Chapter XII
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" Are you kidding me? Someone died and are they doing nothing about it? " Eileen shouted.
" We will open an investigation. " The policeman calmly responded while picking up the corpse and throwing it into the van.
" Hey! Watch out, she was very important to someone! "
" Huh, who really cares about a slum dog " the other policeman grumbled.
" What did you say? " Eileen asked half in shock half in anger.
" He said nothing of importance. " The first officer quickly covered. They had to keep appearances at least.
" You def... " Eileen wanted to pursue but her mother pulled her by her side. However, what didn't come out of Eilleen's mouth made its way onto Bohdi's.
" You said you are going to open an investigation yet you aren't even making notes. Is this the level of our police? "
" Kid, you're going too far " the officer calm expression seemed to wrinkle.
" Forgive them officers, they are young and brash. " The father put his hand on Bohdi's shoulder. " I'll make sure to lecture him "
As those words set in the policeman's anger faded " Well... all right than. We'll make our departure. "
And so the police left. No notes. No pictures of the site. No interrogation of witnesses. Not a single hint that the supposed investigation was something else than a lie.
" Unfortunately they do not care about the slums " Thomas, the father of the two, sighed. " It happens pretty often here, and they are paid handsomely by the rich to keep their wards safe. To be stationed anywhere near the slums it's a curse for them.  "
" That's just unfair and wrong! " Eileen shouted, her brother was nodding furiously.
" An unfortunate truth... even in this world nothing is perfect. " Margery, the mother, stated " I am more worried about the kid... he's nowhere to be seen, should we go and search for him? What if something happened to him as well? "
" A cultivator followed by a powerful puppet, I am more afraid for who crosses him. These are the slums after all, he should be at the top of the food chain with his powers. Besides, the puppet is still sending signals on Eileen's armband which means he's ok. We couldn't find him even if we wanted to anyways. He'll come back eventually. " Thomas concluded.
And sure enough, he was right. Few hours more and Arun made his appearance. Blood smeared  all over his hands and shirt, Thomas could tell from the boy's posture that fatigue had been plaguing him for a while. Yet even while worn out there was still signs of strength, his hand was furiously gripping a something and more importantly, his eyes, they betrayed all his emotions. Hate, sorrow, but the mostly determination was emanating from his now deep red eyes. Light glinted off his them like fire, had the murderers met his gaze, they would have likely been petrified.
" Boy... what have you done? " Thomas asked. The kids went to sleep after pacing in and out of the building for so long so he and his wife were welcoming him back.
" Uncle... what do you mean? " Arun asked in a mix of confusion an annoyance.
" Oh my god, darling " Margery scrambled near Arun and embraced him. " For a kid... to see this... I'm so sorry... "
Thomas shook his head while Arun was quietly accepting Margery's embrace. The blood must have been from her grandmother's... how could he think otherwise.
" I'm sorry too... child " and he joined the embrace.
" Thank you uncle, aunt... " Arun looked around. " Where is granny ? ".
" They... the police took them " Margery said reluctantly.
The trace of anger in Arun's eyes momentarily grew to a worrying degree but after a few breaths, he calmed down.
" I see... "
" We'll try to get the body back from them... give her a proper burial "
" I'd be eternally grateful if you did, but please don't push yourself as too much, you've done so much for me... us already "
" Oh please, you spent so much time with my  family, I consider you my son. It's the least we could do. "
The world around him disappeared as he concentrated. His hands, crimson from the blood which started solidifying, repeated a single move in a desperate attempt to resuscitate her.
For naught. Even the Paradox, who hasn't seen life seep out the living could tell this. And deep in himself, Arun knew it too. As the realization inched its way closer and closer to his conscious he stopped the motion. She was dead. And she couldn't be brought back. The one who grew him up, who gave everything for him, even her last few years of peace, was gone and he didn't even get to say goodbye.
Tears made their way onto his face. At first, drips, than rivers. The world reappeared before his eyes as he inspected the devastated room. Broken chairs table and... a note. His eyes did not deceive him, white note, it too stained with crimson , was placed on an intact chair. Arun grabbed it in a hurry and read:
Kid. Didn't catch you down these parts so I had to come to you. I always pay my debts, but luckily for you, this little old lady over here was willing to pay yours. I am quite merciful you know, gave her a quick death, you should thank me for that! Or maybe you shouldn't since I'll kill you if I see you. You shouldn't have messed with me kid.
Arun crumpled the letter in his hand. The strength of his grip was leaving woulda where his finger met his flesh.
" You... I will find you! "