Chapter VI
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" It doesn't even move when we order it! This piece is useless! " an old man shouted from one side of the table.
" Wayne, after all these years, perhaps you have grown senile? " another voice raised to debate " Can you not see the intricate design, not to speak of the innovative ways of crafting, I mean, just look, steel was used out of all things and its still functional for goodness sake!"
Master George of the Xu enterprises was quite heated up, and it wasn't all because old Wayne wouldn't give him any face. No, that was just a part of it, what really got on his nerves was his 'beloved' nephew creation.
He could sense it was his nephews by the signature of the marrow, which he made sure to plant in the warehouse where his apprentice would be assigned.
But he never expected this. He never expected his apprentice to be so rash. In front of George sat a puppet the shape of a cat with a fierce look on its face. A normal build really for beginners under usual circumstances, but it had so many oddities it could be considered a miracle that it was even working. Well... partially working. The puppet was active by means of ki and it did move from time to time but it did not heed to the commands of the judges.
* This is all because he wanted to show off! Honestly, steel in an exam as important as this? It's not like he lacked other materials, I gave him the closest room to the warehouse! Phew... I need to calm down... I'll definitely scold Eike later. Now I need to raise his points as much as I can.*
" And you can clearly see that these 'innovative ways' that you speak of are not working! Look at the end product! This thing barely even moves! He clearly messed up during the will inserting process for it not to answer commands! "
" Now, now Wayne, we must not be too harsh on the youngling. " professor Dan intervened " Even you must admit that whoever created this was quite creative and very talented. Even if we discard the materials used as unconventional you must admit that his miniature thunder formations are impeccable. We must not discourage such a talent, he will achieve great heights if nurtured properly. A small hick-up should not determine his future."
" And nurture him properly I will! He needs a good lesson as to why the normal methods are what they are! " Wayne declared.
" You are too fixated, old man. If you and the Divine flame keep walking the same path eventually someone is going to overtake you! "
" Hmpf! The Divine sect has been at the top of the forging world for 500 years for a reason! Our methods are the very best, there's no room for improvement! This kid should be drastically discouraged, but I'll give some face to Dan and pass it, it's a 5/10 from me! *
" There's no way this is only worth a 5! The kid only messed up a bit in the will process! 9/10 from me!" George voted.
" I agree with George, the process up until the will imprinting seems to have been done well and the puppet is pretty strong and has little to no flaws. Regardless, this is diminished by the fact that it cannot move at its masters orders. I'll be indulgent this time, 7/10 " The final verdict and overall score was declared.
Abyss. The only word that could describe his surroundings right now. No light. No sounds. No color. Just darkness all around him.
" How did I get here? " he asked himself. " Last time I remember I was crafting in the exam. "
He looked around, searching for a clue, and to his surprise, he found one. In front of him sat a giant crystal globe. He didn't notice it at first because it was somehow levitating in the air around 5 meters above him.
" I'd better get a bit closer. This thing may very well be my way out. "
The crystal itself was pretty small, about the size of a volleyball. It was also quite opaque so he couldn't see very well the contents of the mysterious globe. Yet, as he got closer and closer to the seemingly only existence in this plane, he observed something. The globe was leaking slightly from the side. He didn't notice it at first because the amount wasn't considerate, but now that he he finally realized:
" It's not the globe that is opaque, it's this liquid! Still, I wander, what exactly is this? I have to get a closer look... "
He had to inspect the odity, it was his nature so he closed in ... no... he tried to close in. Alltough he had been walking and running for what he felt was nearly 5 minutes now, he wasn't getting any closer. A look down and he finally realized what happened. Every time he took a step, his right foot kept switching to left. Weird. This didn't seem to happen a while ago.
A few more minutes of contemplating a way out when finally something happened. Or did it happen? He could have sworn he heard a voice saying *Not just yet...* but there was nothing following that. ' not just yet ' what? what wouldn't happen just yet?
Author's note:
You might see the ki sea being referred as ki pool in some places. This is made to avoid repetition.
Love y'all

His thoughts however where displaced by a loud, thunder-like boom resounded near him.

" Aaare you kidding me? Is there any point in asking 'where' did that come from? Really now, what is this place? This can't get any wierder." he finally looked up, recovered from the shock " Oh, great, way to go ahead and jinx myself "
The vast darkness surrounding him was now transforming into a bright white at a rapid pace. Along with this transformation he also began to hear sounds. Arun couldn't see any more so he listened to the words:
" ! Wa.. up! Wake up you lazy piece of #*#*! "
Although Arun was awoken from his dream his eyes weren't open yet so he couldn't see the incoming pillow but he heard the danger. Normal people would say: ' But it's just a pillow! '. But Arun knew, he knew Eileen's monstrous strength.
* Oh, I can't react to it in time. Guess this is it for me, huh? What a cruel fate, woke up just to die. *
And so the fatal pillow made contact with his head.