Chapter 15: Crystalisation
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They enter an expansive underground cavern that's ceiling is more than fifty metres from the floor. In the centre of the rocky ceiling is an enormous glowing blue mana crystal that light touches everything under it. From end to end, the cavern is at least half a mile, possibly more. Covering nearly every inch of land is, what appears to be, a pine tree. In the centre of a thick jungle of trees is a strange stone Transylvania-like stronghold. If wasn't for the warring monsters scattered across the area, this scene would be beyond beautiful.

Fug points at the magnificent castle that is now suddenly emitting a purple light that increases with brightness before suddenly ceasing. Hundreds of more monsters pour from everywhere. Seemingly materialising out of the walls and falling into the grey dirt. Such a fight is terrifying, even to Zeruna. In Chroniks, some Dungeons could spawn a whole slew of nasty creatures straight out of some Lovecraftian nightmare. Taurns being the most gruesome example. They were beast that levels ranged from 80 to 800 and the difference in levels being colouration — weaker ones being orange and black and stronger ones being red and white. Luckily for Zeruna's sanity, there seemed to be none in the immediate area; however, that doesn't mean there aren't any in the dense dungeon foliage. Yikes.

'In dungeons, there were phenoms called waves in which the dungeon core spontaneously produces 100 times more mana than usual causing the spawn rate of monsters to rapidly increases usually causing waves of monsters to suddenly appear from seemingly nowhere. every nook and cranny would most likely have a monster in it. It seems this castle is causing a localised wave it seems a lot smaller than an actual dungeon waves.'

"Wow, what a place," says Arin.

"Even though monsters are raining from the ceiling, you're still like this. We go down there, we're fucked," replies John pessimistically. "I suggest we go back and gather more adventurers just in case it gets worse."

Eleana looks behind, her eyes widen and shrieks words out loudly, "The tunnel behind... is sealed!"

"What?" Zeruna says confused before turning around and seeing that a magical purple barrier erected behind them. It's appearance most likely due to the flashing wave of light and it slowly moving towards them, gradually pushing them down the tunnel. "Guys, it seems like that wave caused a barrier behind us. Worry not, as long as the magic isn't over tier three, Merille should be able to break through–"

"Tier six magic!?" screams Tina, acting as if she had just seen a ghost. She then turns to Zeruna and winks mischievously. Sixth tier magic to them isn't surprising to them, it is the average spell tier they use; however, to most creatures, it is considered the pinnacle of magical strength. Something only Heroes, Great Evils and Demi-Gods could practice. 

"We're doomed," Eleana mumbles quietly.

""There's only one thing we can do,"" Zeruna and Argon say in sync. They look to each other and pause. ""Fight until we die.""

"Since when did you two become so close?" Arin comments.

"Wait, if I die here, someone will find the stolen pair of Eleana's panties in my bag at the inn," John mutters. "I have to survive this..."

Everyone judgmentally glares towards John. Zeruna had used Psionics to make John speak his thoughts; she couldn't resist it. From the start, she had linked everyone else's thoughts to hers in a one-way channel so she would know what they are saying but they wouldn't be aware. When this gold mine went through to her, she couldn't resist it.

John's eyes widen as he slowly begins to realise his thoughts had exited through his mouth loud enough for everyone to hear. John's gradually shifts his vision to Zeruna, he can't see her face, but he knows she is probably smirking evilly. He grits his teeth and covers his usually stern and hardened face.

"If we don't die here, I'll kill you myself, John," Eleana growls. "Thank you, Shi, now I know to avoid this man."

"No problem," she replies smugly.

"We'll discuss this if we survive," comments Argon. "But, first we need to set up a plan so we don't die here."

After a few minutes of brief planning discussion, the group are forced down the tunnel and into the cavern fully. The barrier stops moving at the mouth of the tunnel and doesn't go down any further. Luckily, the tunnel deposits the group in an open area with only a few low-level monsters around them.

'This is a risk, Tina seems to be on the same wavelength as me. Our goal is to get loads of money and a bit of fame at the same time. This'll allow us to get a lot of money which we will spend on food. This might allow other people to request our help. The best way to do this is here and now. It is probable that'll I'll be able to gain enough SP to summon another companion from the dead. At that point, I'll part ways with the Sparrow Knights. If they die, I'll have to quickly revive them and after the battle wipe everyone's memories.'

A few of the monsters look their way, and begin slowly moving towards them.

"This is gonna be a long day," moans John.

Upon a throne of stone sat the epitome of nobility. Pale white skin, two sharp fangs and glowing red eyes. His body lean, but durable. There could only be one creature this man could be: a Noble Vampire. His crimson eyes are currently surveying his subordinate. He is a gentlemanly man dressed in a black tuxedo, brown hair, red eyes and a two sharp fangs. A  Greater vampire, normally descended from another Vampire and a human.

"Milord, the mansion has been successfully teleported to the 3rd floor of the dungeon from the 63rd," says the butler-like man.

"Good, bring forth my darling," replies the vampire seated on the throne.

The brown-haired vampire claps his hand. From the darkness come ten malnourished girls lugging a heavy object from behind: a bright blue crystal encompassing a female form. The crystal itself is alike to that located in the ceiling of the immense cavern, it emits no glow.

"Aldue, my servant, do you know what this crystal contains?" asks the white-haired pureblood vampire.

Aldue smiles but doesn't answer. He waits for his lord to respond. 

"This crystal contains a Devil, one that will be delighted to be awoken. So delighted that they are released from their confinement that they'd immediately fall to my knees. If not, I have other, more... convincing methods. However, I know that it will not come to that."

Caspian slowly walks over to the crystalised female and rubs the surface of the gem, his breathing disturbingly heavy. He is completely enchanted by the silhouette of this unknown woman. One could barely make out her face and the bodies details. Caspian moves himself to the crystal and begins to rub his cheek against it.

It wouldn't take a genius to recognise this vampire is dangerously unstable.

"Her body is so... perfect," he says through his erratic breathing. "This is the one destined to be with me, I know she is. I may not know her, but I can feel it. I know it!"

"Lord Caspian?" asks Aldue.

"She will b... sorry Aldue," the tone of the Vampire changed radically within a few moments as his subordinate spoke. "Please leave me a moment, I need some alone time with my new mistress. Leave us."

Aldue bows than claps his hand signalling the girls to exit silently. They leave in a signal file like lemmings and are followed by Aldue who looks back to his lord and shakes his head. He didn't care how Caspian obtains an heir, only that he does so. 

The Vampire suddenly grabs one of the servants by the neck and draws it closer. His fangs penetrate deeply into her body and begin draining her blood. He stops short of killing his food and throws her to the ground. Seeing this, two of the girls pick up the near dead female and carry her.

"Take her back to your rooms. If she does not feed herself, I'll do it myself," Aldue says calmly.

""Yes master,"" the two reply in monotone.

Stuffs about to happen. I won't hint about who the girl is or how powerful Caspian is until it happens in the story so I don't spoil what's going to happen. Going to keep my mouth shut... mostly.