Chapter 1 – Awakening
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Magicians, a person with a genetic thing inside them that produce something that's been called magic. A very rare genetic occurrence.

Nana was one of these magicians. 

She noticed that she had the gene at the age of 15 in an accident. 

Magic wasn't really magic, it was named that since that's what it looked like when it was first observed so naturally people assumed that's what it was! 

But, in reality, It's a powersource. A substance that's in your blood, created by a specific gene that started appearing in people all over the world. And depending on the gene you could be filled with more or less. 

It’s like a rechargeable never dying battery. You can't lose it, you can just temporarily exhaust your magic and then have to wait for your body to produce more. 

What your "magic" could accomplish or how much it could be used before reaching exhaustion differed immensely of course, just like the maximum amount that the body could hold differed wildly as well.

And depending on your genetics you could get better at using it, expand what you could do with it. Sort of like training your muscles and your brain. If you train a lot, new heights can be reached to a certain point. 

It's a source of power that could be applied and used in potentially limitless ways…

And certain people observing the world from the future want to get their hands on these magic users to use for their own experiments, as the gene is rare and almost gone in the vast future, the one’s with extremely overwhelming magic power are being targeted...


Book 1 - Paradox: Magic Hunt

Chapter 1 - Awakening

He grabbed my arm. 

"Come here, If you fight it it's going to be way worse for you hun" he said and winked at me with his damn fucking ugly face. Very asymmetrical and warped, wild grown beard that’s not taken care of one bit and a very sloppily shaved head. 

He stank of booze too. A big guy. In the moment it felt and looked like he might be 3 times my size. He must have been working with something bodily. Looked like he'd done a lot of heavy lifting and work in his life. I'm assuming because he had huge muscles all over… Might probably be a way to compensate for that face of his though. But who knows, maybe he's compensating for more than the face. 

Either way, fuck! What should I do?! 

"No, let go!" I yelled, tried to pull my hand loose from his grip, but to no avail. He was too strong for me physically. Normally any guy that just works out a little would be stronger than me, men are normally stronger than girls of course. It’s just genetics. So this muscly beast, i’m chanceless. "HELP!" I screamed, a few times, but no help came. 

He laughed, then let go and slapped me hard enough for me to fall over. I hit the ground, breaking the fall with my arms so I didn’t hit my head. Fuck, it hurt.

"No one gives two shits about you little girl, scream all you want!"

A ringing noise began in my head. Anger and hate rose within me uncontrollably like a wildfire. I guess it's very understandable under the circumstances that they would. 

I wanted this person dead. He’s a fucking virus that must be defeated, removed…

We're in an alley, people should be able to see us as they walk past. Or hear me at least. Isn’t anyone… What… I looked out of the alley, toward the street. 

People are just walking past us even though some of them even looked straight at me, ignoring me. No one gives a shit about me. Why doesn't anyone intervene? Why does no one step up? Or at the very least call over a guard?! “What’s wrong with you cowards!?” I yelled.

Well, I suppose he is gigantic and threatening. But still, what’s the fuck is wrong with humanity and humanoids if they don’t intervene when a girl is attacked by a large man.

I spotted a guard standing on the other side of the road by the wall looking this way, it looked as if he seemed bored. 

Why do disgusting people like him get away with things and how come the damn guard won't do a shit to help me. I started crying. I felt tears run down my cheeks.

I heard his laughter. “As I said, NO ONE cares about you.” he kept laughing.

The huge muscular perverted drunk closed in, all the while laughing, about to reach out for me. At the same time a strange guy in a robe walked past the opening of the alley. I sighed in my crying as I felt the muscular guy grab my ankle.

This is it. This guy will walk past just like all the others. Then more people will just walk by.

“Wha…” I looked out, he had stopped as he saw what was going on and turned this way. But before he had a chance to do anything…

The big guy grabbed me between my legs, and It happened when I yelled out "NO!" and twisted around so I ended up on my back instead of my stomach. I swung my arms at him, or in his direction. But I quickly just dropped my jaw.

It was as if a force did what I had imagined I wanted to do to him. As if something grabbed him in each end and twisted him like a wet towel. He screamed loudly in pain for a few seconds, it was a violent scene. His blood got splattered all over the alley, me and the guy who had turned in to, well, help, but I didn't know at the time that he would help. Some blood even reached the guard at the other side of the road. So the splatter was violent. We got soaked, as well as a few random passersby who got confused about what had hit them. Blood.

Both me and the guy who had entered the alley were looking at his squeezed up remains with our jaws dropped. 

What, the, hell… 

What happened?! 

"Fuuuuck!" the guy behind me said as I was still trying to process the situation. 


He ran up to me, grabbed my arm

"We got to run, follow me" and we suddenly ran. 

"Wait, the fuck?!" I yelled as he dragged me along, but I directed my gaze behind towards a sound. "Stop! Magician!" while, forcibly, following him. 

The guard further behind by the wall had also witnessed it and was now chasing me. Or us. Yelling ‘stop’ over and over. 

Oh okay, he's helping. I hadn't even noticed that the guards had started charging and leaping at me. I immediately stopped resisting as he dragged me along and instead I ran with him and let him lead the way. 

Fuck, fuck that guard! He just watched as I was attacked but now he's chasing me?! Because I... Because... 

Did I just do that? Did I pick up that fucking ugly ass drunk and squeeze out his insides like a wet towel? I looked behind, my eyes saw red. Well, literally actually, for some reason I saw red. My field of vision was tinted red. As my vision turned red, I saw the heat coming off the guard chasing us. I saw heat in walls too, like silhouettes of people. It lit up sort of. The guard had turned all green, different silhouettes were yellow, purple and orange too for some reason I don’t know... I didn’t realise it at that moment though as I was way too focused on hate and anger right then and there.

That fucking guard… I aimed my hand at him. He deserves to die to, just like that other disgusting fucking maggot. I saw a ray of something flowing at the guard. Like tendrils shooting out of me. They weren’t really looking solid though, more like smoke, gas or clouds reaching out very rapidly in the shape of tendrils. No one seemed to react to it. The guard didn’t slow down. No comments from my savior either.

Then, the guard suddenly expanded super rapidly, popping like a balloon. Blood, organs, intestines, brain substance.. Well, everything I fucking guess! Splattered out everywhere. 

I smiled happily as we kept running. My vision turned back to normal. We now had new guards chasing us. Wait. I shook my head. 

Wait a moment. What did I just do? 

"Okay, stop the killing, ill slow them!" the guy who'd led me said, turned and...


It looked like he threw something, but he had nothing in his hand. But when his hand was at the release point where you’d normally let go of what you’re throwing, if it would've been something he threw, a ball of sludge appeared out of his hand and was slung away behind us. It looked black and expanded aggressively, trapping those who chased us. Now there were more guards. 

It looked like they were being consumed by whatever it was he threw, but I didn't have time to observe properly as we ran.

"Wait, who are you?!" I sort of yelled out quick as I kept looking behind us. He held my hand, or wrist, dragging me along so I wasn't too worried I'd run into something. More worried about anyone else chasing us. 

Using magic in public was a crime. Well, of course I did not know I could even… Did I really? Did I… A poor orphan, abandoned and useless, except for my looks I guess but that doesn’t help much… Me, using something that... It just doesn't feel real. 

I remember it as a blur, it all just happened so quick and I wasn't sure if I was dreaming. 


But the guy helping me escape who I ran with confirmed I wasn't dreaming.

“Pinch me!” I said. “What?” he replied confused. “Pinch me!” I said again, louder this time. “What, why? Now?” He seemed even more confused. “Yes, now!” I replied a bit annoyed in tone. He sighed, reached with his other arm which he didn’t hold onto me with and pinched my arm. “Ouch!” I yelled out in pain. “There, happy?” He said. “Thanks…” I mumbled.


We turned into a small alley, which seemed to be serving as the side entrances to two restaurants or something. Because there's a bin of thrown away food, and an armed person standing by it who drew his weapon as we turned in. 

The guy in the robe who'd led me here took off his hood and nodded at the armed person. He immediately responded by saluting to the guy. “Sir!” He said. “At ease” My savior replied. He relaxed his body and stood like normal again. 

Who the hell did accidentally just save me?! If it even was an accident... I have a hard enough time accepting it’s really real. Maybe it’s staged? No… I guess my brain is just questioning everything right now. 

Try not to think Nana, try not to think! I thought, over and over for a moment.


We kept going to the end of the alley, where he stopped by a wall. 

He put his palm at the wall and waited. 

Okay. That's weird. Why is he...

"Hey, where are we…" the wall started to fall apart starting from where he had held his palm, as if a portal opened sort of in a circle pattern. It kept doing so until it was as big as a doorway. I just gazed at the thing with amazement written all over my face. 

It didn't take that long, I was surprised. I looked behind and noticed the alley had been shut off and the armed person stood by the wall that now blocked off the alley. 

When did that happen? So weird and so many questions. 

"okay, in here, and sorry in advance." I followed him inside. Sorry? Wait, what? 

"Sorry for what?" we were now inside where ever the door he'd created had led to. 

It was a big square room with equipment of different sorts, a second floor you could see from here, like, balcony style that covered half the room. 

Looked like more people were inside working on different things. As I looked around confused he answered me. 

"For this" and my vision went black.