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Akarui has lived four lives.

He was promised peace from the ROB for a few years so he's looking forward to it in his fifth life (aka fourth reincarnation).

Since he inherited Gojo Satoru's character profile, he's already plenty powerful.

'With the cheats I got from the gacha, I'd have to train hard in these peaceful days. By the time the ROB's protection ends, I'd already be OP', he thought naively.

With Rikugan, even though he's a baby, he can still see. And since this world seems to use Japanese, language is also not a problem.

So what he saw and listened gave him a shock.

Turns out, his mother in this life is a prostitute, and he is just an unwanted baby. She just put up the burden for the nine months since she wanted to extort some money from his rich father, but negotiations fell through. DNA reports and the police were manipulated, and she was killed mysteriously.

He seriously thought he'd be killed mysteriously too so that his father can erase any and all evidence, but it seems that the ROB's protection worked wonders and he survived. How, you ask? Turns out the one who's sent to kill him is weak shit. Akarui just used some spatial manipulation and locked all his enemies' movements, then used a miniature Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue to kill him. And escaped till his cursed energy reserves ran out. From what he learned from the guy, it seems the energy of the world is called 'Mana', not 'Cursed Energy'.

I'll call my energy mana from now on. I need to escape from this place.

Revenge? Ha, he couldn't care less. Even though she birthed him, his mother didn't care about him one bit. And his father had actually made it easier for him. Family drama is the last thing he wants. He's old enough to be called Great Grandpa by his birth mother for ROB's sake.

He flew to a faraway place, away from human intervention, in a forest and built a makeshift shelter near a water source.

Food? He can solve that by eating trees and grass. He got Regeneration (EX) so he isn't worried about not digesting it, or getting sick.

-Insert: Training Arc (Caveman style)-

This year, Akarui turned 6 years old.

He learned many Jutsus, trains his combat skills by practicing against an army of practice dummies in Jutsu Space. Madara? Ha, I'm a hundred times stronger than him.

Eight Gates ( he can use Eighth Gate coz Regeneration ), Chidori, Rasenshuriken ( which again doesn't damage him ), Sage Mode ( he learned it with the help of Jutsu Library's AI ), he can use them all.

He summoned many monsters and made them his own shadow summons through Advanced , though, he failed to summon any badass monsters like Cuthulhu, Shoggoth, and the like. He also learned many soul, spirit and mind fuckery spells from the necronomicon, though he didn't use them yet.

He made Enkidu-like sealing chains from Fuinjutsu, as well as developed Gate Of Babylon-like powers through Spatial Manipulation.1For those that don't know, those powers are from Fate series.

He developed many Space-based jutsus. Almighty Push and Pull, Kamui, Amenotejikara, Planetary Devastation, Flying Thunder God Jutsu, and the like, as well as badass spatial manipulation, makes him a force to reckon with.

And his regeneration. He did all sorts of things to get that ultra high. As long as a single DNA strand of his, a single speck of his mana, soul or spirit,  survives, he'd live on.

But the most limiting factor is his Mana reserves. True, he got Rikugan which can greatly reduced mana usage, but those Space skills require ignoble amounts of mana to utilize effectively.

Other than that, basically, he became badass.

And that brings us to the present day.

Inside Jutsu Library's Space.

A grand fuinjutsu formation is spread all over the space. On the air, ground, water, even space. Everywhere the eye can possibly see is filled with fuinjutsu seals. It took him six years to complete it, even with the help of the Jutsu Library's autocorrect function. The scale of this fuinjutsu seal is just massive.

'I've been preparing for this day for the past six years. Every time I saw Naruto with his Tailed Beast chakra reserves, I could only lament at how he's wasting his potential. If I had that much reserves, the things I could do with Spatial Manipulation just gives me chills. Haha, but the wait is over. Now, with this seal, I'd become a Tailed Beast myself. No, that doesn't sound right. Now, with this seal, I'd have a Tailed Beast level chakra reserves. Creation Of All Things, Tenseigan Chakra Mode, Kurama-cloak Susanoo(which surprisingly required a massive amount of mana for the lack of bloodline and its overwhelming size), all these goodies are just waiting to be claimed by me.'

What this supermassive seal does is that it extracts a small piece of his soul and spirit, infuses it with the seal itself, creates another mana network inside his body by destroying the existing mana network, and makes it possible for him to hold badass-level mana reserves by combining the Fuinjutsu formation-infused soul and spirit with his own.

The best part? His mana reserves evolve passively till the day he dies. He can hold much more reserves than a Tailed beast. The astonishing fact is that the passive factor of increase is much more than active training. And the better-than-best part? As long as he has mana, he can live indefinitely. Combined with his Regeneration (EX), he'd be nigh-immortal.

Akarui sat inside the epicenter of the Fuinjutsu formation.

'After this, I'd become weak temporarily because my mana network will be destroyed and I'd not be able to use any jutsus or even summom my shadow soldiers. Although I can still use the Necronomicon to summon other ordinary monsters, those monsters won't be in my control. But it's all fine. It's all worth it. It'll take a few decades to achieve Tailed Beast level reserves, but I'd be back to his previous full reserves in half a decade. If not because the foundation takes longer to build up, I'd be back to full reserves in an instant.'

He started the formation.

The formation lit up, giving off a blinding light.

When he saw that the Fuinjutsu formation is working as intended, he let out a relieved sigh and muttered the activation sequence.

"Throughout Heaven and Earth..."

He felt as if something was infused into him, his own modified soul and spirit, at that instant and the pain that came due to it almost made him go insane. It was only through his trained willpower 2training by repeated use of Regeneration (EX) that he held on. Grinning like a lunatic, he continued the incantation.

"...I alone am the Honored One."

And he promptly fell unconscious.

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