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For those that haven't read the synopsis, I'll upload multiple instances of the same story, or even multiple stories with completely different plots here. This is just an amalgamation of my ideas which may or may not make sense. Proceed with caution.

P.S. I will use some Japanese terms here. Don't know the terms? Idc, I'm too lazy to explain everything. If you ask in the comments, I'd reply but don't expect any footnote explanations.

Akarui has lived four lives.

He was an ordinary guy in his first life and died by truck-kun, thereby meeting the ROB, getting some cheats and transmigrating to save another world as its hero.

He was killed instantly by a space alien the instant he got transmigrated in his second life.

So for his second reincarnation aka third life, the ROB gave him a very strong body and intelligent mind. And guess what happened? He was discovered by a mad scientist legion, who have conducted countless not-so-human experiments on him. His strong body and intelligence have become the source of his pain. He just lived everyday deluding himself that it is due to him that humanity has evolved. He lived all his life as a captive, as Subject-02, and spent his time reading manga, light novels and watching anime, evolving into a True Ancestor of Otaku, before his skill was overused by torture/abuse/tests from practically the whole world and died.

For his fourth life, aka third reincarnation, the ROB, out of pity for him, reincarnated him into a World Of Women1For those that get it, yes it was intended. It's a reference to that., with a massive donger and overwhelming sex prowess. But guess what? He was captured by the Government to be used as a sperm-bank slave the moment he was born. He started his duties since he turned thirteen. He lived as a captive sperm cow reared by the Federation until thirteen, though he wouldn't mention the lack of interaction with anything human, he was dying for some conversation. After he turned thirteen. It was good at the beginning and he enjoyed sex. But milking him multiple times everyday finally took a toll on him and died by snu-snu. And I don't even the name of a single girl I've had sex with, are his final thoughts.

Akarui has lived four lives.

This time, when he met the ROB, he was already disillusioned with the world. Humans are just flesh and blood. Save the world, and they don't care who got sacrificed for it. And those women. They who act all high and mighty, but they are just sluts in the end. They only want your semen, and once the baby is born, you'd be treated as a scum worth less than trash.

Everyone is out for his blood in the first case, and for semen in the latter case.

Since he saved two worlds, his karma has accumulated to massive proportions. And the ROB did what every ROB does. Give him powers.

He said, The Superpowered Gacha is the best way to use your karma. Nothing beats gacha.

He knows that Gacha is a sin better left untouched. It's a sin much worse than alcohol and smoking.

Thinking for a long time, he arrived at a conclusion. Heh, what else can go wrong?, are his final thoughts.

Although I've lived for four lives(technically), the only life I've lived freely is my first life. I don't even know much about my third and fourth lives' worlds since I got captured in a few days of reincarnating there. Tch. Go, gacha!

The results?

  • 1. Character profile : Gojo Satoru ( aka looks, skills, talent, Rikugan, etc, except memories and experience of his life )
  • 2. Abilities:
    • Spatial Manipulation (EX) ( note: it's only talent so you need to practice it )
    • Independent Space of Jutsu Library (SSS)(Every Jujutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, bukijutsu, fuinjutsu, etc, including bloodline limit jutsus, can be learned and practiced in this space, 8 hours daily. Anything you can think, a jutsu will be available for it. Note that the time in the real world will be paused while you're in this space.)
    • Advanced Necronomicon (SSS)(aka Sung Jin-Woo with Lovecraft summons, as well as all sorts of soul, spirit and mindfuckery magics)
    • Regeneration (EX) ( note: it takes time and repeated use to develop )
  • 3. World:
    • Advanced enough that it has an ROB from the human race.


Ano~, that last line doesn't look good so why not-, He tried to reason with the ROB, only to be cut off.

"Daijobu, the ROB of that world is only a Level 1 noob. I'm a Level 9 so he wouldn't notice my intervention or the source of your powers. Though, the source of your powers are your own karma so anyone could only see it as something you were born with, including that noob ROB.

No, like I was saying, isn't that world dangero-, he tried to continue desperately, but the ROB didn't give him the chance.

With cold sweat, the ROB said, "I've done all I could. The results of the Gacha are absolute. You've already used up all your karma so I can't interfere anymore. I'll make it so that you wouldn't suffer from anything the moment you were born and a few years after that. Enjoy your peace in that time, and prepare thoroughly. Well then, I wish you luck." He said. And continued in a small voice, "You need it after all."

Wait, that last line doesn't sound nice. Redo! I want a-, Aaand he was cut off again, this time by the portal that appeared below his feet.

Do note that although he lived for four lives, his interactions with the world is limited to his experience of his first life. He hasn't actually lived his second, third and fourth lives so don't expect any maturity from him. If anything, the traumatic experience of his third and fourth lives only make him more immature and in immediate need of therapy (which he wouldn't ever get coz he's OP as fuck and doesn't give a shit about what anyone says.)

The Advanced Necronomicon is something he got from his own karma getting influenced by the Gacha so it won't turn him insane.

Since he got Gojo's Character Profile, he can immediately use those powers upon birth. (except physical coz he'd be reborn as a baby).