Chapter 214 – Interrogation
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New Series!

The title is I Write Sins and Tragedies.

I plan to upload the new novel alternatively with Naomi, so I will be able to take my time to write it.

The series will be out tonight, maybe if it is already approved again.

Also, it is a Gender Bender and Yuri story. The romance part will not be the focus, but there will be Yuri moment in the story. Please look forward to it!

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There was one thing that I realized after I put Euclid inside my barrier. He was more cunning than I thought.

He blurted out any information that I asked without even trying to dodge it. However, he only told me a part of it, not the entirety.

For example, when I asked him about his relationship with Rizevim. He answered that he was only his subordinate, nothing more. Even though he actually was his right hand and the one behind the planning of the old satan faction.

He couldn’t be more cunning than he was.

“… And so, we are going to support the army that attacks the ruin of the facility that researched about the super devil. We have nothing to do more than that.”

Their goal was the same as Thanatos, finding the remaining data of Super Devil research. If I didn’t know for sure that the data was, in fact, hidden inside Shirone’s hair clip, then I wouldn’t care less about it.

However, the research was directly involving both Kuroka and Shirone, the ones that I thought of as my family. So that meant, now or later, Euclid’s group would’ve targeted both Kuroka and Shirone, even when they knew that Kuroka was my lover.

“Don’t say anything more. I have heard enough.” I erased Incinerate Anthem that surrounded my body and lowered my sword.

“Sure. I won’t say anything more.” He answered with a relieved smile. He must’ve thought that I would release him because I had done with him.

“Yes, you don’t have to say anything.” My hand moved slightly, beheading him from behind.

All this time, what he had been talking to was my Fake. There was no way I would stand in front of him and interrogate him like an idiot.

This was not a world where someone would stay silent when they were interrogated. Even when we talked earlier, Euclid was trying to breach my barrier stealthily by using his replica Sacred Gear and Demonic Energy.

He had underestimated me too much, thinking that I wouldn’t realize what he did. My Senjutsu was considered one of the best, and I could even feel an entire city if I concentrated.

Detecting a simple energy movement from the one who sat right in front of me was simple; even more, I knew the trick that he used against my old man earlier.

“Y…ou….” He glared at me with bloodshot eyes as his head flew in the sky.

“You don’t really have to say anything as you won’t be able to say anything more when you’re dead.” I looked at him with cold eyes.

If I was naïve enough to trust him, he would surely go back to make a plan against me. That would be troublesome that all matters that endanger us had already been done, mostly.

The last thing that I needed to do was to kill all old satan factions that tried to find the research of the super devil and talk to Great Red to give Ophis some space in the dimensional gap.

“Just two more… Two more, and I can leave in peace.”

Having a fight and getting stronger was fine, but having a normal daily life was also important after all of that. I certainly wanted to have a normal date and such without being burdened by the thought of my enemies attacking me in the middle of it, like Issei.

After Euclid’s head fell to the ground, I took precautions and burned it alongside his body with Incinerate Anthem. There was nothing wrong with being careful. His corpse was burning wonderfully, leaving only ash on the ground.

I got the information that I needed, and it was time to end all of this. Fortunately, I made the correct decision by going to the Underworld.

Maybe if Sirzechs was here, I wouldn’t be needed. But, Sirzechs was now dealing with the enemy on earth, so I should at least act as his replacement. However, because he was on Earth, I could leave like this without any worry.

Having a strong ally was reassuring, truly.

I erased the barrier around me and jumped away. The energies in the distance were already gone, leaving only one that belonged to my old man. He really wiped them out cleanly, huh? In such a short amount of time too.

How did he do it? He couldn’t even use Youjutsu and only a little bit of Senjutsu, as he was not too talented, he said so himself.

When I arrived on the previous battlefield, all I saw was the ground being covered in ash. In an instant, I knew what he did; he used Meikyo Shisui Sakura, a technique to create blue flames with Fear.

The flame itself was burned from the soul of the dead, a so-called will-o-the-wisp. It was strong to the point I would still use it in case of a large-scale battle even though I had Incinerate Anthem.

Meanwhile, my old man was in the sky, looking at his smoke pipe that was somehow snapped in half. His expression was sad as if he had lost something important. Did that pipe was something important to him?

He didn’t appear to notice my presence as he sighed and muttered.

“Haa… What should I do?” His voice was lower than usual.

He wasn’t like my usual old man. I approached him and was about to cheer him up, but his next word made me change my mind.

“I can’t even smoke when I want to. Damned devils! They don’t know how hard to steal this pipe from the shogun at that time!”

When I heard that, I flew into rage and kicked him on his side.

“Don’t steal the shogun’s smoke pipe, old man!”

He was surprised and got blown away by my kick. Finally, he noticed my presence and stopped himself mid-air before flying into a rage.

“What the fuck did you do, brat!”

“I should be the one who asks you! Why did you steal the shogun’s smoke pipe?”

“Hah?! Because I like it, of course!”

“Tsk! The same as usual, huh?”

“Hah! You had the gall to say that! Anyway, what do you get?”

“About that… Their target is actually Shirone. More specifically, Shirone’s hairpin, which contains the research data about the super devil.”

“Huh?” My old man raised his eyebrows before grinning. “That mean, no matter how we rampage in the underworld, we have the reason to do it?”

“Yeah.” I grinned back. “Let’s destroy them. Completely.”