Chapter 208 – Nurarihyon Arrived!
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The battle continued. Youkai pushed back the remaining enemies to the corner to the point they were about to retreat.

However, at that time, a big portal appeared in the sky. The allied force stopped pursuing for a second and looked at the portal.

“What is that?” Asked Azazel. He looked at the portal with a wary gaze as he lowered his hand, preparing to strike whatever came out from it.

“That’s worrying. Such a big portal.” Muttered Michael.

The gods also stop fighting. Susanoo retreated from the battlefield at a fast speed and approached Amaterasu, who sat beside Shiva.

“Be careful.”

Amaterasu nodded her head at Susanoo’s warning.

Shiva, who sat leisurely beside them, raised his hand and chuckled.

“Don’t worry, it’s not harmful to us, right, Youkai boy?”

He looked me straight in the eyes. I shrugged my shoulders and answered.

“Yeah, don’t worry. The ones who came from that portal are our allies.”

I looked at the portal with squinted eyes. He was really late, considering that Tsura had come to fetch him a little earlier.

But I couldn’t complain. It was good that he could arrive before the battle ended. Also, it seemed like he made a little stop before he came here.

“You know who came from the portal?” Azazel asked as he turned to me. Michael also looked in my direction with a curious expression.

“Well, I am familiar with him. Though I never met the other two who are currently with him.” As soon as I said that, the presence that opened the portal appeared from beyond it.

The first thing that appeared was a green dragon’s head. The head looked similar to an eastern dragon. And there were four shadows that sat above its head, two women and two men.

One of the men looked rather tiny; I estimated he was only about a meter tall. His body was covered in golden fur, similar to a monkey, and he wore stylish glasses while holding a long stick.

The other three shadows were familiar; they were my old man, Setsuna, and Tsura. When Tsura saw me, she waved her hand and tugged her mother’s sleeves. Setsuna noticed me and whispered to my old man, that then grinned while crossing his arms.

The Dragon, now fully come out from the portal, approached us at a fast speed. The portal closed as soon as the dragon exited it.

Azazel and Michael seemed to recognize the dragon as Azazel muttered loudly.

“Dragon King Yu-Long? That means?”

“Yeah… the one on top of its head is Sun Wukong. Also… Nurarihyon?”

Both of them looked at me, and I nodded my head.

“My old man has been traveling with Sun Wukong since a few days ago, destroying a few Khaos Brigade’s bases in the process.”

“That’s… just like him.” Azazel turned away with a wry smile. He looked at the dragon who stopped in front of us.

I also looked at them, and my old man raised his hand without even caring that he was on the battlefield and greeted me.

“Yo, Riku. How have you been?”

“Good, thanks to you who run around and destroy some of their bases.” I pointed at the remnant army of the Khaos Brigade that was now being chased around by the allied army again.

Susanoo was back on the battlefield and assisted Issei again in defeating Fenrir.

“Hahahaha, good then.” My old man laughed loudly.

It was then, the person? Or monkey? Beside him stared at me intensely and asked.

“So you are Nurarihyon’s son? Hmm… It seems that you are even stronger than your old man. What do you think, Yu-Long?”

“Indeed, his energy feels stronger than Nurarihyon. Also… There are two Sacred Gears inside his body? How?” Asked Yu-Long with a curious tone.

My old man grinned as he stroked his chin.

“The answer is obvious, right? He has two Sacred Gears because he’s my son!” He declared proudly as if I got another Sacred Gear because of him.

“You are still the same as always, huh, Nurarihyon?” Chimed Azazel.

“Oh, Azazel! Long time no see, my bud. How is your life? Is it good?” This time my old man looked at Azazel and spoke in a manner as if they were close friends.

“Hahahahaha. Thanks to Riku, I finally achieved the peace that I wanted! I should bring some alcohol to your mansion later.”

“I will be waiting in my mansion later! Hahahaha.” Both of them laughed loudly.

Sun Wukong stroked his beard, tapped his staff against Yu-Long's head, and spoke.

“Can I join that drinking event later? For now, how about we clean up some problems in this place so we can drink in peace? Do you care to help that white boy, Yu-Long?”

“Sure! I will bring a lot later.” Answered Azazel.

“I am expecting my share too.” Yu-Long said. “Also, get off from my head so I can chew those two wolves. They are so annoying with their howls. I can also trample on the Midgardsormr if you want to.”

“Ah, it’s better if you don’t.” I stopped him. “The one who fights the Midgardsormr right now is Crom Cruach.”

“Hoh? Fine. Then I will only kill those two wolves.”

“Fufufu, I shall help Kuroka and Shirone-chan with my daughter. Commander, what will you do?” Asked Setsura. She covered her mouth with the sleeves of her Kimono and glanced at my old man.

“Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe I will slay some of the retreating enemies?” Answered my old man. He didn’t know what to do on the battlefield that was almost over.

As this was a chance to see him fighting seriously, I proposed an idea.

“In that case, why don’t you go to the Underworld with me, old man? It seems there is some problem on that side.”

“What problem?” He asked.

“I guess some old satan factions attacked Underworld, seeing Serafall and Ajuka hurriedly back to the Underworld.”

His grin widened as he stood up. “Then let’s go! What are we waiting for?!”

“It seems that everyone is ready. Hap!” Sun-Wukong jumped and created a foothold beside Michael. “I will stay here. Somebody might need me to heal them later.”

“Sure. Then, let’s get going, old man.” I created a magic circle to teleport to the Underworld, and my old man jumped from Yu-Long’s head and entered it.

He looked like he was ready, so I operated the magic circle. “See you later, Azazel. I will also wait for the alcohol that you bring.”

“Yeah! Ask those devils to bring some too when you are in the Underworld!” He answered.


The magic circle fully engulfed me after I answered him, then my old man and I were teleported to the Underworld.

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