Chapter 209 – War in the Underworld
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The location that I chose to teleport was the Gremory territory. After arriving at the Gremory territory, I felt something unusual.

“Old man, there is something wrong in the Underworld. There is big energy around that direction.” I pointed to my right, and my old man’s gaze followed my finger.

“Interesting. What kind of energy that you feel, Riku?”

“A devil, but it could somehow match Serafall. It’s on Satan’s level but still a little lower than Serafall’s. I guess it’s Ultimate-Class devil? That’s why both of them were coming back to the Underworld. Also…”

“Also?” My old man asked with a hint of excitement in his voice.

I also grinned and patted Nenekirimaru against my shoulder. “There is a war ongoing in that place.”

“War, you said?” As he said that, a Katana with a handle made of wooden appeared in his hand. It looked similar to Nenekirimaru but with a shorter blade. There was an engraving of an eastern dragon on its blade, and it shined when the sunlight hit it. “Then, what are we waiting for?” He grinned widely.

“Nothing. Only… there are a few people, or rather, devils, who approached that place from the other directions. I think they will pass right beside this Gremory territory to join the war.”

“I see, reinforcement, huh. Do you know which force they belong to? Ally or enemy?”

“I don’t know. That’s why… we wait.”

“No problem. Take us to the place that they will pass. If they are enemies, then I don’t need to tell you, no?” He put his free hand inside his kimono and tapped his blade against his shoulder. He looked fucking cool right now. I could understand why the other youkai were willing to follow him.

‘Although I am stronger, I am still far from my old man.’

“You don’t need to tell me.” I ran toward the location that I estimated would be passed by the reinforcement at full speed, and my old man followed close behind me.

Although I didn’t use Touki or any physical enhancement thing, my old man was unexpectedly able to match my speed. I guess he had a stronger body as he was a full youkai? Or did our physical strengths were similar to each other? Considering we were blood-related and all.

I didn’t know, but I guess that was why my old man was feared by the others. He was strong.

We used Fear to hide our presence, so no civilians who were walking around the Gremory Territory noticed us.

We arrived at my estimated location after running for five minutes. It was located outside the territory, on a mountain range or some sort. It was not the mountain range where Issei trained with Dragon King Tannin; it was a different mountain range.

I stood at the peak of the highest mountain, looking in the direction where I felt the energies.

“How is it?” My old man stood beside me, looking in the same direction with his hand above his eyes, creating a shapeshift telescope that didn’t even work.

“You will be able to see their figures in the sky in a few minutes. They are flying at a high speed, and we were running in the direction of the war earlier.”

“So basically, we created more distance between them and us. Hah! Why don’t you take us somewhere nearer?”

“This is the highest point in the area, the perfect place to ambush them. You can’t fly, right, old man?”

“Well, I can’t. You’re unexpectedly considerate of your old man, huh? What, are you having a change of heart after becoming the official second leader of our clan?”

“Nah, no. I only thought that it would be a waste not to witness my old man in the real war, so I give you a chance. I can approach them and massacre them right now if I want to. If they are enemies, that is.”

“Hahahaha! Excuses!” He shouted merrily. “I will show you then. I only have a few techniques, but it should be enough to make you respect me!”

“Let’s see later, old man. I also have a lot of new techniques that are stronger than Tsuki Giri.” I smirked at him.

“I am looking forward to that.”

We were standing still while looking at the sky for a good few minutes. At that time, I saw a little shadow in the distance.

“They are here,” I muttered as I swung Nenekirimaru to loosen my arm.

“Finally.” My old man stepped forward as a cloud of black smoke rose from his body. His presence became thinner, blending with the surrounding. He was there, yet he was not there. This was Nurarihyon’s Fear; he was still a bit better than me at controlling his Fear.

I also used my Fear to hide my presence, only to the point that no one could feel my energy from the looming shadows that approached. Their numbers increased drastically, almost filling the sky. Maybe they were around three thousand? Or two thousand? Anyway, they were a lot.

“Old man, I will talk to their leader first. If they are enemies, you can begin your attack.”

“Hah?!” My old man scoffed; his chin was raised. “Who are you to order me, brat?! I know without you saying anything!”

“Hahahaha! I thought you already have dementia, old man. Well, good luck.” I jumped to the sky while my old man shouted from the ground.

“I will put you in your place later, brat!”

I stopped in the sky, right in front of the devil in the front. He had bright silver hair and wearing a suit. His hair was braided and tied behind.

He stopped the troops behind him when he saw me by raising his hand. He stared at me cautiously and asked.

“Who are you?”

A typical question. However, I didn’t need to humor him with my answer. I recognized this silver hair. Only people from Lucifuge had it. So that meant he was the devil that hid behind the scene, the Lucifer fanatic.

I raised my sword as a signal, and the next thing that happened was simple.



“My arms!!”

Screams quickly filled the area as some devils fell to their death. Then, my old man’s figure appeared behind the silver haired-man. I created a foothold for him so he could stand, and he had his blade on the man’s neck.

“Yo!” My old man greeted calmly. “It seems this army is going to war. Why don’t you stop for now and drink with us? It will be fun.”

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