Emperor of Demise Arrives!
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(Dragon Maid S is fully published on my Wattpad profile. SO if you want to read it now go there.)

(Final Episode! I hope you guys are ready. Also there will be a message at the end of this episode for you guys. Also If you want I can answer some questions you have about Smaug.)

The camera opens up to everyone at the dinner table eating.

Kanna:"Today I promised to play with Saikawa in the park."

Kobayashi:"I see. Have fun."


Tohru:"Do you have any plans for today, Miss Kobayashi?"

Kobayashi:*Thinks for a second.* "I guess I'd like to spend my day off relaxing at home for once."


Smaug:"Bonding time!"

Tohru:"I'll give it my utmost best as your maid to ensure you can relax."

Kanna starts to play with her food.

Kobayashi:"Well, just leaving me alone is fine."

Later. Kanna is leaving.


She looks up to see Smaug and Tohru waving.

Tohru:"Take care."

Smaug:"Have fun."

Kanna:*Puts a fist up.* "Yeah."

Smaug goes back inside and sits at the kotatsu. Tohru looks up to the sky.

Tohru:"I hope the sun comes out today."


Smaug and Kobayashi are at the kotatsu watching TV. Tohru comes over with two cups of tea.

Tohru:*Sets a cup down.* "Here you go, Miss Kobayashi." *Sets another cup down.* "Here you go, Smaug."

Kobayashi:"Yeah, thanks."

Smaug:"Thank you."

Kobayashi drinks here.

Tohru:"How is it?"

Kobayashi:"Oh, it's good."

Tohru:"I've been trying to change the temperature and such, depending on how you're feeling."

Kobayashi:"you dragons are amazing."

Tohru:"It's not because I'm a dragon. It's because I'm me."

Smaug: *His tail is mimicking a number 1.* "Dragons are number 1."

Tohru:*Looks to the clock.* "Well, I should go shopping soon." *Looks to Smaug.* "Let's go Smaug."

Smaug drinks the rest of his tea and stands up.


They both get ready to leave.

Tohru:"What should I make for tonight's dinner?"

Kobayashi:"Hmm... Omurice."

Tohru:"Sounds good! Let's go with that, then."

Smaug:"Mmmm." *Licks his lips.*

Kobayashi:"Make us proper ones today, please."

Tohru:"Leave it to us!"

They both start to leave.

Tohru:"We're heading out."

Smaug:"Be back soon."


later they are walking in the shopping district.

Tohru:"Omurice, omurice!"

Smaug:"Yeah. omurice."

TV:"Their lifespan is so short." *Tohru stops and her eyes widen and she looks at the TV. Smaug stops and looks to her then the TV.* "Yes. For example, the house mouse only lives for a year to a year and a half. Ah, how sad! That's not so. Every living creature has its own perception of time, and applying human standards to them is mistaken."

Time seems to stop for Smaug. He looks around and then he hears a voice. He sees himself in dragon form.

Other Smaug: "Why haven't you eaten the female human yet."

Smaug:"Who are you?"

The other Smaug laughs.

Other Smaug:"I'm you."

Smaug:"Why are you here?"

Other Smaug:"That's not important, Why haven't you eaten her yet?"

Smaug grits his teeth and doesn't answer.

Other Smaug:"Don't tell me you're doing this for Tohru and Kanna. Their weak."

Smaug:*Gets angry.* "No their not! There strong!"

Other Smaug:"Then why haven't you eaten her!"

Smaug:"Their finally happy. I want them to be happy."

Other Smaug puts his head down to Smaug's level.

Other Smaug:"Why are you worrying about them. Worry about yourself!"

Smaug:*Really angry.* "There my family even Kobayashi!"

The Other Smaug walks around him.

Other Smaug:"We don't need a family, we just need to be strong!"

Smaug:"I am strong!"

Other Smaug then points to were Smaug's scar is.

Other Smaug:"Then what is that?"

Smaug:*Grits his teeth.* "That was just me being reckless."

Other Smaug:"No it's not. It's weakness. And if you stay around them you'll become weak and if you become weak, Well....Father will never acknowledge your strength then."

Smaug:*Tears start to appear at the corners of his eyes.* "I can't leave them."

Other Smaug:*Angry*"Why not!"

Smaug:*Crying*"Because I love all of them, I love them so much."

Other Smaug them puts his claws around Smaug and his tail comes out and some wings pop out of his back.

Other Smaug:"Love is for the weak. And what will happen when the human dies or what happens with you staying here. It could cause a war."

Smaug:"I'll protect everyone then."

Other Smaug:*He smirks and the ground breaks under Smaug.* "We will see."

Smaug falls.

Smaug:'What do I do...I want everyone to be happy.'

Then Smaug snaps back to reality when he feels a presence. Smaug and Tohru are flying in the sky and they turn around. To see their Father. Tohru puts Smaug behind her.


Father:"You two understand why I'm here, yes?" *They both look down.* "You're both coming home with me. Tohru, Smaug, this isn't where you belong." *He lets his wings out and grabs them both and flies off through a portal.*


Smaug and Tohru were able to sneak back to the other world and they arrive at kobayashi's apartment in their dragons from. Tohru uses her claw to knock on the door.

Tohru:"Miss Kobayashi, It's me! Me, Tohru!"

Smaug:"I'm here too! Smaug, The King Under The Kotatsu!"

The door opens and they see kobayashi.

Tohru:"We're home, Miss Kobayashi!"


Tohru:"Oh, I can't fit inside in this form."

Both Tohru and Smaug use magic to change back into their human form. Their now both infront of Kobayashi and they smile at her.

KobayashI:*Takes a step to them.* "Why?"


Kobayashi:"I thought you two went home. To the other world."

They both look down.


Then they look back up and smile at her.

Tohru:"But we came back." *Then it is silent for a few seconds.* "This is kind of awkward."


Tohru:"We're home, Miss Kobayashi."

Kobayashi:"Yeah. Welcome home, you tw-"

Then a portal opens up in the sky and they turn to it.


Tohru puts Smaug behind her again. A strong wind appears and their Father is in the sky.

Father:"Tohru, Smaug."


Father:"Why did you two come back without permission?"

Tohru:"Because we want to be here. Please!"

Father:"No." *Smaug's and Tohru's eyes widen.* "I told you both. We're forbidden from interfering in this world. You two are coming home with me."

Then Smaug's head pops out from behind Tohru.

Smaug:*Angry* "We don't want to!"

Father:"You're still hiding behind your sister after all these years. But what you want doesn't matter. You understand. You two can't be in this world. You can't throw the world into chaos over your whims."

Tohru:"We want to be here. Because this is where we belong." *Tohru grabs Smaug's hand and holds it.*

Father:"You two would live a quiet life as a human? One day you'll both fray apart. You've sensed that, haven't you?" *Puts his hand out.* "Come back, Tohru, Smaug. Before you two get hurt."

Smaug then steps in front of Tohru.

Smaug:"We don't want too. Tohru is happy here! Her being happy makes me happy!"

Kobayashi:"umm." *Their father shoots kobayashi with some magic.*

They both turn around with widen eyes. Kobayashi falls on her butt. Her classes are broken.

Tohru:"Kobayashi!" *Kobayashi is alright and they both take a deep breath.*

Father:"Choose your words carefully." *They both turn to him in anger.* "You might be the one eliminated, depending on what you say."

Kobayashi stands up.

Father:"what is it?"

Kobayashi:"Tohru and Smaug said they don't want to go back!" *She grabs both of their hands.*


Kobayashi:"You can't interfere in this world, right? Then you can't kill me."

Father:"But I can leave you just sky od death."

Kobayashi:"That won't change how I feel!"

Father:*Looks to Smaug and Tohru.* "We must obey the rules of the world. If the dragons charged with defending order are found to be in this world, others will be influenced by that and make their way here. Things may be fine now, but eventually some will plot an invasion. What them?"

Kobayashi:"That wouldn't be Tohru's or Smaug's fault. You're just twisting this into their responsibility!"

Father:"It's a possibility."

Kobayashi:"Who cares?!"

Father:"Why are you so fixated on these two? Don't tell me you like them? I can't believe a human like you would."

Kobayashi:"Really? Tohru's a great girl and Smaug a good boy!" *They both look at her in surprise.*

Father:"I know that."

Kobayashi:*Takes a step forward.* "Tohru's bright and cheerful, and sometimes she feels down, but she hides it with a laugh, Smaug is makes everyone happy, and he cares for us more than any food or gold. And Tohru's a maid to top it off. Do you get it?" *Tohru starts to cry.* "Don't take my family away! Their mine!"

Smaug:"Yeah take that you stupid old ma-" *He feels a great pain in his stomach.*


His eyes widen and a bit of blood falls from the side of his mouth and he shakily looks down to see a hole in his stomach. He falls to his knees. He looks up to see his father's hand stretched out to him and more magic starts to form in his hand.

Father:"You overstep-"

Tohru is crying and she creates a magic spell in her hand.

Father:*Cancels his magic.* "I see. In that case, this space is too small."

He creates a portal.

Tohru looks to smaug in worry.

Smaug:*Smirks with some blood falling from his mouth.* "Go get him."

She gives him a look of determination and then smiles to Kobayashi. She goes and flies off into the portal and the portal closes. Kobayashi helps Smaug stand up.

Kobayashi:*In worry.* "Are you okay?"

Smaug:*Coughs up some blood.* "I'm fine. It'll take more than this to kill little hold me." *He smiles at her then coughs.* "But it still really hurts."

Then Kanna runs up to them. Smaug gets an idea.


Kanna is in dragon form with Smaug and Kobayashi on top. Smaug leaning on Kobayashi's back for support. They see an explosion is the distance.


They fly to it and see Tohru and Father in dragon form preparing a spell.

Kobayashi:"Wait, wait, wait."

Father and Tohru cancel their spell. Kanna lands in the middle of them.

Tohru:"Kanna? Smaug? Miss Kobayashi?"

Smaug:*stands up.* "I'm okay!" *He then falls of Kanna and hits the ground and speaks in pain.* "Less okay!"

Kobayashi:"Why are you two fighting?!

Father:"Stay out of this, Human."

Tohru:"I'm sorry, Miss Kobayashi, but could you step back for a bit?"

Kobayashi:*Rubs her head.*"Why are you dragons like this?"

Smaug:*In pain* "Were a proud species."

Kobayashi:"You'll never get anywhere of you can't compromise."

Father:"What are you getting at?"

Kobayashi:"You're being extreme! I can never understand that."

Father:"Of course. Humans could never understand us."

Smaug:"I mean we are speaking the same language."

Kobayashi:*Looks down to smaug.* "Quiet." *Looks back to father.* "Not so."


Kanna lowers her head so Kobayashi can get down.


Kobayashi:"Knowing you're different is only the start." *Walks to father.* "You grow closer or more distant, again and again, while realizing those differences. And then you start finding the aspects you like. You can even build respect."


Kobayashi:"*Stops not to far from him.* Then you can forge both trust and bonds."

Tohru changes to her human form.

Father:"Do you genuinely believe you can live alongside them?"

Kobayashi:"You're wrong! We've already been doing that for a long time. It's about whether or not you believe it can last. I believed it would. What about you? Try having faith in you children!"

Father thinks for a few seconds.

Father:*He turns around.*"I won't approve. Not something like a human who doesn't even have the lifespan to live alongside her and you'll be a bad influence on Smaug. Tohru. My foolish daughter. Smaug. My dull-witted Son." *He starts to beat his wings and starts to fly off. He goes through a portal.*

Tohru runs up to Kobayashi and tackles her into a hug.  Smaug finally get up. He slowly walks over to them.


Everyone is back at Kobayashi's apartment. Tohru is making breakfast. Smaug is under the kotatsu....again, Kobayashi walks out of her room, ready for work.

Kobayashi:"Good morning, Tohru. Good morning, Smaug."

Tohru:"Good morning, Miss Kobayashi."

Smaug:*His tail waves at her.* "Morning, Kobayashi."

Kanna walks out of her room.

Kanna:"Good morning, Lady Tohru, Lord Smaug."

Tohru:"Morning, Kanna."

Smaug:*His tail wave to her.* "Morning, Kanna."

Few minutes later Smaug is helping Kanna get ready for school.



Kobayashi:"I'm thinking of going home for the first time in a while."

Tohru:"Oh, sounds nice. Please, you should go."


Kobayashi:*Turns to Smaug and Tohru.* "Will you two come with me?"


Everyone is at the train station and Smaug is buying snakes for the trip. Then they get on the train. The dragons have their faces up against the window looking outside in awe. Now their at the bus stop and Smaug is trying to open a bag of snakes. Then their on another train and Kanna and Smaug are eating candy. Then they get on another train. Smaug and Kanna are both asleep. Smaug is leaning on Tohru's shoulder and Kanna has her head on Kobayashi's lap. Then they are walking down a street. Then they arrive at a house and Kobayashi opens the door.

Kobayashi:"I'm home."

The camera pans to the view of the sun then turns black.



(Wow guys I did it. I finished season one. I just want  to say thank you for reading if you made it this far in my story, it means so much to me. Also 2k reads my gosh. Thank you! You guys have motivated me to actually write this story too. I didn't at first enjoy writing it but it became popular and people started reading it, so I made chapters for them and peopled liked it so then I enjoyed making them.

I will make Season 2 of Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid, but not right away. I want to start a new story first. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Also Lucoa is not the ship of this story, I know I know a few of you wanted that, Bit I have a plan. You'll have to see in season two. No it's not a harem.  I did leave a hint who it was before. Also I left a few hints on how Smaug got his scar too. But if you want to know anything about Smaug just ask me and I'll tell you without spoiling season 2. Or questions about the story. So now I'm going to go eat the rest of my subway sandwich so... bye.)