Chapter 10: Tina Tina Tina
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"Did you just say summon?"

[Choose one of the following ex-party members who are currently deceased to summon into this world. This action will take 500 SP to carry out. This will leave you with 80 SP remaining.

1. Mordain, The Grand Necromancer
2. Nyrilieth, The Devourer
3. Vidir, The Greater
4. Tina Tina Tina, The Sorceress
5. Phalanx, The Protector
6. Verille, The Shadow Master
7. Ursula, Of The Trident
8. Shogan, The Master Of The Swords
9. Hans, The Master Of Combat
10. Varsarius, The Wild]

The Children of Chaos, a group of hyper-powerful and unique beings capable of only one thing: destruction. Controlling this capable and competent legion? Impossible! It was barely achieved in the game and now, while everything is alive, will be even more so. Half of the members of the CoC don't have a humanoid appearance, so it immediately rules out five of them.

Shogan is an Oni, so his blue skin and the overweight figure would draw too much attention. It leaves Zeruna with only four choices: Tina Tina Tina, Phalanx, Vasarius, Vidir and Hans. Vidir is too weak, almost every enemy Zeruna has fought thus far has a level too similar to his; if only he were another 800 levels higher, he would be a perfect fit. Hans is a minotaur who uses martial arts, Phalanx is a Homunculi who focuses in pure defense, Vasarius is a Majin shapeshifter and Tina is an insanely strong Dark Elf Mage.

Straevia isn't the most non-Human friendly country, the populace would likely attack a full-bred minotaur on sight. The same goes for a demonkin like a Majin.

Tina can use illusion magic to disguise herself as a Human or Elf, however, after a while, it would drain her mana. It would be also hard to continuously keep a magical effect up as well as casting another spell without Parallel Thinking. She also suffers from the trait Tremendous Appetite meaning more food more of the time.

Phalanx could be summoned, however, being a Homunculi, will possess no facial features excluding eyes and ears. An additional problem is that his helmet accentuated this fact would only draw more attention than Zeruna's current mask already does. Zeruna doesn't have the right illusion spells at her disposal to hide them. Neither does she have another mask in her inventory.

Her mind is made up.

"How do I summon?" asks Zeruna.

[Merely say summon then state the name of the NPC you wish to summon.]

"Summon, Tina Tina Tina," states Zeruna.

A column of white light crashes down towards the area a mere three metres from Zeruna. The force of the summoning throws the Dark Elf from her feet and sends her skidding across the dusty path.

'So that's pain in this body. Man, next time I do this, I'll immediately dart backwards to avoid this burning heat.'

[Summoning complete. 500 summon points consumed, next summoning requires 2500 summon points.]

The tower of light ceases and from comes a short, childish figure. Scruffy blonde hair and a skin colour similar to Zeruna's. One eye is a crimson red colour while the other is a purple reminiscent of Zeruna.

Her hat and scarf are striped red and purple and the shirt is a depressing grey colour. Her legs are covered by a long purple dress. Over her shoulder is a brown leather bag; however, this is not your average accessory, it contains a pocket dimension in which hundreds of items can be stored. An expansion to the inventory.

Their eyes met. It had been what seemed like ages for both parties. Zeruna stares directly into Tina's red-eye in wonder. It is so different from her purple eye. As if it was implanted there.

Most Dark Elves have purple eye colour due to the latent raw mana contained within a Dark Elf's body. There is also a chance of a dark elf being born with a yellow eye colour as well. Having red eyes was a sign that the Dark Elf is descended from a Vampire, another sign was having silver or white hair. Dark Elves used to be a close ally of the Vampires; however, when the player begins playing Chroniks, both nations had fallen and their members scattered. The Vampires had been driven to near extinction while the Dark Elves had dispersed into little individual communities.

Due to the circumstances of the split, red eyes or white hair are now considered a slight taboo in Dark Elf society along with heterochromia, something more common among the Elven races than others.

The Elves embrace

The two weep in sync for a few moments, but for different reasons: Tina for the fact she is reunited with her mistress after 300 years of darkness, Zeruna crying because the NPC she spent hours levelling is alive and breathing.

'I want the rest back, and to do that, I'll need to kill creatures. It seems both goblins and demons give me SP, which I guess is short for summon points. Looks like my intuition skill was correct about it being significant. Now I have that off my mind, I need to find more food.'

"Activate skill," Tina mutters. "Aria's Kiss."

An earth-shattering blue explosion bursts from Tina's hands and directly hits Zeruna. The skill Aria's Kiss is an extremely powerful AoE skill which would deal a tone of damage and eradicate almost any enemy; however, if you were considered an ally, you would take no damage but will be given an effect. In the game, it equated to a damage debuff and a ten-second stun.

"Nullify pain!" Zeruna shout. This action still doesn't stop her ungodly screech as the leftover pain courses through her body.

Like a chopped down tree, Zeruna falls flat on her face, cracking the ground in the process.

"A thousand apologies Lady Zeruna, I just had to check whether it was you or not."

Tina turns over Zeruna only to be met with the most furious and violent facial expression anyone could ever encounter, a cold, unforgiving chill slithers down her back.

"I do appreciate your vigilance; however..." she growls. Tina attempts to escape the grasp of Zeruna to no avail. "Skill, Reflect Effect."

A lessened version of Aria's Kiss surges through Tina, immediately causing her to topple backwards and cause her to faint from the pain. Zeruna sighs and heaves the short Dark Elf over her shoulder, maybe she was too harsh with that. But, that hurt like hell.

I slowly walked through the village, rotating the field of view as I wandered, my eyes scanned every detail on the screen as my super alluring character moved. The village buildings are almost entirely constructed of wood, the chimneys and foundations seem to be the only exceptions.

'I haven't been to this Dark Elf village in ages, there are no new NPCs I think, although it's hard to tell. On the Forum post, the person says it pays to return to your starting location. I wonder if there is anything mildly intriguing here.'

I rotate the third person field of view to a door, almost immediately, the screen shows a popup. A meek-looking Dark Elf loli is abruptly thrown through the door and onto the muddy streets. She has patchy and messily cut blonde hair, red and purple eyes, greasy hair, and is wearing patchy rags. Whether it is her obvious starvation or age that is affecting her height is unknown.

The next to come into view is a towering and muscular man, he too has blonde hair but doesn't have heterochromia. I move closer to the scene.

"You're useless, Revillia," the man barks. "You're just dead weight in this family, you're too short and too weak to work the fields; despite you inheriting vampiric abilities, you can't use them."

"Shut up uncle! You're terrible picking on someone who can't fight back! You even let my cousins hurt me while you sit on your ass and do nothing."

"Little brat!" the man goes up to the girl and kicks dirt onto her.

[New Event, Help a Fellow Elf

Reward: Possible Companion, 500 EXP, 10 Renown

Difficulty: E

Description: What's this? You see a fellow Dark Elf being harshly abused? You must help, or will you? This girl s obviously too weak to work fields or fight monsters so she probably won't live by herself.

Accept or Decline]


"Something the matter here?" my character asks.

"Yeah, this little runt won't work the fields."

"I would if I could!" the girl, Revillia, replies in protest.

"Don't talk back to me!" the man, instead of kicking more dirt at her, proceeds to slap her.

"Sir I can take her off your hands, will you be willing to trade money or food for her?" my character asks, a sly smirk on her face.

"Food; anyway, what do you have?" the man replies.

"I call this the knuckle sandwich!" my character lands a punch square in the face of the man; sending him across the ground and into a wall.

'Such is the power of a level 774!'

I turn my attention to the petite girl.

"Come with me," I say, choosing that option immediately. "Don't worry, we can prove that silly man what you're truly capable of."

{I'll get stronger, for you, my mistress.}

The beautiful night sky is filled with shining white dots. The trees whisper in the darkness. Flames slowly rise from a small campfire in a small clearing; upon it are slabs of meat originating from non-Goblin sources. A small horned rabbit, a boar and a deer — there is no way Zeruna would allow herself to stoop so low as to eat a Goblin. When she was hunting, she unintentionally devoured three animals unprepared like some primitive animal.

After, she cleaned her body in a nearby stream; she cannot sully her flawless figure with blood. Her clothes cleaned surprisingly easy too. Not only that but she took the time to get another feel for her figure. She didn't take it too far though, there could be someone watching.

At the side of the fire is the still unconscious/asleep Tina Tina Tina, or Revillia Moorne, as she was known in the past. Her beautiful, child-like features make her simply adorable when she is sleeping. Yet, there is a downside, she's sleep talking. Something that is starting to get on the nerves of Zeruna despite how cute she is.

'How can she be snoring if she's unconscious is what I want to know! Maybe she regained consciousness, then made me carry her for seven hours, then fell asleep doing absolutely nothing! Sneaky little–'

"Zeruna, no, please don't go, don't leave me please," she murmurs as she tosses and turns on the ground. "No! I'm scared, please don't go! I don't want to be alone again!"

'Poor girl, she must be recounting the time she perished in the fight between the Children of Chaos and the Combine League of Heroes. She's already having nightmares. During the battle, due to extremely well-executed plans, the AI managed to isolate and destroy Tina Tina Tina. There wasn't much I could do as I was with Nyrilieth, the Dragon Ogre, on the other side of the map fighting a level 7500 holy knight.'

Zeruna slowly moves over to her childish subordinate awkwardly thinking on how to comfort her without waking her up.

'I'll do what my mother used to do to me.'

Carefully, using Psionics, Zeruna lifts up Tina and settles her head on her lap. An instant warmth fills Zeruna instantly, a feeling of familiarity is rushing through her as she looks down on her subordinate. Zeruna's hands shake as she slowly lowers them to the still disturbed Tina.

"Please, don't let go!" Tina yells.

'What else can I try to do? Hum, yeah I'll hum something. My mom used to do that. Let's see what I can hum. Fuck it, if I have to support my subordinate, I'll do the menu screen music, it's incredibly tranquil and peaceful.'

A low hum arises from Zeruna as she further tries to comfort Tina who's struggles become less and less desperate. Zeruna feels a warm feeling in her chest as she brushes some of Tina's hair away from her face. Slowly, Tina opens her eyes and is met with the enchanting view of her mistress comforting her, cradling her like a baby. She brought her back to life through unknown means in an unknown time.

"Lady Zeruna," she utters.

"Yes, Tina," replies Zeruna idly, too immersed in the action of stroking Tina's hair and humming.

"I'm won't let you down, not again," states Tina,.

"You never have. You've always served me to the best of your abilities. The battle between us and those heroes happened 300 years ago darling. Fret no longer, we are moving on to better things."

"Like what?" asks Tina desperately.

"We'll see. For now, we get some sleep."

'I hope that satisfies her. I actually haven't a clue what to do in this new world; it's very clear nothing can challenge me. I would go back to my former world, but this is a fantasy world. Trillions of times more interesting than my past life. Should probably get some sleep, after I make this camp Goblin proof. Bastards could sneak up on us in the night.'

The ground around the clearing morphs into nine-metre-tall walls and angles them outwards. Zeruna shaves down multiple trees and creates long wooden spikes the stick out around the barrier. For extra measure, she creates  a layer of trap spells in the air of if anyone jumps over, they'll be blasted away by explosions, acid and arrows.

We've got a big boi chapter here with 2000+ words. And yes, I can write in first person, even though it's not very good. Definitely an area I need to improve on.