Chapter 1 – The Beginning of the Night
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This is DxD fic with MC reincarnated as a Youkai. This will be R18 fanfic with Male Main Character!

Well, expect lots of sex scenes and harems because this is DxD. My other series update will be the same as always, so don't worry about it and enjoy the new fanfiction!

I've always made a yuri novel, but this time I want to write a male MC with this fanfic~

Expect a daily update, but expect a sudden 1 chapter in 2 days. As you know, my main series is updated daily~

Well, enjoy the chapter!

Now, I will tell you about the beginning of a reincarnation story.

Usually, it was because the main character of a novel got hit by a truck.

Or there is a story where the main character had drowned in the river and woke up in a world of cultivation as a bullied young master of a sect to kick the other young master ass.

Well, my story was different from those guys. I started my carrier as a street magician and got a bit of fame. Then I die because I tried to imitate a certain magician act to stop a bullet with my mouth.

I thought that I had something like a superpower to take a bullet into my mouth. I miscalculated something, I didn't use a metal plate that the magician use in his act. What a moron, right?

But that was something fortunate. Why, you ask? Because I am now sitting, or floating inside a dark space with nothing but darkness around me.

This trope is so cliché that I know what will happen next.

"Indeed, as expected of you." A booming voice came from behind me and made me startled.

I tried to look behind but to no avail, I can't move. Or rather, I don't know if I moved because I have no sight and sense.

"Oho, let me fix it for you." Said the voice. Unlike earlier, she now had a soothing voice like a voice actor that I often heard in anime or er- forget that.

In an instant, I can see a figure in front of me. The figure has a voluptuous figure that can turn every man crazy. Her wavy silver hair flow down until it reached her butt and more importantly. She didn't wear anything!! That made her well-curved body and F-Cup breast shown to me. That amazing breast, can I tou-

"No! Bad thought!" I shouted out loud to cleanse my mind from a bad thought that plagued me but I never expected that I could make a noise.

"I can speak!" I shouted again to make sure that I indeed can speak. Although it was strange because I have no mouth or body to speak, but well, a beggar can't be a chooser.

I looked at the figure of a girl in front of me again and asked her.

"Now what should I do?"

I won't ask where am I like any other main character in the novel, well that was because I know that I had died! So this dark space is either Limbo or some kind of space created by a figure in front of me. Well, if I guessed correctly, then she could also read my thought.

"Exactly~ You are correct!" The figure in front of me smiled sweetly.

It's dangerous, she's too beautiful. Can I marry her right now?

"No can do~ Maybe if you beat some godly beast then I can consider it~" She talked in a sultry voice. Damn, she's a perfect girl that I had always dreamed of.

"Thank you for your compliment~ But can we talk about you right now?" Asked the figure in front of me.

"Sure! I am single right now and had 2 ex-girlfriends so I had some experience. You can leave everything to me!" I shouted in a voice full of excitement and hope.

Right after I shouted, I realized my mistake and corrected myself with a cough.

*Cough* "Well, I am sorry for that. You are too beautiful that I lost my mind. Well then, let's talk about why I am here. I guess that I will be reincarnated?" I said with certainty in my tone as if I had expected this to happen.

Although I said that, I am really happy that I will be reincarnated. No matter the world, as long as it's not a world full of war like Akame Ga Kill or Berserk, then I will gladly welcome it. But if my guess is right, then I will be reincarnated in that world or the other one. I can guess the world where I will be reincarnating because of the figure in front of me.

'Well, I will let fate decide my course, or rather, the girl in front of me to decide my course. But can I at least get a wish? Like superpower that make me OP!'

"Umu, fortunately for you, your guess is mostly correct. But you will get no wish, instead, I will decide your power for you~"

'Umu, huh. I see she's a follower of that emperor. She's a woman of culture.'

I nodded my imaginary head in approval of her choice of word. I began to like her in more ways than one. I am a simple man, if a beautiful girl said Umu, I will like her immediately. That's if her personality is acceptable.

'I have one question though. Why did you make me able to speak if you could read my thought?'

"Fufufu, of course, I did that to enjoy your reaction." The girl in front of me put her hand on her cheeks as she closed her eyes.

"So you are a sadist too!!" I unconsciously spoke my thought out loud, again.

"That was a joke. Now back to the topic." The girl clapped her hand and continued. "I will reincarnate you to the world of DxD as you've guessed~ Are you happy?"

'Oooh! I am happy, I am happy but… isn't that world dangerous?'

"As I said, I will give you power or some sort. Well, I hope you give me an entertainment though. I am bored in this space so when I saw you do that trick, I was amused and decided to reincarnate you on a whim~"

The girl in front of me chuckled while covering her mouth with her left hand.

'Well, that is enough I guess. Say, what will I reincarnate into? Is it devil, or human? That's the cliché right?'

If I reincarnated as a human, then I need to work hard to be able to defend myself. When I say hard, I mean really hard. Human is a bit underrated in DxD, but they hold high potential. An example would be Cao Cao and Griselda Quarta.

"Fufufufu, you are a magician, right?" Asked the girl.

'Street magician to be exact.'

"Then you will love an illusion that will make your enemy confused~ Well then, have a nice trip!"

As soon as she said that, I feel like being sucked by a vacuum cleaner. I said vacuum cleaner because I have never experienced being sucked by something other than it!

"At least tell me my race!!!" My shout was getting sucked by the force too and faded to the darkness leaving the girl floating around the dark space alone.

"Fufufufu, you will be surprised~ Well then, I need to prepare for his training regime so he won't be defeated as soon as he faced his enemy. I bet he will be surprised because I reincarnated him as his favorite anime character~ I hope you can entertain me, street magician. That was wrong, I guess right now he's the young master of the east Youkai clan, Nura Riku. Fufufufu~"

Leaving an amused laugh, the girl disappeared from the dark space.

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