Chapter 215 – Two Evil Dragons
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New Series!

The title is I Write Sins and Tragedies.

I plan to upload the new novel alternatively with Naomi, so I will be able to take my time to write it.

The series will be out tonight, maybe if it is already approved again.

Also, it is a Gender Bender and Yuri story. The romance part will not be the focus, but there will be Yuri moment in the story. Please look forward to it!

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We ran to another battlefield that was still ongoing in the distance, where Serafall and Ajuka went to. Without wasting any time, we ran at our full speed. We ran through the plains, mountains, and forest until finally, the battlefield was spread in front of our eyes.

In a word, it was chaos. Serafall and Ajuka seemed to be caught in a troublesome situation as I could feel energy belonging to dragons, probably Apophis and another Dragon King, in the sky. The energies clashed against Serafall and Ajuka, seemingly to push each other back.

Ajuka should’ve been able to defeat the dragon easily, but I wonder why he didn’t do that? Did he afraid that he would injure his ally?

Also, I couldn’t distinguish between allies and enemies. Both were devils, and they wore similar clothes.

“Old man, can you distinguish whoever the enemies are?”

“How can I? They look the same!”

This would prove to be a problem. Unlike our enemies so far that I could distinguish from their clothes and energies, the enemies this time were similar to the allies. Not only their clothes but their energies too.

They were devils, came from the same fucking Underworld, who wear the same fucking clothes.

I didn’t know how our allies managed to distinguish the enemies. Maybe they had special clothing or such? I should find out about it before I could help them. Or maybe, I shouldn’t help them and just help Serafall and Ajuka?

That was a more viable option. They surely knew who their subordinates were, so I could just fight the dragons instead of rampaging on the battlefield.

“Let’s go up to meet Serafall in that case. Are you confident to take on a dragon, old man?”

My old man narrowed his eyes slightly at the mention of a dragon. Though he was able to destroy an army single-handedly, I knew that he wasn’t confident in his attack power. The army that he destroyed earlier was also composed only of weak devils, nothing too important.

They had a low defense, unlike a dragon whose scale was able to deflect blades and weak magic. Not to mention, they could also make a barrier that was stronger than the barrier made by devils.

In other words, they were cheats. A bug that should’ve never existed in the first place. Though, some cheat like top-ten in the ranking should be able to handle dragon kings easily, like me.

“Who do you think I am, huh? Lend me your blade. I will slay one of that dragons easily. You have another one, right? I heard from Tsura.”

“Which one do you want? Nenekirimaru?” I asked my old man as I raised Nenekirimaru that I held in my hand.

“Yeah, that works.” He answered as he extended his hand to me. “Give it to me for a while. My blade is too weak to cut the dragon.”

“Tsk! Fine, take this.” I handed over Nenekirimaru to my old man. As Nenekirimaru was a sword that he used in the past, it didn’t reject him, and he took it in delight.

“It’s been a long time since I used this baby.” He raised Nenekirimaru as his sword disappeared. Next, he patted Nenekirimaru against his shoulder and looked up to the sky, where Serafall and Ajuka were fighting the dragons. “Let’s slay them.”

We jumped to the sky, and I called out Gram as it appeared in my hand. This sword was the one that could bring out my full power currently, as it could be imbued with Incinerate Anthem. The blade flared, letting out a red glow as I fed it with Senjutsu Energy. Next, a purple flame appeared from my hand before encasing the blade in it.

My old man watched the scene with amazement. He let out a whistle as he grinned. “That’s neat.”

“Right? This sword will kill the dragon easily. More importantly, I still don’t know the dragons that fought with both Satans in the sky. They must’ve been some strong dragons to be able to fight Ajuka for a long time.”

The sky was filled with clouds, so the dragons were not visible. They fought above the cloud, which was insane.

“That’s not important, no? We take one each.”

“Hah! That’s right.” I scoffed and used Touki to enhance my physical body. I created a more solid foothold under my feet and jumped with my full strength. “I will go first, old man!”

As we’ve used our Fear all this time, the devils who fought in the distance didn’t notice us, and neither did the ones who currently fought above the clouds.

I penetrated the cloud and arrived at the above battlefield. When I looked at the situation of the battle, it was honestly more chaotic than the one below. Ice spears and a barrage of magic were shot toward an eastern black dragon with more than a hundred meters in length.

That dragon was Apophis, the only reasonable dragon with pride and respect among the Evil Dragons. The one that fought him was unsurprisingly Serafall, although it was clear that she had some trouble fighting him.

On the other side, Ajuka was fighting against 15 meters tall western dragon with black scales. Its eyes were silver, seemingly glowing in the sky. It had horns, wings, and thick limbs, a feature that often met in the dragon who walked on land.

The dragon exudes an ominous aura, reminding me of Crom Cruach and Tsuchigumo. I recognized the dragon as Grendel, the dragon with the toughest scale. I could now understand why the two Satans had yet to finish their battle.

A second later, my old man finally penetrated through the cloud and stopped beside me. He looked around before having a big grin.

“Hooh! This is interesting!” He exclaimed.

“Yeah, it is,” I looked at Serafall, who fought Aphopis in the distance. “Can you take care of the eastern one? I will take care of the western one.”

“Hah! It’s easy.” My old man grinned. “Let’s race to make things interesting. Whoever defeats the dragon last will pay the winner’s meal!” He hurled to the eastern dragon, Apophis, in the distance, leaving me behind.

I didn’t believe what my old man said and jumped toward Grendel while shouting. “Fuck that! You never paid for anything!”