Summer’s Staples!
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The camera opens up to everyone at the beach. Smaug is wearing a plain red shirt with gold swim trunks. All of the dragons tails. But Tohru and Smaug still have their horns out.

Tohru:"Oh, so this is the beach of this world! With all these people here, It's tempting to just moew them all down at once, isn't it, Miss Kobayashi?"

Kobayashi:"Don't do it."

Smaug is drooling. 

Kanna:"The ocean here's salty?"

Kobayashi:"It is."

Kanna:"That's the same, then."

Smaug:"Yeah, just don't drink the water. It tastes bad."

Lucoa:"The best thing about swimsuits is that you can boldly show off more flesh." *The camera show Lucoa wearing a revealing swimsuit and shouta is next to her blushing.*

Smaug:*Whispers*"One of the ladies at the club was wearing one exactly like that."

Kobayashi:"No, that's out."

Lucao:"Really?" *She turns to Shauta.* "What do you think, Shouta?" *He covers his eyes. Then runs over to Kobayashi.*

Shouta:"This is reassuring."

Kobayashi:"That doesn't make me happy to hear at all." 

Lifeguard:*Walks up to Lucoa* "Excuse me, ma'am."


Lifeguard:*Covers Lucoa up with a towel.* "Could you come with me? Your swimsuit is too skimpy." *She drags Lucoa off somewhere.* 

Lucoa:"Huh? Um. Hey!"

Kobayashi:"Well, that's to be expected."


Tohru is putting up a umbrella. Kobayashi and SHouta are sitting under it. Smaug is standing next to Kanna.

Lucoa:"I'm finally back."

Kobayashi:"You brought a spare swimsuit?"

Lucoa:"It's my scales."

Kobayashi looks to the other dragons.

Kobayashi:"Oh, that works for your swimsuits, too?"

Tohru:"Yes, we looked them up on the internet! Nice, aren't they?"

Kanna:"I want to play now."


Tohru:"Right, let's go play! Miss Kobayashi, what will you do?"

Kobayashi:"Hmm, nothing much."

Tohru:"What's the matter, Miss Kobayashi? You haven't been very excited all day."

Kobayashi:"To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the beach."


Lucoa:"That's too honest."

Smaug:"That's Kobayashi."

Kobayashi:"Well, it's hot, you get sunburned, and sand is annoying."

Shouta:"Same for me. I prefer the indoors."

Tohru:"Then why did you come with us today?"

Kobayashi:"Well...Because I don't have much else to do this summer. My manager asked me to look after Shouta, too, So I figured going with everyone would be better."

Tohru:"Oh, I know what's going on here! That tsundere thing, right?!"

Smaug:"From anime?"

Kobayashi:"Completely different."

Kanna:"I want to play now."

Tohru:"Oh, right. Then, uh..." *She looks around then sees a couple putting sunscreen on.* "First, let's put sunscreen! What an inferior species, having skin that gets damaged if you don't coat yourselves in such a thing." *she crouches next to Kobayashi.* "Now, here I go, Miss Kobayashi!"

Kobayashi:"Do anything weird and you're fired."


Smaug then looks down to his shirt.

Smaug:"I don't need this." *A red light envelopes him and his shirt disappears.*

Smaug has a fight body with a six pack. He also has a scar on his left side.

Lucoa:"How did you get your scar again, Smaug?"

Smaug then crosses his arms and mumbles something about a spider and her taking something.  Some of the single women on the beach stare at Smaug's fit body. Smaug then goes over to Kanna and they watch a crab. Kanna eats it. 

Kanna:"I want to play now."

Little later.

Tohru is holding up a watermelon and a stick.

Tohru:"Next is watermelon splitting."

Kanna/Smaug"I'm in."

After Kanna went it was Smaug's turn.

Tohru:"Okay go left, now straight, a little right... annnnd stop." *Smaug raises the stick and Smashes the watermelon. He lifts up his bandana and looks to see he is in a small hole now.*

Tohru:"Wow you did it."

Smaug:"Did you doubt me?"

Tohru:"No, I doubted your capability to listen to instructions."

Smaug growls. 

Little later.

Kanna:*Raises hands* "I want to swim!"

Tohru:"Sure, let's go!"

Smaug:*Raises a fist in the air.* "Yeah!"

Kobayashi:"Don't go too far out."

Tohru:"Why not?"

Kobayashi:"It's dangerous."

Tohru:"Oh, you're right. He is scary, that Leviathan. That one time I was nearly killed really was a disaster."

Kobayashi:"What did you do?"

Tohru:"I saw him from behind and mistook him for Rahab when calling out to him."

Smaug:"Yeah he's a jerk. You take a couple hundred fish from his territory and eat most of his food from his den and he chases you around the ocean, like what a jerk."

Kobayashi:"Well, no, it's because no one can help you if you start to drown."

Tohru:"Oh yeah, you humans can't breath under water, can you? What an inferior species."

Kobayashi:"You can, Tohru?" 

Tohru:*The three dragons start to do the same stretch.* "I can. Swimming to my heart's content feels really good."

Kanna then points to a raft.

Kanna:"Lady Tohru, Lord Smaug, let's race to there."

Tohru:"You're on."

Smaug:"I will win, Because a king shouldn't lose."

Tohru:"Miss Kobayashi, please give us the signal!"

Kobayashi:"Sure." *The three get ready to run.* "on your marks, ready, Go!"

All three dragons jump into the water and swim at blazing speeds. Tohru reaches there first and creates a big wave when she hit the raft.


Kobayashi:*Tick mark in her head.* "You went overboard." 

Dragons:*Bow* "I'm sorry."

Kobayashi:"Well, I guess it's time for lunch."


Later everyone ate at a restaurant and now there leaving.

Everyone:"Thanks for the meal!"

Kanns:"What's next?"

Tohru:"Well... Miss Kobayashi...?"

Tohru notices Kobayashi looking at something. 

Tohru:"What's wrong, Miss Kobayashi?"

Kobayashi:"Nothing, I just noticed that old man hasn't changed much since back then."

Tohru:"Back then?"

Kobayashi:"Yeah. When I was still a kid, I came here with my family."

Smaug then remembers his dad.

Dad:"Eat them! Eat them! Eat them!"

Kobayashi:"What's the matter?"



Smaug then goes over to Kanna and he puts her on his shoulders and they run around the beach.

Kanna:*Puts hands up in the air.* "Weeeee."

Little later Smaug is grabbing a wet ball of sand and throws it at Tohru and it hits her. He starts to laughs. He is then punch by Tohru and sent flying into the ocean a ways away. The camera shows him sinking to the bottom with his arms crossed and then a big shadow comes from behind him. He turns around to see a humpback whale with its mouth open. He tries to swim away but get swallowed. The camera moves to it's stomach and only thing you can see are Smaug's golden eyes.

Smaug:"Not again." 

The camera closes.

Later everyone is on Tohru's head, she is in dragon form, swimming out to the middle of the ocean. Then she stops and just flots. The Kobayashi is fishing from Tohru's neck. Everyone is on her back. Smaug has his eyes closed and laying on his back. Then he feels someone pook him and he opens his eyes to see Kanna.


Kanna:"I want to run."

Smaug:*Sits up.* "Fine." 

Smaug jumps a little ways from Tohru and turns into his dragon form and spread his wings out and floats next to Tohru. Kanna jumps on his back and runs around it with a ball. Smaug closes his eyes and smiles. He falls asleep.


Dad:"Take over that castle and Kill and eat all the humans! Do Not return till you do!"

Dream end.

Smaug wakes up and sees the sun setting and it shining on the water.



Dragons:"Dragon fireworks?"

Kobayashi:"Yeah. I won them in a lottery at the shopping district.

The dragons look at the package in amazement.  Now everyone is on the roof and Kobayashi lights the firework. It lights and goes off. It's a sprinkler and it goes for a few seconds. When it goes out the dragons are confused. 

Kanna:"That's it?"


Tohru:"A real dragon is way better than that!" *Tohru then breathes in air and breath fire straight up in the sky.*

It can be seen for miles. Smaug has a stick with a marshmallow on it and he cooks it with Tohru's fire.


Smaug watches Tohru and Kobayashi leave for some convention thing. Smaug really didn't care. Smaug just lays on the couch on his back and closes his eyes. Then he feels something on his chest. He opens his eyes to see Kanna's eyes.

Kanna:"I want to play."

Smaug:"And I want to sleep." *He closes his eyes.* 

A little while later he feels and electric shock. He opens his eyes again to see Kanna's eyes.

Kanna:"I want to play."

Smaug:*Rolls over.* "I want to sleep."

The he feels something land on him. He opens his eyes again to see Kanna on top of him.



He pulls out a laser pointer and points it around the room and Kanna chases it.

Later Smaug is hiding inside his gold pile reading a book.

Smaug:"Fafnir made a good book."

Smaug then flips the page.

Smaug:"Oh that's how you do it. I've been doing it so wrong."

Then someone kicks his gold pile lightly. He peeks his head out to find Tohru. She is smiling. 

Smaug:"Hey Tohru, how did it go?"

Tohru:"It went great!" *She goes on to tell him how it went.*

Smaug:"Wow, I need to go next time."

Tohru:"Yes! Then we both can show off."

They both then start to laugh. The camera pans to a view of the apartment then goes black.



(There another chapter done. Also If you like this book give my others a try. I recommend my Metal Gear Solid 3 book. It's my favorite.)