Troupe Dragon, On Stage!
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The camera opens up to the Tohru, Smaug and Kanna at the shopping district. It's almost christmas and christmas decorations are everywhere.


Tohru:"Christmas huh, It pains me to celebrate the birth of that guy's son, but it does sound like a fun event."

Smaug:"I heard that there's this dinner and It's called christmas dinner. I can't wait for it!"

Man:"Oh, Tohru! Smaug!"



The man has bandaged foot.

Tohru:"Huh? Are you hurt?"

Man:"I am. I was practicing for the nearby old folk home's Christmas Eve show, but I hurt my leg badly."

Kanna's face is press up against the meat display glass.


Tohru:"How frail."

Man:*Snaps*"Right! Could you two put on a show in my stead?"


Man:"I feel bad since the folks in the home were looking forward to it."

Tohru:"You want us to? Is that all right?"

Man:"Of course! You're the pride of our shopping district."

Tohru:"All right! Leave it to me."

Smaug:"Ah, man."

Later that night.

Tohru:"So that's how things turned out."

Everyone is gathered around Kobayashi, who just got home from work.

Kobayashi:"Are you sure?"

Tohru:"Of course!"

Kobayashi:"I'd like to help out too, but right now I've got work..." *Kanna pokes her face.*

Tohru:"Just leave it to me...."

Smaug:"Oh, no."

Tohru:"...and focus on your work, Miss Kobayashi."

Kobayashi:*Kanna is still poking her face.* "If you say so."

Tohru:*Laughs* "Now's the time to call for help from my reliable friends."


Tohru:"Everyone, let's do our best!"



Elma:"Hey, wait!"*Fafnir is just standing next to her.*

Tohru:"What is it?"

The camera shows everyone in the living room. Smaug is sleeping on the couch with his face in a pillow.

Elma:"I was told I could eat my fill of candy if I came here. I even made time in my schedule during this busy time of year!"

Tohru:"I've heard from Miss Kobayashi, Elma, that you're still useless at work. And that they announced you wouldn't be useful in this busy period."

Elma:*gasps.* "B-But I can touch type now! And I can't afford to interfere with this world...."

Tohru:"You're already interfering plenty."

Smaug's tail hits the back of Elmas head. She growls at him.

Saikawa:"Umm, where's Kanna's mom?"

Tohru:"Unlike Elma, Miss Kobayashi's busy. So let's do this on our own."

Lucoa:"You heard her."

Fafnir:"Boring. I heard something important was going on, but we're just putting on a show for humans?"

Lucoa:"Well, why not? Let's watch over her."


Everyone is gathered around a table. Tohru has a notebook out. Smaug is sitting on the ground with Kanna in his lap.

Tohru:"What are we doing for this show?"

Lucoa:"It needs to be something the elderly will enjoy."

Tohru:"Does anyone have any ideas?"

Elma:*Drooling* "How about an eating contest?"

Smaug:"I like that."

Lucoa:"You two just want to eat."

Kanna:"A race."

Lucoa:"They might die."

Fanir:*He's wearing a VR headset.* "We could play a VR FPS, FFA.

Lucoa:"I'm sorry, could you speak Japanese?"

Tohru:"All of these ideas require the audience to participate, don't they?" *She sighs*

Elma:*Slams the table.*"You haven't proposed anything yourself."

Tohru:*Looks to Smaug, Saikawa, Shouta.* "Do either of you have any ideas?"

Shouta:"I'm okay with anything."

Smaug puts his hand on his chin and thinks.

Saikawa:"Then how about a play?"

Elma:"A play? You mean that thing where humans act on a stone stage?"

Saikawa:"Stone stage?"

Tohru:"A play sounds great! Let's do that."

Elma:"But what play would we even put on?"

Smaug:"We can do all of my Adventures."

Lucoa:"You just want your ego stroked."

Smaug looks at her for a few seconds.

Smaug:".... You can't prove that."

Saikawa:"Since it's Christmas, why not 'The Little Match Girl?'"

Tohru:"What's that story about?"

Saikawa:"On a cold, cold winter night, a poor little girl is selling matchsticks. None of the people passing her will buy any from her. So in order to warm her chilled body, she lights one of her matches. Then, in the flame, she sees a warm stove and lots of delicious food. She lights match after match, and eventually her beloved dead grandmother appears. So the little girl continues lighting her matches to keep her grandmother from disappearing, and the grandmother gently hugs the little girl. Then the little girl ascends to heaven, embraced in her grandmother's warmth. It's a bit of a sad story." *Wipes a few tears from her eyes.*

Shouta:"It's famous."

Tohru:"I see. So what happened to the little girl after she ascends to heaven."

Elma:"You idiot. That means she died."

Tohru:"Oh. So she strangled her own granddaughter."

Elma:"That's not it either!"

Smaug:"So she died from the cold? I'm never really cold. I produce my own heat, so I'm always warm."

Kanna:*Hugs Smaug.* "Like a warm teddy bear." *Then Kanna turns to Saikawa and grabs her hand.* "Saikawa, you know so much. I'm amazed." *Saikawa blushes.*

Saikawa:"Well, yeah."

Tohru:"Then let's go ahead with The Little Match Girl.

Everyone minus Elma and Fafnir:"Yeah!"

Elma:"Will we be all right?"


Fafnir is sitting on a chair with a spot light above him.

Fafnir:"I'm the director, Fafnir. Since I'll be directing I won't allow half-baked acting. I'm the absolute authority here."

The camera shows everyone minus Smaug who is on the couch sleeping again, Are standing in front of Fafnir.

Fafnir:"I won't accept objections." *He glares at them scaring Saikawa and Shouta.*

Tohru:"To be blunt, you're only director by elimination, because you can't act."

Lucoa:"It was a good compromise."

Fafnir:"First we need to decide on our lead actor. Each of you try acting out 'The Little Match Girl.'"

Everyone tries out for the part and no one got the part. Smaug is still sleeping.

Fafnir:"None of you are any good."

Tohru:"We don't really understand your directing policy to begin with."

Elma:"Also why didn't Smaug act for a part?"

Fafnir:"We made a deal."

Tohru:"What kind of deal."

Fafnir:"He would by me any games I want for a month."

Elma:"That lazy piece of..."

Lucoa:*Raises her hand.* "Me, me."

Tohru:"What is it?"

Lucoa:"Let me be the director. Shouta can be the lead."


Elma:"What are you saying? Shouta's a boy."

Lucoa:"Well, leave that to me."

Later. Smaug as awoken and is drinking tea at the dinner table.

Lucoa:"Shouta, come here."

He steps out of the bed room wearing a dress. Smaug spits out his drink and starts to laugh hard. He falls out of his chair.

Tohru:"He looks just like a girl."


Tohru:"He passes."

Saikawa:"Well, he's not as cute as Kanna."

Smaug:*Pounding the floor and kicking his feet into the air launching.* "This is the funniest thing ever."


Everyone munis Smaug:"Wha?"

Shouta:*Yelling.* "What are you all planning to achieve by embarrassing me?!" *He runs away.*


Tohru:"Well, that was to be expected."

Lucoa:"I guess I have to go with the next best thing."

Suddenly smaug feels his tail being grabbed and he looks back to she Lucoa holding his tail and smiling.

Lucoa:"Come on Smaug, it's your turn."

Smaug:*His face turn to one of horor.* "I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to laugh at him."

Lucoa starts to drag him to the bed room and Smaug leaves claw marks on the floor.

Smaug:*Yelling.* "Help me! Help me!"

Lucoa:"It'll be fine."

Smaug:*Looks to Tohru.* "Help me!"

Tohru just gives him an evil smile. His face turns more scared.


He's dragged into the room and the door slams shut. A few minutes later Lucoa walks out of the room dragging Smaug by his hand. Smaug is wearing the same dress that Shouta was.

Lucoa:*Displays Smaug.* "Tada."

Everyone is Silent for a few seconds and then start to laugh. Smaug's face turns red and he runs away too.

Smaug:"We do bad things happen to good dragons."

Later Smaug is in a corner of the living room curled into a ball. With a depressed aura around him.  Everyone else is in the living room. Shouta is hiding under the table and Lucoa is trying to cheer him up.

Lucoa:"Cheer up."

Tohru:"What should we do?"

Elma:"I'll be the director. I'll be better than those two at least."

Tohru:"Right. Also, what to do about our lead." *Both of them look at Kanna who has her eyes closed with her head on the table.*


Kanna is dressed up in the Little Match girl dress.

Kanna:"Matches. Matches. Buy some matches."

Sitawaka is blushing again.

Elma/Tohru:"Yeah, this it it."

Later that night Kobayashi returns home.

Kobayashi:"I'm home."

Kanna:"Matches. Do you need any matches?"

The camera shows Kanna handing a box matches to Kobayashi. Tohru's in the kitchen and Smaug is hiding inside of his gold pile in the living room. There is a depressed aura around the gold.

Kobayashi:*Grabs the box of matches and looks to Tohru.* "What's going on here?"

Tohru:"We decided to perform 'The Little Match Girl' for the show. Kanna was chosen to be our lead."

Kobayashi:"Oh, I see." *Crouches down to Kanna.* "That's incredible, Kanna." *Rubs her head.*

Kanna:"Yeah, I'll work hard."

Kobayashi:"I'll be sure to come watch." *Looks to Tohru.* "Think you can handle it?"

Tohru:"Of course! We'll get through it easily."


Kanna:*Practices.* "Do you need any matches?"

Kobayashi notices the depressed aura around the gold pile.

Kobayashi:"What happened to Smaug?"

Tohru:*Chuckles* "He had to wear a dress."

Kobayashi:"Okay?" *Walks over to the gold pile.* "Smaug." *Smaug groans.* "Are you okay?"

Suddenly a beer can pops out of the gold pile and Kobayashi picks it up. Then she moves a bunch of coins to reveal a bunch of empty beer cans and a drunk Smaug wearing a maid outfit.

Smaug:*Drunk* "I f-feel fine."

Kobayashi just slowly covers his back up with coins.

Kobayashi:"Well, I'm going to go take a bath."


Then the camera zooms into the gold pile and we see Smaug playing with two empty cans.

Smaug drunkenly mimicking Lucoa's voice with one can: "I'm sorry Smaug, I didn't mean to embarrass you."

Smaug drunkenly mimicking Tohru's voice with the other can:"Yeah, and we didn't mean to laugh at you."

Smaug: *Drunk* "Well, you made me feel bad." *Hiccups.*

He looks to the Lucoa can.

Smaug:*Drunk*"If she were her she would kick your butt and she might have bigger breasts than you, So ha. And Also she sometimes scares me." *He looks at the can* "Don't tell her I said that." *He then throws the can to his feet.* "Where that um... fullish can at."


Tohru, Kanna and Smaug are at the dinner table eating candy. Kanna is looking around.

Kanna:"Lady Tohru. Is there a chimney in this house?"

Tohru:"Chimney? No, there isn't."

Then Kanna stands up and goes over to the living room and points to the ceiling.

Kanna:"Saikawa said Santa visits by coming down the chimneys."

Tohru:"Oh, you mean that old man who's covered in blood?"

Smaug:*Whispers* "No one is stealing my blood again."

Kanna:"Will Santa be able to come if we don't have a chimney?"

Tohru:"Hmm, alright."


Kanna and Smaug are laying in bed next to a chimney fire that Tohru built in.


Everyone is at a stone stage and Elma is directing. It's next to a park so people are watching them. Smaug is sitting on the ground behind her watching. He is drinking some hot Chocolate.

(I really want some hot chocolate now.)

Elma:"What are you doing?! No, no! How many times do I have to tell you? Hey, you, where are you going? *Points to Tohru.* "Tohru! Why would a passerby use Miss Kobayashi as reason to refuse her?!"

Tohru:*Angry* "Why would I be in a hurry if not for Miss Kobayashi?"

Elma:"I don't know. *Points to Lucoa. Who is wearing her skimpy swimsuit.* "Lady Lucoa! The grandmother wouldn't try to warm the girl up naked."

Lucoa:"But it's warmer this way."

Elma:*Points to Fafnir.* "Sir Fafnir, you're out of the question! A father would never call his daughter a 'mere human'?"


Elma:*Then points to Smaug behind her.* "Smaug! Where's my hot chocolate."

Smaug:*Gets up and runs away.* "I'll get it!"

Elma:*Sits down in a director chair.* "Why can't you all stick to the script?"

Tohru:"Speaking of, this story doesn't have enough depth. Are you sure we won't bore the elderly with this?"

Elma:"Now that you mention it, that's true..."

Fafnir:"Then why don't we try changing it up!"

Elma:"What are you suggesting we do?"

Tohru:"Well.... Let's make the story more fun."

Lucoa:*Raises her hand making her breasts bounce.* "I agree!"

Tohru:"Why don't we try mixing in other myths too, like the kasajizou? Have it selling hats next to the girl."

Elma:"What a mean man."

Tohru:"Why not?"

Fafnir:"The main character should be a magical girl. She can obtain the power to burn this corrupt world to ash."

Elma:"Now there's nothing from the original left."

Lucoa:"Oh, 47 Ronin is popular with the elderly, too."

Fafnir:"The one about humans and their quest for revenge, right? Sounds interesting."

Kanna:"Are there any dragons?"

Lucoa:"We might as well have some while we're at it, right?"

Elma:"Where is Smaug with my hot chocolate?"

The camera zooms over to Smaug who looks lost.

Smaug:"Man, I'm so lost." *He looks around.* "I don't recognize any of this." *He then comes across a familiar building and he blushes.*

The camera moves to show the building. It's the strip club Smaug went in one time. The a lady peeks her head out the door.

Lady:"Smaugy you came back for us." *She then grabs Smaug and drags him inside.* "Ladies, look who came back." *The camera doesn't follow and stays outside.*


Smaug:"Oh no."

Later that night Kobayashi is coming home from work.

Kobayashi:"Ah, I'm beat."

She then notices a bunch of neon signs around the chimney.

Kobayashi:"What's this?"

She then hears footsteps and she looks over to see Smaug. He has a big blush on his face with multiple red lipstick marks on his face. A balck bra and a pair of pantys are on his head. He just walks past her and inside the apartment.

Kobayashi:"What was that?"


Everyone is at the old folks place getting ready for the play. Smaug is sitting in the back with a big bucket of popcorn. The play starts and they watch. It goes surprisingly well. The old people like it. Smaug is crying at the end.

Smaug:"That was so beautiful."


Everyone is leaving and they notice Kobayashi and Takiya. Kanna and Tohru runs up to Kobayashi.

Kanna:"Kobayashi!" *Kanna hugs Kobayashi.*

Tohru:"How was our play?"

Everyone else walks up.

Kobayashi:"well... It was good. You worked hard all on your own." *She pats Tohru's head.* "Nice work."

Smaug:*Walks up too.* "I want headpats too."

Tohru:"But you didn't do anything."

Smaug:*Looks down.* "I know." *Then he feels someone head pat him and he looks up to she Kobayashi, head patting him. He smiles. His tails starts to slightly wag.*

Takiya:"Well, care to go out for an after party now?"

Elma:"Let's! I just received a cake in appreciation, too."

Lucoa:"Elma, you're just hungry."

Elma:"Th-That's not true!"*Her stomach growls loudly.*

Everyone laughs.

Later everyone is at Kobayashi's celebrating. They all put their cups together.


A bunch of food is on the dinner table. Everyone is having a good time. Smaug is drinking again and he is in a maid outfit and talking to his empty beer cans again.


Kobayashi wakes up. Tohru is in the kitchen cleaning. Smaug is under the dinner table passed out face down in his maid outfit.

Kobayashi:*Looks around.* "Huh? Where's everyone else?"

Tohru:"They just left to head home. Apparently they're each having their own parties at home."

Kobayashi:"And Kanna?"

Tohru:"She escorted Ms. Saikawa home."


Tohru:"Would you like a bath? Or would you like to go to bed as is today?"

Kobayashi:"Well, since it is Christmas..."

Kobayashi and Tohru go for an evening flight.

Smaug wakes up and stands up and holds his head. He looks around.

Smaug:"Where is everyone?"

He looks down to his outfit.


He then looks outside and notices it's snowing. He goes over and opens the class door and walks outside.

Smaug:*Smiles.* "Happy Christmas everyone!"


Smaug and Kanna are in bed sleeping next to the chimney and Kobayashi quietly comes in and she's holding two presents. She steps on a board and it makes a creaking sound which wakes Kanna up. She looks around and she then checks her stocking then goes back to bed. Kobayashi is hiding on the side of the bead. Kanna stays up waiting for Santa to come. Hours later. Kanna is still up and Kobayashi is still hiding.

The camera pans to a view of the snowy night sky then turns black.