Chapter 2: My First Adventurer Friend
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Zeruna's eyes marvel at the enormous metropolis in front of her. The walls of the city looked a lot smaller from far away, they had to be at least twenty metres tall. They were beautiful too: flawless stone bricks fitted together, tall merlons, and decorative banners. This only confirmed the fact that this is a fantasy world.

Zeruna begins to study the banners and the coat of arms to approximate where she is currently located. Her mind clicks, she's currently in Aiveast, the capital of the Kingdom of Staevia. The country has had a long history of hardships, Zeruna didn't help the process either. The reason why she is so quickly able to identify the city is that this is the area that the Children of Chaos got absolutely bodied. A small but searing anger suddenly flares up from the Dark Elf, as she remembers her beloved virtual companions being slain one-by-one. However, the rage ceases, she hasn't the time to think about that, she's too hungry.

Zeruna, still invisible, hops from the carriage and sneaks her way into the city, evading the mandatory toll to enter.

'If I remember correctly, this city actually holds one of the items that I lost on that day. I don't recall what it specifically does. Wow, how bad am I ay? Anyway, I do remember that one of the kings of this nation was an avid fan of collecting magical artifacts. It was said that he had a collection of them, I don't know how long in the future this is. I only know that this is the future because of how those men spoke about my order. I'll temporarily come out of invisibility to ask someone.'

The invisible Zeruna ducks into an alley and reemerges with a white mask covering her face. Most would assume she's a mage or adventurer of some kind. It is lucky that this item was never lost, if it was, there wouldn't be much hope of information gathering without having to resort of Psionics to mind control people. To also prevent someone recognising her, she takes off the shoulder pads on her cloak.

She begins to scan the crowds of people when she notices a tall and muscular man with short brown hair and heavy armour. Zeruna begins to approach the man who turns his attention to the masked person moving in on him.

"Appraisal," mutters Zeruna quietly.

[Koeman Reign Level 257
Occupation: Adventurer (S-rank)]

'Not bad, to be honest; however, even against the weakest Child of Chaos, who really isn't even a member technically, he wouldn't win. No, he couldn't win would be more fitting. His level compared to mine is measly, but that is only because he's a human and because time passes for him. He, unlike I did, can't grind levels then log off while I could.'

"What can I do for you?" the man asks cheerfully.

"As strange as this sounds, but can you tell me the year?" returns Zeruna awkwardly.

"Sure, it's 2A 352," replies Koeman. "By the way, you seem a little lost, and hungry."

"How did you notice that?"

"The way you walked over to me reminded me of how I did that when I first arrived here," says Koeman. "My name's Koeman Reign."

"The name's Shi?" Zeruna almost smacks herself in the face with how stupid her chosen name is and the way she delivered her sentence.

"What's wrong, you seem incredibly shaken."

'This guy is too good reading body language and tone. Damn, I'm so hungry! I wonder I might be able to squeeze some money out of him if I choose my words right. I'll do it with this, my trap card(skill), Voice of Charm.'

Zeruna lets out a long, drawn-out sigh before speaking, "I was robbed in my sleep on my way to here. I lost all my money so I am unable to buy food, which I desperately need."

Instead of showing any sympathy or empathy, Koeman merely laughs off everything that the damsel in distress says, "You really are like me from fourteen years ago. Looks, here's 80 copper coins, should buy you decent food and housing for two days."

"Thanks," replies Zeruna, secretly smirking beneath the white mask.

"Don't mention it, I see people like you, in a way, a lot. Merri says I need to help people more and because I've been in your situation when I was younger, I relate," blabbers Koeman. "Don't bother paying me back, 80 copper ain't much to me. That's as much as my breakfast."

'SCORE, Voice of Charm is the MVP.'

"Thank you, from the bottom of my dead heart. I hope I can repay the favour one day."

A young-looking man sat on a large throne, around him expensive tapestries and banners of silk drape downwards from the finely-made stone columns of the throne room. The king sat quietly as two of his subordinates. One is an elderly gentleman who's finely honed face displays his wisdom; the other is a much younger but still experienced man with an air of intelligence about him.

"So, Great Seer Gallagher, is what you say is true? One of the long-dead Children of Chaos has returned from their bloody grave's?"

"Correct, your majesty," replies Gallagher. "I didn't expect information about this matter to be leaked by the messenger I sent you. I accept responsibility of that blunder."

"No matter, the cat's out the bag so there is nothing we can do," the young-looking king replies. "I wish to know about your two's opinion on the possibility that summoning a hero is maybe an option."

"I believe it is inevitable with the new, warmongering Orc King coming to power and a Child of Chaos," Gallagher says.

"As do I," says the advisor.

"What do you suggest we do, Sir Merrick?"

"Summoning a hero to get us out of this mess obviously," replies the advisor, Merrick. "I suggest our first action should be to increase the number of guards and patrols along the border of the Orcish Kingdom. Then I suggest, one whatever day the summoning takes place, we invite all the nobles that will be affected by the coming conflict. It could also be a good idea to gather the strongest adventurers on the day of the summoning of the hero if we decide to do so. It could also be a good idea to ask the Elves for assistance as they are also threatened by the growing Orcish threat."

"As always, your words are wise; and what of the Child of Chaos Gallagher foretold will rise?"

"For now, there's no guarantee that they will return, thus wasting resources for something that may or may not come isn't wise; however, all of Gallagher's visions thus far have been accurate. I believe that the hero should be able to defeat the Child of Chaos in combat."

"So focusing on the orcs and summoning a hero to fight the Child of Chaos is best course of action? Very well."

"I agree with this, I will work on gathering the materials for such a summoning."

"I pray that the ritual doesn't kill you," says the king.

"As do I," adds Merrick.