Chapter XI
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" Oh... Look, it's Arun... Fancy meeting you here isn't it? " William's smug face finally came into light.
" Deja-vu... "
The boss is in front... that means.... behind him another pair of voices made their entrance.
" Didn't I tell you scrub? The time that William put you in your place... I would there "
" Who are you again? "
Arun could clearly see Adam's veins growing. " You... " Adam wanted to retort but his rage was far out-classed by his companion.
" You stole from me Arun... your thievery cost me dearly... but that's all right... I will have you pay me back! "
" Ah, your Eike. Do refresh your memory, you make me a thief... I grew up in a place that you despise, that many may call ' trash bin' but I have never been called that I'll let you know. "
" You took my bone marrow in the exam! I will break your arms and make your pet mine in order to remind you of your mistake! "
" HISS " Paradox tensed up on Arun's shoulder. Dim streaks of lighting were appearing on its body.
" Oh, I did think that marrow was out of its place " Arun pet Paradox, than switched his focus directly on Eike and clenched his fist. " But to think a cheater is calling me a thief. "
" Oh, I will enjoy this. " Eike entered his stance, ready to strike.
" Eike, not yet. " William spoke with a harsh tone. This was also the time when Arun met his gaze, than retorted to William.
" If you think that just because I did not make it into Divine Flame you have won, you are mistaken. Even if I didn't get what I wanted this time in the end I will achieve my goal. "
" I do not care about you not making it into that school for I never believed you capable of it. It was just a joke, a delusion all along. To think you made it into a cultivation high-school at all is annoyingly impressive. However " William paused, than his gaze changed, his eyes could not hide his hatred and disgust any longer. " You. You dared stand up to me. "
His sudden change in tone took Arun aback.
" You trash, you came directly from the garbage been with your ragged looks yet you did not only dare speak to me, but you threatened me. This... is unforgivable. I will give you a lesson about how this world works. I will put you in your place today. I figure your arms AND legs will suffice to break that little will of yours. "
Arun did not lose sight of William but he was visibly shocked.
" How... just how can somebody be so petty? "
" Petty? This is more than reasonable. You get to live, be glad. "
" I see. " Arun shook his head.
The time for words has passed. Sensing this, Eike immediately launched his strike. Similarly, Paradox pounced from Arun's shoulder, his thunder fully charged in order to take on Adam who was advancing from the side.
" Black mamba fist "
A seemingly weak strike from a high-human stage, easily counter able, most people would think at least. Arun knew better, he nimbly dodged by switching his weight to his other foot while shifting his body.
Snake techniques were tricky for the trajectory is unpredictable, block a jab and you end up being uppercutted. Arun's quick thinking paired with his knowledge shined during these situations.
Eike's strike hit nothing but air. Arun, who had the advantageous position now, gathered ki in his left arm and punched at the gut. Although that punch was not a technique Eike was blown away while coughing blood. The sheer force of the impact took even Arun by surprise.
However, a moment of carelessness has a heavy price in a fight, be it a brawl or a battlefield. Stunned by his own display of force, Arun noticed too late when William took out his spear and attacked. He tried to jump out its way but....
" Aargh " Arun cried out in pain. The attack grazed his left arm. He didn't expect William to take out his spear for this. It was not an ordinary spear either, it was a blunt spear, one made specifically for breaking bones. William came prepared.
" Still looking at me trash? Have you not learned your lesson? "
Arun opened his mouth, ready to retort, but suddenly found himself locked in place.
Although this environment contained a pretty tight area, allowing Paradox to perform his favourite move effectively and pounce wall by wall in order to attack, the difference in experience between the new-born and trained fighter was clear. Paradox's attacks were as much fast and powerful as they were predictable. As such, once Adam got familiar to its pattern he used the first opportunity to rush over and restrain Arun.
" I got him boss, strike him as you please "
" Dang " Arun kept struggling.
" Finally. It was becoming a bit embarrassing . "
William prepared the second strike while Adam whispered to his ear.
" That little tiger of yours won't strike me when where this close, won't he? In the end it's just a kitten afraid to hurt his master. "
Arun stopped struggling as he let a little smirk.
" 'It' doesn't like to be called a kitten."
" Mwraaa " Intended to be a terrifying roar, it instead ended up being somewhat a battle 'Miaw' let out by Paradox as if saying " Your enemy is me! ".
Even though he lacked experience, it possesses excellent accuracy hence no fear that it would hit his master.
Adam loosened his grip as he was forced to dodge Paradoxes claws. Arun, who was waiting for this moment used the newfound space to headbutt his assailant. Blood ran from Adam's nose as he was forced to step back.
With no time to celebrate his freedom, Arun tried dodge William's strike but still received some damage to his right arm.
He could only greet his teeth while he felt his flesh twisting from the cruel weapon. He was lucky, he only received minute damage because William tried not to hit Adam. Camaraderie, how unlike him.
Now recovered, Adam and Eike prepared to jump on him again but William commanded.
" Keep your positions, next time I will hit you if you get in my way. Don't make me do that, I don't wanna taint my hands more than I need to, I'll get a stomachache. "
Grumbling could be heard but they resumed positions.
* So those two need to tie me down while William strikes me. This guy... he doesn't even want to face me properly. Well, this is in my favour for now.
Let me inspect situation while I can.
I cant beat them all. I could probably beat those two clowns but the current me can't hold out against William without a weapon.
So it's flee. But where? I could probably break trough those two but than I'll be at school... I bet Will will have something planned for that. He prepared his weapon, he must have prepared other surprises too. A student showing up with his arms and legs broken warranted some attention, and some explanation, after all.
Than, my only chance is probably the bus. William wouldn't interfere with something related to the garbage bin... he would think that beneath him. What would he do? Run after the bus? That would be a sight to behold, the Xu youngling stopping a bus to beat it's occupants. Even he would not get away from the PR nightmare. Besides, this prideful *#*# wouldn't even think that I could get past him.
But how do I get past him? Even with my full power I am just... no... with my state now this should work... even if I do not know what caused it hesitating now would cost me dearly. I have to do this.
My arms hurt but they are not broken... my ki pool is being drained fast as well. I need to end this now.*
Arun united his palms, fingers clenched around each other.
" You know, even if you beg, you won't be spared. Though if you lick my boots... "
" Cut it out William. Let's end this charade, I've got better things to do today. "
Arun raised his clenched 'praying ' fists above his head, his last bits of his ki all concentrating in his hands enhancing every muscle and strengthening the fists. Right now, Arun created a mace more daunting than William's spear. This was his own technique.
" Ooh... Yea, let's, you are getting over yourself again. Time to hear you scream and beg. Get him! "
This was the moment his three enemies launched the most vicious attacks they could muster.
" Black mamba strike! "
" Black bear bunch! "
" Crushing point! "
But before their attacks even took shape, Arun's fists came crashing to the ground at a blinding speed.
" Shockwave "
As the name implied, when the strike connected with the ground a shockwave blasted Arun's immediate surroundings followed by a cloud of dust. Eike and Adam were swiped off their feet immediately, but William resisted it although he was in a swinging motion.
" You... auugh! "
Caught off-balance, he couldn't dodge Paradoxes ferocious headbutt to the 'sacred spot'. Credit to him even after such a blow he did not collapse and after a few seconds of agonizing he split the smokescreen with a swing of a spear.
" Wha... WHERE? "
William hadn't even realized while he was recovering, Arun slipped away. Than he looked behind at the station where a bus was just departing with his target in it.
Finally... so many things happened but his home was in sight. While his home was in sight his holographic armband received a call... it was Eileen. He opened the transmission and Eileen's face, as well as her surroundings came into view. This technology allowed the 3d model to see everywhere around them.
" Hei Eileen... what gives... "
" Arun did you have a fight with William? "
" Yeah, he assaulted me with his mobs on my way to the station like a true thug. "
" I KNEW it. Are you ok? "
" Yea, got some bruises but I escaped. You should see the other guys. How did you know? Did they snitch? "
" Yea, the little maggots said that you ambushed them, imagine that. Should've kicked William harder back then. "
" Haha, don't worry, Paradox got that bit sorted out at least. "
" Miaw! " Paradox, proudly.
Arun finally reached the door to his home. Than stopped. His smile perished from his lips the second time today.
" Arun. Arun, what happened? "
" The door... is open. Broken trough. "
" ... "
" Paradox " Arun whispered to his pet. Immediately, Paradox sneaked trough the barely open door.
" Arun, I'm going to call... "
" Shh... " Arun tensed up at the door, ready to burst into the scene. He would have already done so but his ki pool was still drained from the fight, so he assigned Paradox to scouting.
He awaited a signal from Paradox... a miaw, or the sound of fighting in the worst case scenario... but instead Paradox came back. The creation which shouldn't have a soul nor emotions of any kind looked conflicted, unsure of what to do. On his paws a flash of red could be seen.
" Arun... is that? "
But Arun didn't hear. Instead, he immediately busted trough the door. The sight which befell him... he could not accept.
" No... "
" Aaah! " Eileen shouted while covering her mouth.
" No... No... " Denying. He would deny it forever but the truth... was right in front of him. It was on the windows, it was soaking the carpet, it was laying on the floor... lifeless.
" Arun... Arun, wait right there, where coming to you! just... just sit still alright? " Eileen who was panicking and started shouting around more and more but all that... was just noise... background noise.
" No.. No.." He grabbed his head He started pacing the room, inspecting every corner. " No! No! No! " and than he kneeled before the figure that has been with him since birth.