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(This story is already fully written on Wattpad.)

The Camera opens up to a giant hall of some sort filled with gold coins and trinkets. Then the camera goes up to a big pile of coins and some coin go flying. Coins start to fall to reveal a closed eye. Then is opens.

The camera stays on the open eye as the dragon gets up

The camera stays on the open eye as the dragon gets up.

???:"Tohru." (It being in bold like that would be dragon talk. And his voice in his dragon form is the same as the movies.)

Then he gets up and leaves the mountain. He looks around then looks forward and takes flight to the skys. After a while of flying his eye moves side to side.

???:"Not here." Then a bright red light shines on his face and he goes through it.

The camera goes down to shows some clouds and a shadow of a dragon is seen on the top of them. Then a town comes into view. Then a certain apartment comes into view. It is early morning. The shadow flies down to the apartment and another red light appears. And the shadow disappears.

The camera switches to Tohru and Kobayashi.

Tohru:"A 'D' it stands for 'Dragon!'"

Kobayashi:"At least you bothered to learn something." *Then a knock is heard. They look at each other and Kobayashi gesture to the door.*

Tohru walks to the door and opens it. What stands there is a boy about 5 feet tall and around 15 years of age. He has red hair with orange tips with four spike like horns, pointed behind him, two at each side of his head. He has the same eyes as his dragon form. There is a 3 meter long tail behind him.He has a bag on his back. As soon as he sees her he tackles her into a hug.



Kobayashi walks up.

Kobayashi:"Tohru who's this?"

Tohru:"Oh it's my brother."

Kobayashi:"Brother? You didn't tell me you had a brother."

Tohru:*Rubs head*"I must have forgot."

Smaug now looks behind Tohru and sees Kobayashi. He narrows his eyes and lets go of Tohru and walks up to her. He walks around her and starts to sniff her.

Kobayashi:*Uncomfortable*"Uh Tohru what is he doing?"

Tohru:"He's just checking something."

Kobayashi:"Checking what?"

Smaug:*Done sniffing and walks in front of her*"You're clear. No dragon sickness."

Kobayashi:"Dragon sickness?"

Tohru:"It's something that smaug can smell out."

Kobayashi:"What is it."

Smaug:"It's large amount of greed. And you're clear of it."

Kobayashi:"What would happen if I had it?"

Smaug:*Licks his lips*"I would eat you."

Kobayashi:*Yelling*"You would eat me!"

Smaug:"Yeah! People with dragon sickness taste so good."*He shivers in pleasure* "I can't stop thinking about it."

Tohru:*Bonks the top of his head* "No eating miss Kobayashi."

Smaug:*Rubs his head*"I wasn't going to."

Kobayashi:*looks at the clock to see it's almost 8.*"Oh, crap, I gotta go." *walks to the door.* "All right, Tohru, use the internet to study up. appropriate hygienic practices until I get home. And watch your brother."

Tohru:"The inter-what?" *Smaug's confused as well.*

Kobayashi:"Oh, right, dragon."

The camera switches to show a computer screen. In the search bar is type in "Hygiene practices" and enter is hit and a bunch of articles come up.


The camera switches to show kobayashi in a chair at the computer with Tohru on the left and Smaug on the right.

Kobayashi:"You look it up like this."*She looks to Tohru.*

Tohru:"I understand." *Smaug pokes the screen.*

The camera switches to Kobayashi leaving and Tohru next to her.

Kobayashi:"I'll see you guys later, then." *She opens the door and leaves.*

Tohru:"Safe travels."*Tohru waves bye to kobayashi.*

Tohru turns around to see smaug standing there.

Smaug:"Why are you with a human?"

Tohru:"Oh she saved me by pulling a holy sword out of my back." *She smiles big.*

Smaug:*Points to the door where Kobayashi left from. And he has a confused face.* "Her. A regular human?" *Tohru nods* "Pulled a holy sword made by the gods?" *Tohru nods again.* "From your back?"

Tohru:"Yes and she said I can live her with her." *Puts her hands on her face.* "Oh I love her so much."

Smaug:"You're weird."

Tohru:"Ok, now the Internet!"

Tohru goes back to the computer and smaug goes and lays on the floor near the TV and sleeps. Tohru scrolls down and clicks on an article. It shows a child eating some food. Then she goes to another article.

Tohru:"Hmm, I still don't quite follow this." *The she goes to the phone to call some people.*

Tohru:*The phone rings*"I can just ask fafnir to help me out again." *then someone picks up.*

Fafnir:*On the phone.*"Kill them a-" *Tohru hands up the phone.*

Tohru:"Maybe not fafnir."*She dials someone else.* "Quetzalcoatl is knowledgeable, so I'll try asking her."*then someone picks up.* "Lucoa! Hey!"

Lucoa:*On the phone.*"Tohru? It's been, like, forever."

Tohru:"So blah-blah-blah and yadda-yadda?"

Lucoa:*On the phone.*"Mm-hmm... Yeah... This doesn't sound like a problem of clean or dirty."


Lucoa:*On the phone.*"Well, you remember Nidhogg, don't you?"

Tohru:"The one who gnawed on that tree's roots?"

Lucoa:*On the phone.*"The world's tree, yes. No matter how much Nidhogg's poisonous fangs pollute Yggdrasill, the goddesses purify it, so the tree stays clean. However..."


Lucoa:*On the phone.* "What do you figure happens to the spots he gnaws?"

Tohru:"Ah... As I recall, he leaves energy behind. Something like a curse?"

Lucoa:*on the phone.*"Yep, that's it. This Miss Kobayashi you speak of is worried about that."

Tohru:"Of course! Thank you very much!"

Lucoa:*on the phone.*"Tohru. Are you enjoying living amongst the humans?"

Tohru:*gasps*"I am!"

Lucoa:*On the phone.* "Oh, before you go. Have you seen your brother at all? I need to talk to him."

Tohru:*Looks to smaug who is sleeping.*"I haven't sorry."

Lucoa:*On the phone.*"Oh well, If you do can you let me know?"

Tohru:"Of course." *She hangs up the phone and goes back to the balcony.*

Tohru:*looks to the sky.*"At this rate, Miss Kobayashi's laundry is never going to get dry." *She takes off her clothes and goes back to her maid outfit.*"Oh, I know." *jumps on the roof of the apartment.*

Tohru changes to her dragon form. She forms magin into her mouth then shoots it into the sky to clear all the clouds.

The camera switches to show the apartment building. Now it's night time. It switches views to show Tohru folding laundry and Smaug sitting on the floor in front of the glass door looking outside. Tohru starts to snife Kobayashi's laundry.

Tohru:*Kobayashi is standing near by with a horrified face.*"Surely there's nothing wrong with inhaling the scent?"

Now the camera shows everyone sitting on the floor. Smaug is holding his bag.

Kobayashi:*points to the bag.*"What's in that bag smaug."

Smaug stands up.

Smaug:"Only the best thing ever." *Tips it upside down and gold starts to flow out of it till the phile its the ceiling.*

Kobayashi:*Yelling*"Thats a lot of gold!"

Smaug:*Looks at the pile confused*"No it's not. This is barely anything."

Kobayashi:"What do you mean!"

Tohru:*Thinks*"From what I heard He did take over a dwarven kingdom in a moutai about 30 years ago."

Kobayashi:"By take over you mean..."

Smaug:"Destroy the town and eat most of its people then yes."


Smaug:*Hugs his sides and as a face of pleasure*"There king had dragon sickness and it was so strong."*He has a dumb smile and is drooling.* "He was so good."

Now the camera switches views to show Kobayashi getting ready for bed.

Kobayashi:"I don't imagine you need sleep?"

Tohru:"Nope. But I wanna sleep with you, So I think I'm gonna go to bed anyway!"

Kobayashi:"Whatever, do what you want."

Tohru:"I have a feeling you don't mean that!"

Kobayashi turn the light off.

Kobayashi:"Well, Nighty-night."

Tohru:"Yes, good night."

The camera switches views to show smaug sleeping in the pile of gold in the living room. He is dreaming. It shows him in dragon form fighting a female women. She is holding some sword. And she stabs him in the under belly on the right side. He rawrs in pain. He then wakes up to see it's day time. He them puts a hand on his left side.

The camera then goes black.


(There first episode done. I hope you like it.
(Also the story does get better farther in.)
Miss kobayashi's dragon maid is owned by coolkyousinnjya. I only own smaug.)