Chapter 9: A Brutal Display of Power
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I'm amazed that this got onto Trending. We also got 200+ readers now which is even more amazing. This chapter will probably get me past 100 favourites. Thank you for reading.

Also gonna put a little warning here, this chapter contains mild gore. It also has the Goblin Slayer seal of approval.

Zeruna is walking through the village, intensely pondering on what the alien resource known as SP is. Its nature is entirely unknown, something that she hates. 

Over the last few days, she had formed a small bond with the Dryad, or Maria as she is known as in the village. Her 'parents' are currently unaware that their daughter is actually a Tree Spirit. 

But, she is currently irrelevant to what is upcoming; she is planning a trip to the nearby Staevian city called Sevis. The reason? To sign up as an adventurer so, not only will she get SP, but also get money from killing monsters; the suspected source of that mysterious resource. 

Even though she is the 'Village Hero', she still has to pay for food, although now, it has a massive discount. However, Tremendous Appetite is quickly exhausting the money given to her. A plus that comes with the skill is that raw or poisoned meat doesn't actually damage the user as long as the food isn't eaten to an egregious degree, meaning, if it came down to it, she could have to end up eating a human or blood using vampiric skills. Strangely, this thought doesn't bother her to the slightest. Maybe it's because she did it in Chroniks, which is technically the past, that she isn't disturbed by the idea.

And there goes the last of her coins, to buy three loaves of bread that, when she gets back to her temporary lodgings, scarfs down greedily. Not even thinking to ration them. However, the loaves of bread aren't enough to satiate Zeruna's seemingly endless hunger. Now she definitely needs to go and become an adventurer in Sevis. 

"Yo, if it isn't the woman-behind-the-mask Shi!" yells Klaw, he's totally different, personality wise. He's like a dog now, loyal. "Say, if it isn't offensive, may I ask why you wear that mask?"

"Burns," replies Zeruna bluntly, keeping the cover story consistent. "Anyway, please inform the village mayor that I'm leaving to travel to Sevis for a while."

"Will do, ma'am," obeys Klaw. "Good luck on your journey!"

Zeruna doesn't waste any more time in the village and leaves immediately after interacting with Klaw.

She begins the trek to Sevis, why walk? The one downside to her Invisibility Ring is that it has an absurd cooldown that was only multiplied when she came to this world for real. It is still was refilling itself with mana from the air.

'Maybe that was why it was taking so long to refill. Maybe the mana in the air is thinner compared to 300 years ago. First I'm transported into the very... voluptuous body of my avatar in my favourite game. Second, I have a trait that starves me. It wasn't a problem in the game because I had an extremely high amount of food stockpiled in my inventory, but now I only have my equipped items and a small number of unequipped items with me.'

For a couple of hours, Zeruna walks, quietly observing the green scenery around her until there is a sudden rustle from the bushes causing her to pivot around. She immediately uses a detection spell, as soon as she does, her suspicions are confirmed.

"Goblins," sneers Zeruna. She had been told that the forest was home to Goblins by nearly everyone, the mayor even said he put a request up in the adventurer guild in Sevis. Still none had chosen it.

A group of short, green monstrosities leap out from the environment armed with primitive and savage weapons, their long noses and big eyes all focussed on Zeruna. They obviously want to take her to their wicked home and do all sorts of disgusting and repulsive deeds. Goblins; the cockroach of fantasy; quick, annoying, difficult to kill for low levels. Not only that, but they are pretty much everywhere.


She suddenly feels something attached to her leg, heavy. A fetid and foul stench violates Zeruna's sensitive Dark Elf nose. Her eyes crawl downwards to see one of them attached to her leg. Something suddenly pushes up against her leg. Zeruna rips off her mask, exposing her face; she pulls down her hood, silently, revealing her hair and ears.

"Skill, Fist of Mythril," growls Zeruna, her eyes unmoving from the Goblin that soon realises its mistake.

The goblin's head cracks open like a watermelon, spraying its crimson content over every surrounding creature, including Zeruna.

[5 SP gained]

Zeruna doesn't even feel a glint of remorse nor did she even acknowledge she gained SP from killing the Goblin. No hesitation to completely annihilate a living being. The fact that she just took a life doesn't even cross her mind.

"Skill, Wall of Jericho."

A strange, rock-appearing barrier suddenly builds itself around all of the enemies, preventing them from escaping as well as lowering their defensive abilities while increasing hers. But, she isn't done with these Goblin. Violently, she kicks the second nearest Goblin, the bones of the Goblin are audibly shattered and the organs have been ruptured from the shockwave generate.

The Blades of Sorrow unsheathe themselves from her arms, cutting through the air cleanly and causing the Goblins to jump back in response. Distraught and despair written on their faces — they will find no mercy here today, or any day. In under a second, limbs, heads and organs release themselves into the air, falling into the ground in pools of blood that soak slowly into the ground.

"Disgusting creatures like you don't deserve life," spits Zeruna. "Die, die, die, die, die!"

The age-worn road is stained red with the blood of Goblins. Although her actions were brutal, each slash was performed with an air of elegance; if she wasn't mercilessly cutting down Goblins and covered with blood, she would look like dancer. However, this image is destroyed as each strike becomes more brutal and feral. Once she had killed the first Goblin who blood sprayed onto her, Blood Thirst immediately activated.

This is the justice she had craved for many years. All in the name the first NPC she formed a deep bond with: Vidir, the Dwarf. He reached level 396 before being butchered by a powerful goblin horde. The amount of time spent levelling the with man only for him to be massacred by them. This, of course, created an actual, genuine, seething hatred. She, of course, hates the heroes who butchered the Children of Chaos; however, that fight was fought on equal grounds. The circumstances around Vidir's death was a ambush that she could do little about. Now, she gets her revenge in real life.

"Please, don't kill me," squeals the last Goblin helplessly in its guttural language.

"What were... you planning to do... with me? Oh yes, rape me, impregnate me and then kill and eat me. You must really want a Hobgoblin... if your willing to attack an adventurer," harshly hisses Zeruna back in the same language. "Your deaths will not be in vain, I currently starving, I hope Goblins taste better cooked."

The Goblin screeches like a banshee as soon as Zeruna finishes speaking, he scrambles desperately, attempting to escape the Walls of Jericho, but every time he gets a hand on the lip, the wall seems to grow ever taller. With each cold, heartless footstep, the Goblin's actions become more desperate. He even starts swinging the club at the slowly approaching demoness.

Zeruna cruelly lifts the Goblin up by the throat, the Goblin flailing around helplessly. It begins wailing, then there is a crunch, and then there's silence.

"That... that felt great. Vidir, I have slain in your name. And this time, it's real," Zeruna mutters. "Ah, I think my feelings got a bit out of control, seems Blood Thirst and my hunger had a hand in it too. Normally I- no, I definitely wouldn't have been that cruel. I feel no remorse, though. Why should I?"

Zeruna looks down on her work, devoid of pity. She lets out a long drawn-out sigh. Some of the bodies were already carved up. Her hand slowly and wearily reaches for an arm laying on the ground, she isn't about to stoop as low as eating Goblin meat, right? Her body is going against her wishes, edging closer and closer to the 'food'. Then the thought of sucking their blood crosses her mind. It won't elivate her hunger for long, but it is better than eating Goblin meat, right?

But before she could proceed, she is interrupted.

[Sufficient SP gained (680/500), ability to summon now available.]