountains, crush people or even make a heart, beat. However, it is not limited to only those. It can allow someone to make mental attacks, see people's thoughts and even mind control. It can also be used to make someone's body work better, like forcing blood to flow faster. It is more versatile and the applications can make it a good defensive or offensive tool. It all depended on how a user can apply it in-game.

It uses Psi and Psi Power. Psi Power amplifies the effects of psionic abilities. Psi being the source that is consumed when psionic powers are used.

Zeruna mostly used it to massively debuff opponents as well as hold remarkably weak ones, any who aren't higher level 5000, still. She also utilised her surroundings by throwing rocks and trees at people allowing her to close the distance by distracting them.

"What sort of magic is that?" asks Rorlau, petrified.

"It isn't magic you stupid idiot, its something else called Psionics. I'm no mage, I'm a Psion or Esper. Instead of summoning forth spells, I can manipulate everything: the forces of gravity being one thing."

The entire group of bandits smash to the ground, cracking it and probably their ribs too. Those still conscious look up helplessly in the face of an unknown and powerful technique. However, one rises to his feet, despite his injuries: Klaw.

His breathing is irregular and laboured, he must've been severely injured by the attack sent his way, but despite this, he's still standing. Congratulations, Klaw managed to survive less than one percent of Zeruna's full power; something that already puts him above ninety percent of the humans she had fought in Chroniks. Or the past technically, since the world came to life and she is now living 300 years in the future.

"You... bitch," he growls.

"That's the closest you've come to hurting me so far, I'm sincerely impressed. However, your little insult doesn't really affect me much at all," replies Zeruna smiling.

"You think this is over? I was saving this for whenever the knights of the kingdom would eventually pursue us, but looks like I'll have to use it on you!" Klaw pulls out a menacing-looking talisman, one that Zeruna immediately identifies. "Your utter fool! Our gang is the best in the kingdom! With this, you'll have absolutely no chance of beating this demon!"

'What is that idiot doing? That's a mid-tier demon summoning talisman. That thing will at least be level 500 with a one hundred percent chance of instantaneously turning on him. Good job it's a temporary summoning talisman, meaning the demon summoned won't last very long. The demon would survive a maximum of two normal hits from me. However, this village would get completely blown away from that.'

"I picked this off a mage, he said to me, 'No, don't take the talisman, it contains a powerful entity. Never break it!' Screw that idiot, I'm using this on you."

'This guy truly is worthy of the title leader of the Sissyhood of Stupidity...'

"Mayor, evacuate every villager in the area to prevent casualties," commands Zeruna. "This will get messy."

"You're going to fight whatever monstrosity comes out of that talisman?" asks the mayor

"Naturally," Zeruna replies. "However, I doubt I will be able to beat it. I plan to stall for as long as possible, meaning some of the village may be destroyed during the fight."

"I understand," he says. "Good luck."

Zeruna turns her attention back to the talisman-wielding moron before her. By now, an ominous crimson mist had arisen from the earth and enveloping Klaw. With a wide smirk on his face, Klaw throws the talisman to the ground causing a loud, firework-like explosion. The mist suddenly turns into a twisting column of wind. Growing and twisting and turning behind the unphased Klaw.

From the mist comes a hulking monster; one of enormous golden horns and carmine skin. It is more than thrice the size of its summoner, its presence is powerfully intimidating. Its skin looks like it's about burst with the amount of muscle behind it; pure golden eyes that shine like the actual metal. In its hand, a black club the size of an adult deer.

It takes one step forward, and the houses shake, and the trees move, and the ground breaks, and Klaw laughs. The demon lifts its club high and brings it down next to Klaw. The man practically shits himself, another two inches over and he would be jelly splattered across the ground.

"I guess you're the one who summoned me?" the demon booms.

"Y-yes," Klaw sputters.

"You're incredibly weak, why should I obey you?" the demon says as he raises his spiked club again. "I only follow the strong, you are definitely not one."

He brings it down at incredible speed, with the intent to kill. But something stops it, a purple aura shrouding around the mace. The demon looks up to an individual in a red cloak and white mask, the person who had stopped him from killing the weak human in front of him. However, the most surprised is Klaw, he had recently attempted to attack this individual, but now, she is sparing him from a demon he summoned. Klaw can practically feel her judging eyes from behind the blank mask. Never in his life again will he ever go against the word of a mage.

"She must be an angel," he mutters.

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