Chapter 220 – Finally, Peace
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New Series!

The title is I Write Sins and Tragedies.

I plan to upload the new novel alternatively with Naomi, so I will be able to take my time to write it.

The series will be out tonight, maybe if it is already approved again.

Also, it is a Gender Bender and Yuri story. The romance part will not be the focus, but there will be Yuri moment in the story. Please look forward to it!

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After I killed all the enemies, the allied army cheered loudly.

“We won!!”

“Long live Satans!”

“Long live savior!”

“Finally! They are gone!”

The devils hugged each other, and some of them were throwing magic bullets into the sky, creating fireworks.

Serafall and Ajuka approached me; their faces had a sign of gratitude and amazement.

“You really do kill them instantly,” Serafall muttered, looking around the area. “Did you use… Holy flames?”

“Yeah, I used Incinerate Anthem,” I answered her with a nod.

The Incinerate Anthem was a holy flame, as they knew. And devils were weak against holy things, no matter what they were, and Holy Flames were the top holy items.

The holy energy of Incinerate Anthem was only lower than the True Longinus. With just a touch of the Incinerate Anthem, the devil’s body would combust into nothingness, and not even their ash would remain.

“Truly ridiculous,” Ajuka stated, looking around the area around us, which was still filled with the purple flame burning here and there because I had yet to erase it. “Even I wouldn’t be able to destroy such a big army in a short time.”

“Your magic is nothing, eh?” My old man suddenly appeared beside me and chuckled at Ajuka’s word, “Even our technique seems to be better than your magic. Only Sirzechs has something, I admit. His destruction can do better than our secret technique.”

“His destruction is strong. But, in terms of Magic and knowledge, I am confident that I can do a bit better than him.” Ajuka said, not wanting to lose against Sirzechs. He had pride as someone on the top, which showed in his confident words.

He was what someone expected from a Satan who had been offered Lucifer title before Sirzechs. However, he refused the title due to Sirzechs being better at being a charismatic leader than him. That was why he settled with Beelzebub title rather than Lucifer, even though he could be one because he was also a Super Devil, the same as Sirzechs.

Anyway, I didn’t believe him if he said he couldn’t destroy an army of small fries instantly like that. With his Kankara Formula, he could redirect all attacks and destroy his enemies easily. But, his Formula would be useless against my Telos Karma and Fear because he surely didn’t understand how the Fear worked.

Not only that, we Youkai were adept at Fear. If he, by chance, redirected the Fear back toward us, we could easily take care of it as Fear was part of us, and there was an easy way to counter it using stronger Fear.

“Let’s just leave it at that. Finally, the war and clean-up in the Underworld are over. The rest is Earth. Let me contact someone in that place.” I said as I let go of Nenekirimaru. It disappeared into a mote of light, and I crossed my hands inside my Kimono.

While I was at it, I contacted Kuroka, who fought on Earth using Telepathy.

[Kuroka, how is the situation there?]

[Ah! Riku-sama nya! We are almost done here. Hagoromo Gitsune and Tsuchigumo just left to chase after the one who ran away from the battle! Also, Odin and the other had defeated Loki and sealed him nya!]

[Is that so? Then everything is fine? Including Shirone?]

[Shirone? Yup! She’s fine, but why did you ask about her, Riku-sama?]

[Apparently, the enemy’s target this time is the hairclip in her hair. Anyway, tell me if anything happens.]

[Nya?! I am glad that they didn’t even come close to Shirone then!]

[True. Even so, please do watch out and stay beside Shirone. I am counting on you.]

[Sure nya!]

I ended the Telepathy after hearing Kuroka’s energetic answer. Serafall and Ajuka went to their subordinates to congratulate them on the victory and deal with the aftermath, such as the salary of those who joined the war.

Although battles were common in the Underworld, something like a War that forced the soldiers to join was uncommon. That was why, to keep their loyalty, the leader needed to reward them with a salary or some kind of reward.

It was also one of the reasons why youkai always had parties each time they returned to battle. I also didn’t mind having a party if it could make my subordinates loyal to me and maintain their high morale.

But, I guess something like a salary was a small thing for devils. They were fucking rich and could build any mansion for reward anytime they wanted to, after all.

My old man stood beside me and looked at Ajuka and Serafall, who dealt with their subordinates, with his arms crossed inside his Kimono, much similar to me.

“So, we are going home now?” He asked. “I am expecting some big battle or something. That’s why I went around the world with that monkey. However, this is honestly a bit disappointing.”

“Just be glad that we have no big battle, old man,” I answered while smirking.

A part of me was also expecting a big battle, similar to my fight with Rizevim. But, there was no big battle, as I had dealt with the enemy right before they could launch their full plan.

Due to me destroying all their plans and killing their supreme leader, Rizevim, the Khaos Brigade was left with no other plan other than to get the Super Devil research from Shirone’s hairclip. They made a mistake attacking us directly at the Peace Conference.

Their plan was good for splitting their force. I commented on them for trying.

“It’s time for peace, old man.” I looked at the sky, remembering what I had done in the last few days.

“That’s true. Well, I could settle down for a while, I guess.” He smiled slightly. I noticed a hint of melancholy in his smile. I guess he too wanted peace, huh?

Well, anyway. Almost everything is over. I guess I deserve some rest too.