Chapter 2: My First Adventurer Friend (Redone)
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Zeruna's eyes marvel at the enormous metropolis in front of her. The walls of the city looked a lot smaller from far away, they had to be at least twenty metres tall. They were beautiful too: flawless stone bricks fitted together, tall merlons, and decorative banners. This only confirmed the fact that this is a fantasy world.

Her hands are almost shaking merely looking upon the construction. Is she excited about this?

Zeruna begins to study the banners and the coat of arms to approximate where she is currently located. Her mind clicks, she's currently in the Kingdom of Staevia and judging by the sheer size of the city; it is most likely Aiveast, the capital. This country and city have had a few run-ins with her and her subordinates. It's not too far away from the site where she and the Children of Chaos got absolutely and utterly obliterated in a battle. A small but searing anger suddenly flares up from the Dark Elf, burning in the middle of her body. However, it soon flickers out, staying no longer than ten seconds. Zeruna dismisses the feeling as she hears her stomach growl.

"What was that?" one of the men say.

Zeruna, still invisible, hops from the carriage and accidentally breaks a wheel in the process. She then slowly flies over the walls and enters the city.

'If I remember correctly, this city contains one of the items that was stolen off me by a King. It's also likely it's still here because he avid fan of accumulating magical artifacts. Maybe I should head to the palace vault or treasury; that's where he stored the rest of his magic junk. Another thing: that wall wasn't there before. Yes, it looks like this area is newer. It's also strange how those men talked about my order as if they were myths or legends. It seems some time has passed. I should probably ask someone!'

The invisible Zeruna ducks into an alley and reemerges with a white mask covering her face. Additionally, she removes her large shoulder pauldron. Luckily, she had this mask in an outfit that hasn't been erased either. Her other outfit with a black and blue dress is there too. She doubts she'd be wearing that anytime soon. Now, most would assume she's a mage or adventurer of some kind.

With this disguise, she won't have to kidnap someone and probe their mind for information with Psionics like a weirdo; she can just casually ask. No memory wiping required. A common interaction.

Zeruna scans the crowds of people as she walks by until she encounters a hulk a man who rivals herself in height. He has short brown hair and thick armour strapped on his body. She begins to approach the man who turns his attention to the approaching masked person.

"Appraisal," mutters Zeruna quietly.

[Koeman Reign Level 257
Occupation: Adventurer (S-rank)]

'Not bad for a puny human, I guess; however, he wouldn't be able to win against the weakest Child on Chaos, though he technically isn't a member. His level compared to the rest of us is measly and isn't bother batting an eye against. I guess that's up to the fact I could grind for hours slaughtering as many things as possible then log off. I'm not sure an NPC like him has that luxury.

God, can't believe I just said puny human. It hasn't been a day, and I'm already turning into my character!'

"What can I do for you, sir?" the man asks cheerfully.

"As strange as this sounds, but can you tell me the year?" returns Zeruna awkwardly.

"Sure, it's 2A 352. Are you okay, miss? You seem a bit lost," Koeman says and if on cue, my stomach emits another rumble. "And hungry."

"How did you notice that?" I return.

"Well first, your stomach rumbled. Second, the way you walked over to me reminded me of how I did that to someone when I first arrived here," says Koeman. "My name's Koeman Reign."

"The name's Shi?" Zeruna almost smacks herself in the face with how stupid her chosen name is. The way she said that came in a pre-pubescent croak as well, only adding to that.

"What's wrong, you seem incredibly shaken. Did something happen, miss?"

'This guy is too good reading body language and tone. Damn, I'm so hungry! I wonder I might be able to squeeze some money out of him if I choose my words right. I'll do it with this, my trap card(skill), Voice of Charm. I would use Psionics, but that would involve me taking a man in broad daylight and not in some dingy alleyway. It also produces a lot of light.'

Zeruna lets out a long, drawn-out sigh before speaking, "I was robbed in my sleep on my way to here. I lost all my money, so I am unable to buy food. Which is a problem, because I eat a lot."

Koeman merely laughs off everything that the damsel in distress says, "You are like me from thirty years ago. Look, here's two silver coins, should buy you lots of food and decent housing for two days."

"Thanks," replies Zeruna, secretly smirking beneath the white mask.

"Don't bother paying me back, two silver ain't much to me. That's as much as my breakfast," he says while laughing.

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I hope I can repay the favour one day."

"Don't thank me either, it's embarrassing," he says while slightly blushing.

'SCORE, Voice of Charm is the MVP. I'm about 300 years in the future which explains why people think I'm a legend.

Wait a second! That man called me sir and I didn't even notice, even after he started calling me ma'am after! Why do I feel offended?'

A young man sat on a large throne, around him expensive tapestries and banners of silk drape downwards from the finely-made stone columns of the throne room. The king sat quietly as two of his subordinates. One is an elderly gentleman who's finely aged face displays his wisdom; the other is a much younger but still experienced man with an air of intelligence about him.

"So, Great Seer Gallagher, is what you say is true? One of the long-dead Children of Chaos has returned from their bloody graves?"

"Correct, your majesty," replies Gallagher. "I didn't expect information about this matter to be leaked by the messenger I sent you. I accept responsibility of that blunder."

"No matter, the cat's out the bag, so there is nothing we can do," the young-looking king replies. "I wish to know about you two's opinion on the possibility that summoning a hero is maybe an option."

"I believe it is inevitable with the new, warmongering Orc King coming to power and a Child of Chaos potentially on the horizon," advisor says.

"As do I," says Gallagher.

"What do you suggest we do, Sir Merrick?"

"Summoning a hero to get us out of this mess obviously," replies the advisor, Merrick. "Our armies are nothing compared to the hordes of the Orcs so we are already outnumbered. They also have competent leaders able to guide there anger and rage, the two things that easily exploited in battles. They won't break ranks to recklessly assault enemies. However, the aggressive expansion of Orcs is causing friction, that can be easily exploited by using the friction to gain allies to rally against them. Despite that, our situation will still be sticky. The Child of Chaos is something we don't have the appropriate resources to deal with. According to the legends of old, they could crush mountains easily. The only person who'd agree to help us is the Maiden of Light; however, her whereabouts are unknown, and she hasn't been spotted in decades.

I suggest our first action should be to increase the number of patrols along the border of the Orcish Kingdom and summon a hero. If everything is perfectly timed, the Orcs will attack after the Child of Chaos is hunted and eliminated by the hero. That is should they appear. I think to be safe, we summon a hero before it doesn't become a viable option."

"We shouldn't do such a risky summoning without a definite possibility that the Child of Chaos will appear," the King comments.

"Good point, however your majesty; for nearly 70 years, Gallagher has made predictions and not once has he been incorrect. At the very least, we should prepare."

"Indeed, that is the case. Very well, I authorise you preparing the ritual."

"I will work on gathering the materials for the summoning," Gallagher says while bowing.

"I pray that the ritual doesn't kill you," says the king.

"As do I, Sir Gallagher," adds Merrick.