Third Dragon Kanna! Part 2
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The camera opens up to Kobayashi is tossing chocolate to Kanna. Smaug is counting his gold coins.

Smaug:"Ha, Kanna you're like a dog." *Then Kobayashi holds up a gold coin and Smaug looks at it.*

Kobayashi moves the coin around and Smaug's eyes and head follows it.

Kobayashi:*Flicks the coin past smaug and he jumps and catches it.*"There."

Kobayashi:'How to tame your dragons.'

A little while later Smaug is laying on the ground starting to fall asleep.

Kanna:"I want to play!"

Kobayashi:"But the game?"

Kanna:"Yeah, I'm bored with that."

Tohru:"Remember, Kanna's still a child. She craves physical exercise to the fullest!"

Kobayashi:"What's wrong with video games? When I was a kid, that's how I spent all of my time."

Smaug:"I spent my childhood learning how to fight and kill."

Kobayashi gives him a 'WTF' kind of face.

Tohru:"Kanna, would you like to go play outside with me today?"

Kanna:"Mm! Yeah! Care to join, Miss Kobayashi? Yes! Please join us!"

Kobayashi:"I don't exercise."

Smaug:"We can tell."

Kobayashi:*Angry.*"What does that mean!" *Smaug shrugs his shoulders.*

Smaug:"I'm too lazy to fly. Tohru carry me." *He puts his hands up in the air and makes grabbing motions.*

Tohru:"Fine. But you owe me."

Smaug:"I have an entire mountain full of gold."

The camera closes and reopens to.. the middle of nowhere.

Kobayashi:"And we're....Where?"

Tohru:"I dunno. I landed in the first big field I saw that looked pleasant."

Smaug lays down with his bag of gold. Kobayashi also lays down.

Kobayashi:"Well, whatever works. I'll be here sleeping off the fatigue from my deathma." *Checks phone and sees there is no reception.*  "Wake me up when we're finished playing. Then, figure out how to get us home." 

Tohru:"All right, if that's what you want. You ready to play even if it's just the two of us?"


Smaug:"Don't be too loud."

Tohru sticks her tongue out at him. Smaug lays down and falls asleep. He dreams of the day he took Erebor.  A little while later he wakes up and looks around to see everyone also laying down. Kanna is holding onto his arm like a teddy bear. He smiles and gives her head a kiss and lays back down and closes his eyes.

The camera closes and reopens back at the apartment. Kobayashi is getting ready to go to work and Tohru, Kanna, and smaug are behind her.

Kanna:"Where are you going, Kobayashi?"

Kobayashi:"Hmm? To work."

Smaug:"Take over a kingdom and all it's gold and you wouldn't have too."

Kobayashi:"Well sorry there are no kingdoms to take over here. So I have to work."

Kanna:"I wanna go with you."

Tohru:"Kanna, you have things to do with me today, remember?"

Kobayashi:"Things like what?"

Tohru:"Kanna hasn't been in this world for very long. I thought it would be good for me to teach her some basics."

Kobayashi:"Yeah you thought that?"

Smaug:"Like you have to pay for everything her. It sucks."

Kanna:*Hugs Kobayashi tightly.* "No way! I want Kobayashi!"

Kobayashi:"This came out of nowhere."

Smaug:"Now she likes you. you'll never be able to get her to leave. I had to deal with this kind of thing for a hundred years when I met her."

Kobayashi:"You mean this is going to happen for the rest of my life!" 


Tohru:"If you keep being selfish, I'll break you." *Kanna lets go and Kobayashi leaves.*

Kobayashi:"I'm off!"

Tohru:"Safe travels!"

Tohru:*Turns to Kanna.* "Now then. It's time for you to learn common sense for this world."

Kanna:"What kind of common sense?"

Tohru:"To start with, you need to learn what you must not do."


After Tohru's learning session Smaug is sitting on a pile of gold with Kanna sitting in front of him. Tohru is in the kitchen cooking something.

Smaug:"You must not eat humans."

Kanna:*Nods her head.*"Mm!"

Smaug:"Everything must be paid."

Kanna:*Nods her head.*

Smaug:"Is there anything you'd like to learn about?"

Kanna:*Stands up.* "I'd like to see Kobayashi's work."

Smaug:"Uh. She might get mad at you."

Kanna:"So what? I wanna see."*Gives him puppy eyes.*

Smaug:"Fine. Tohru! Kanna want to go to Kobayashi's work. Can you go with her?"


Smaug lays down in the pile and watches them leave. Then turns to look at the ceiling and grabs his left side. Then closes his eyes.  

The camera closes and reopens to Kobayashi and the three dragons at the park. They are looking at a Seesaw. 

The dragons look to Kobayashi. 

Tohru:"It's not practice for catapults?"

Kobayashi:"It's not. Just a toy kids play on." *The dragons turn back to it.*

Tohru:"How bout that." 

Then Kanna and Tohru start launching each other into the sky.

Kanna:"Wow this is fun."


Tohru lands and launches Kanna to the sky.

Tohru:"This toy is great!"

Smaug:"I wanna try!"

Kobayashi:"Glad it makes you happy."

The camera pans to the view of the park then turns black.


(Sorry it's so short.)