Chapter XV
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Abyss. This time he knew the place. Instinctively he turned towards the crystal ball only to find that it has changed. Once opaque, the ball was now almost see through. He circled around it as he closed in. The barrier which kept him in place was now gone, perhaps because of the liquid being gone too?
Than he saw it. There was a huge crack on the other side of the crystal ball. He thought that something like that existed judging by the seeping he saw last time, but this was larger than he imagined. A pretty significant part was even missing.
* With this breach there should've been a river flowing out last time, not just a bit. Did something happen from last time * as Arun was digesting the new information, something caught his eye. In the middle of the globe there was a particle.
He couldn't make it out completely but he knew it was there because the darkness was slightly distorted as if he was looking trough... water? He didn't have to wait long before his questions were answered. The particle soon fell out of the crack and onto the ground with a plop. This little motion in the emptiness of the abyss was enough for Arun to realize it's meaning.
** Enough! ** a familiar voice stated firmly, before Arun could voice his discovery. ** Go back now! **
The darkness of the abyss started to be converted to light. As he heard loud noises all around him Arun knew what was happening.
* Back to reality. *
Arun woke up a dazed and groggy mess. The lack of air did a number on him and the explosions going out all around him didn't help either. He struggled back up just in time to instinctively dodge a blade. One more second and he finally realized the situation.
Numerous places around him were charred by thunder and cut by what looked like a sword.
Paradox, who took advantage of the thugs attack on Arun was currently latched on the opponent's back, his claws deeply burrowed in his flesh while his was thunder shocking his body. It didn't seem like he would be able to hang out for long, as Paradox was missing one of his arms and the thug was thrashing violently while cursing.
Arun, finally recovered, reached for Black Rose. The thug managed to throw Paradox off of him and was now preparing to finish the annoying creature. Alas, he made the mistake of forgetting about his other enemy. As soon as Arun grabbed his spear he swung towards the thugs calf. Several of the rose's thorns bit hungrily onto his flesh, gnashing his calf and cracking his bones as he was swiped off his feet.
Without the electricity burning his wound and numbing his senses the thug screamed in terrifying pain. He crawled away from Arun as he went to check on his companion. Luckily he was fine, no major damage other than his arm, so he prepared to attack again as soon as he got back up.
" Paradox. stay out of this. No interfering, not even the aura. "
The worried little tiger looked like it was seriously considering disobeying the order, but looking at the wounded opponent he heeded the command.
" How on the 7 cultivators did you get a ki sword? " Arun asked the thug who got up and was currently using the ki sword to cauterize his wounds. Ki swords devices which when activated can create blades using the power of the ki. Because they are created with pure fire element they can can cut trough mostly anything if you insert enough ki in them. But they are expensive weapons and most definitely...
"... not something the likes of you would have. "
" What do you know kid? Id wonder more about how to keep my head on my shoulders if I were you. "
" You're acting like you won't run away with the first opportunity. Cute. No matter, I'll make you spill many kinds of information using this. " Arun pointed at Black Rose.
" Your dreaming if you thing you'll hit me again kid. " he sad as he slowly got up and in a stance.
" Let's test that shall we? " Arun threw a jab at his enemy which he managed to deflect using his sword, than he attempted to counter with a strike of his own. He didn't quite account for his injured leg however and missed by a good margin thanks to his wrong footing.
Arun used this opportunity and put all his power in a swing aimed for his opponents waist. The sword and the spear clashed as the thug attempted to block. Sparks and amber flew out of the clash, but it the spear managed to come out on top and eventually carried some momentum trough the sword and into the target. The strike was not powerful but the spikes still managed to pierce right into his bones.
" Aaaaaa " another pain ridden yell as the thug jerked back away from the terrifying weapon.
" See that's the problem with ki swords. If you don't put enough ki into them something with heat resistance will go right trough. " Arun taunted but there was no response.
" What's the matter, Cat bit your tongue? Or perhaps you did? "
The thug finally realised his position. As he finally looked away from his wound into his enemy's eyes his fright grew immensely. He... he was not after blood, he was after something far, far worse than that. In a final attempt to escape he abandoned all pride he had an yelled with tears running down his eyes.
His hand burned, his pain renewed, as it was mangled by the spear. The hit disarmed him but left his hand a bloody mess, now just dangling off his shoulder. He couldn't look at the kid anymore for fear of getting hit.
" Why... why are you doing this? "
The midriff was now the target. His stomach turned upside down making him puke vomit and blood. Kid? No... no, this was a devil in a kid's skin!
" YOU KNOW FULL WELL WHY IM DOING THIS YOU MURDERER! Now, where's your boss? I need a word with him. "
" I don't know... " the thug, weakened by the pain and the blood loss, barely voiced. " He disappeared last night... now please.... no... more " and with that he fell unconscious, sliding to the ground.
" Useless " Arun said disgusted. " Well than, I'll have to find him myself. Paradox, if you'd be so kind. Why are you looking at me like that? "
Paradox looked at his creator with disagreeing eyes. Arun could tell that he wasn't happy with the current turn of events, he almost wandered if it was going to follow his order or not. After a couple moments, which felt like a small eternity for Arun, Paradox got up and started limping trough the dark alleys, leading the way once more.