Chapter 7: Demon vs Dark Elf
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At this point, Klaw has run away from the fight that is about to take place. Both opponents staring intently at each other with only a few meters of broken earth and air separates them from each other.

Though Zeruna has the idea of finishing this in a single punch, it wouldn't be authentic. The villages would surely report her to the kingdom, causing the entire purpose of her coming here being foiled. She should fight the demon using only her psionic abilities.

'Greater Appraisal, tell everything about this demon.'

[Nameless Demon (Mid Tier), Level 320
Occupation: None

Hp: 120,000
Mana: 40,000
Stamina: 70,000

Race: Demonkin (Demon)

Titles: Killer, Death Bringer, Avalanche, Torturer, Volcano, Temper Tantrum


Melee - 1103
Defense - 1034
Speed - 764
Agility - 420
Finesse - 603
Strength - 1342
Vitality - 1234
Magic Attack - 492
Magic Defense - 1223
Total - 8215


Dominating Authority L3, Acid Resistance L5, Unholy Resistance L7, Curse Resistance Level 6, Fire Resistance L8, Holy Resistance L10, Downfall L9, Roar L9, Battle Cry L7, Berserk L9, Iron Skin L5, Power leveling L7, Voice of the Ruling Dictator L9, Maraud L3.]

"False appraisal," mutters Zeruna.

This spell would change her statistics to her liking. If the demon were to now use appraisal, completely fake data would pop up deceiving him into thinking she is a low-level human. It even changes her name. She is now longer Zeruna, but now the adventurer known as T.

"Who are you?" the demon asks. "You seem... stronger than that man."

"I'm Shi," replies Zeruna. "I'm not only stronger than that man but you too."

"You dare to offend you better? You have guts to taunt a demon of my level."

"Ahh, I always love the sound of an arrogant asshole, they're always so confident in their abilities until I smash them."

"I'll upgrade your fate for you, now you will suffer in agony and die a slow and excruciating death," the demons growls, obviously getting angrier at the fact he's being so openly mocked.

"You have been summoned here, but only momentarily, you have approximately five minutes before you return to Hell. It won't even take me three minutes to beat you," continues Zeruna.

Silently, Zeruna begins to tear up trees, breaking them then turning them into incredibly sharp spikes. She takes rocks and grinds them down into arrow tip-like shards that will cut through the Demon's skin like butter. It, most likely, be unable to pierce the muscle tissue, but it'll do enough to anger the Demon.

The Demon lunges at Zeruna but meets only a tall column of rock and dust that pushes him backwards. A shadow darts out of the immense pillar of earth. The Demon immediately pursues the human, swinging violently in an attempt to disable her legs and prevent movement.

"You're much to slow to hit me," Zeruna comments in a mocking tone.

"You're fast, for a human, I'll give you that, but, your arrogance will cause you to stumble."

"I am not the arrogant one. I have told you the truth and nothing but the truth. You're much too weak to beat me," returns Zeruna. "It's pathetic, no, you're pathetic."

"You dare talk down to me!"

The Demon charges at Zeruna; however, it's momentum is used against it as it crashes into a house with a little help of Psionics, bring the entire building down on top of it. As it tries to regain its footing, Zeruna jumps directly in front of him and rains down a hail of sharp rocks.

A roar of anger leaves the Demon as it stands up, growling madly. Perfect, it has used two its skills that lower its defense: Berserk and Maraud. However, Zeruna notices it isn't looking at her, but at a female and two children.

'Why are they here? Villagers were meant to have evacuated.'

Fantastic, the clone is doing a great job at distracting the Demon while she, in the sky, prepares a mental attack. That is one the drawbacks of Psionics: most abilities take a while to charge up. Even more so when she's using other Psionic abilities and feeding mana to the clone to keep it around. Being down there herself would further delay the mental attack, Parrell Mind is powerful, but not strong enough to evade an opponent, use the environment as weapons, and charge an instant-kill Psionic attack. She only has one brain, not three.

The demon barrels towards the trio, causing the female to immediately shield her kids from the Demon; this wouldn't help anyway, the Demon would still plough into them and use their blood to fuel his battle frenzy. She probably knows this in her mind too. There is a loud crash as the Demon smashes into another building, narrowly avoiding the three.

The three people float upwards and out the way, all relieved.

"Hey, I told the village leader to make everyone run. Tell you and your children to get out," snaps the clone of Zeruna.

"Sorry madam adventurer, my child, Rue, saw her friend watching the fight between you and the demon. She went to help. I saw her go and pursued her. Timothy, your parents will know of this."

"Yes, miss," the boy murmurs. "You're awesome, you can beat that ugly villain up, right!"

"Silence, you nearly got us killed," the woman shouts.

The little girl's eyes seemingly light up for a split second as she is moved out of the danger zone. She looks as if she wants to say something but doesn't get the chance. Zeruna notices this, but ignores this, too annoyed with their disruption to want to actually listen to them.

'Stupids kids, can't you see I'm doing something. Jeez, no one's that dumb, right? They must've done it on purpose, but why? Christ on a bike.'

Suddenly, from the pile of rubble, the Demon pounces to the clone and unleashes a barrage of mighty and destructive blows while loudly screaming, carving a small crater into the earth. He finishes with Downfall, launching a firing beam from the sky. An impressive skill for someone of the demon's level. Such a powerful ability is regularly obtained around level 1500.

The Demon cackles, still oblivious to Zeruna being in the sky.

"The bitch finally dies. Now it's time for those villagers to suffer."

"Oh the pain, oh the horror," a voice yells from above.

"What? How are you still alive?" barks the demon. "You're meant to be dead, dead!"

"Illusion magic, hun," replies Zeruna. "I cast a spell that created a clone as soon as that pillar of sand and dust went up."

"You bitch! You played me!" the demon suddenly collapses, the toll from using Berserk, Maraud, and Downfall finally coming back to haunt him. Despite this, he still attempts to flail his arms towards Zeruna.

"Looks like your out of juice," Zeruna says as she flies down towards the collapsed demon, her body surrounded by a purple mist.


"What are you?" he asks.

"I am Zeruna Black, Child of Chaos," replies Zeruna, slightly removing her mask and showing half her face.

"Impossible! You.. you disappeared 300 years ago, you should be dead."

"Time for you to die," replies Zeruna.

A loud, unheavenly screech thunders everywhere as the mental attack is released upon the Demon. The scream's pitch and volume rapidly increase. The demon clasps his head and begins rolling on the ground, his brain probably undergoing the worse headache imaginable. It probably feels as if his skull in shrinking. He stops suddenly, the pain, is gone?

'I've always wanted to do this.'

Confused, the Demon gets to his feet and looks around.

"I'm alive?" he asks himself.

"Not for long," returns Zeruna as she turns her back.


"You are... already dead."

Splat. The head of the demon seemingly disappears as it is reduced to a stain on the ground. The body soon falls after swaying.

[Killed Midtier Demon, 175 SP gained]

'That voice again, it's different to the appraisal voice. I want to know what SP. Questions for later, I guess.'

Sorry about that, I decided to rewrite the chapter before publishing it. Then (perfect timing) I went away for two days resulting in this chapter being late. Next chapter should be coming tomorrow, hopefully.