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Akarui has lived four lives.

In his fifth life, to get away from his fate of forever being a weak pleb, he did something truly insane. For one, he destroyed his own mana network. Second, he modified his own soul and spirit, effectively reconstructing a new mana network. Doing something like that should've killed him, or at least led him to insanity due to the sheer pain of it all. But he held on. Whether it was due to his sheer willpower, or due to Regeneration (EX), or maybe it was dumb luck, or due to the help of the perfect Fuinjutsu formation made possible with the help of Jutsu Library's autocorrect AI function. He held on. And he survived The Apotheosis.

That concludes the recap of what happened in the previous chapter.

Akarui's original plan to get over his weak five-year period was to spend it inside his self-made-shelter-inside-a-forest-in-the-middle-of-nowhere and train his skills.

But reality proved him otherwise the moment he opened his eyes after what-he-calls The Apotheosis.

"An unfamiliar ceiling..." He uttered with cracked voice, coughing at the end.

Not speaking to anyone for many years and suddenly roaring in pain during The Apotheosis has taken its toll on his vocal chords. Regeneration (EX) is currently in a suspended state due to overworking itself during The Apotheosis. He didn't know how many times he would've died if not for Regeneration (EX) working overdrive. He'd lived in that single self-made shelter for the past six years so his chuuni senses are urging him to speak that legendary line, even when he knew it'd hurt his throat.

He inspected his surroundings and discovered that he's inside a hospital room.

'It's good that there's no one nearby, but I can't escape. My body hurts like hell and this headache just won't go away.'

He's not naïve enough to just sit still when his wannabe-life-saver could possibly demand repayment for 'saving' his life. If not for his physical condition, as well as not possessing enough mana(due to just reconstructing his mana network after destroying his old one), he would've made a run for it already.

'My luck is totally bad, isn't it? My Regeneration EX could totally handle the injuries suffered. Though, the wannabe-life-saver wouldn't know that I have such a convenient and cheat skill. Ugh, a life-saving debt is one of the toughest to repay. Also, for some reason, interacting with humans churns my stomach in a bad way. Did I become a hikikomori? Hmm, maybe I did.' He offhandedly thought.

While he was having his inner monologue, someone pushed the door open and came inside.

"Oh, it seems you're awake. How do you feel?"

He turned his head, and saw that it was a nurse in anime-style nurse clothing.

He wanted to retort something but the words got stuck in his throat.

'My first meeting with a human of this world. No, I've already met my mother and that shady assassin, so this is technically my third meeting with a human, but still... Uh, I don't know what to say... Should I just talk formally? Usually, talking formally works just fine, but right now I still look like a child so maybe it may seem unnatural?'

While he was having his inner turmoil, the nurse is also checking him out.

'It's amazing that he woke up this quick. I should probably call the doctor, but I'm curious what this cute child could be thinking so hard about.' The nurse thought.

Meanwhile, Akarui decided to just ask what's bugging him the most.

"W-who sa-ssaved mhi?"

His tone, pitch, words, everything was a mess, but he still talked a full sentence! A six year old who'd just undergone a life-threatening apotheosis should be forgiven for something small like lack of manners, right? Or so he thought.

The nurse has an amused smirk on her face after listening to what he said.

"Acting mature, aren't we? For now, just rest a little. I'll call the doctor to check up on you. Don't move from your place."

After saying her part, she left through the same door she came in.

Akarui tried to feel his body but his aching is quite severe.

'They didn't administer me any drugs, did they? Regeneration EX should've started working by now, but now that these scammy doctors got involved, I don't know what's up with my body anymore. Sigh, it seems that the ROB's protection period has ended. What a bad luck. A few days later should've been just fine with me."

He checked his surroundings again, this time observing the details closely. His Rikugan has stopped working after he destroyed his mana network so he has to physically turn his head to see things, unlike before when he can see 360° around himself.

'Rikugan is totally haxx. Since Rikugan is a fairly advanced Doujutsu, it should take at least a year or two to get it started again at my previous full strength. Ugh, I should've prepared more. Oh well, can't cry about spilled milk. Let's be positive! You were not saved by any shady individual who got so much free time that he decided to just roam around in a forest in the middle of nowhere before finding a makeshift shelter and finding a bloodied child laying motionlessly on the floor, and finally deciding to help him so that he could get some helping hands in his business, and/or to sell his body or maybe as a slave, to shady black merchants and earning him some quick cash. Yes, and this hospital is totally not shady with shady doctors engaging in shady activities, earning shady money from shady people, and is totally not the type to over-charge a six-year old patient before selling his body parts or maybe as a slave to shady black merchants and earn some quick cash. Yup. These are the type of totally positive thoughts that a healthy six year old should have.'

While Akarui is having his lengthy and slightly sarcastic inner monologue, the door was opened again.

This time, by a totally-not-shady doctor with an unshaven beard, messy hair, a stained robe and dark circles under his eyes. He totally does not look like the type to do any sort of shady stuff mentioned above.

Though Akarui is slightly scared that the shady stuff mentioned above would happen, he still put up an indifferent front and faced the doctor.

The doctor conducted a few checks and updated his records.

What is interesting is that he performed some sort of spell on me, lighting up a few magic circles here and there, and checked a few things.

'Is this something you should be showing to a six year old, doctor-san? Or maybe, is magic normal in this world? It's possible.' Akarui tought.

"Do you remember who you are? About your name, and age?" He asked.

'I don't have amnesia, doctor. Though, it's a good idea to pretend to have slight amnesia. Afterall, I don't want to mess up by saying things that shouldn't be said. About my name, I'll use my third life's name. Let's see how he reacts, hehe. Right, let's act cute.'

"M-my namme iz Subject-02. I'm sixx." He said, stuttering and messing up his words. 'I should probably work on my voice. It'll be annoying if I can't even talk properly.', he thought.

The doctor was slightly stunned. 'Subject-02?! What kind of name is that? Who names their kids like that? No, maybe he was actually a human test subject in a shady organization? Hmm, that explains how he ended up there. For now, let's avoid the topic of his past. I don't want to trigger any trauma he might've had by talking about these things. Not when he's still recovering. Ma~, his recovery is actually insanely fast. Just what sort of experiments were conducted on him to allow him to posses such a recovery speed? Poor child.'

"Howw long was I unconscious?" Akarui asked.

"It has only been a few days since you were bought to the hospital. Don't worry, you are now in a safe place." The doctor tried to assure him.

"C-can I know w-who sa-ssaved mhi?", Akarui asked.

"You don't need to worry about that. You are in safe hands. Or rather, you are actually very lucky to be saved by that person.", the shady doctor spoke, with a hint of respect in his tone.

'It seems I was saved by a big shot? The doctor seems to admire this person so he's probably a big shot. Hmm, since this person saved me, should I just be shameless and tag along with him until I recover my powers?...'

"Don't think about these things right now. You just need to wait patiently till your injuries heal. It should be healed in a few mont... No, it might actually be healed in a few weeks. Just be patient. If you need anything, call the nurse over here. This is a VIP hospital so unless it's anything excessive or detrimental to your health, we'll try to fulfill your wishes."

After speaking his part, the doctor gave him a final look before leaving the room.

The nurse gave him a curious gaze and told him, "Don't try to run around. Stay low and wait patiently. I'll bring in manga for you to read... Do you know how to read?"

"Manga? Please do. I can read things just fine. Other than difficult words." He tried to speak cutely, but his voice has recovered so it appeared as if he's trying to act mature. Which was cute in its own way, judging from the intriguing look the nurse is giving him.

"Your voice has recovered now. Your recovery is indeed fast. Whatever, I'll bring you the manga so rest until then."

Saying that, the nurse left the room.

Akarui is now alone in his room. He heaved a sigh and checked up the condition of his body. He can't check how his Fuinjutsu formation seal is doing because Rikugan is not working, so he just gave his body a quick checkup.

'I shouldn't blindly trust the shady doctor's words. Safety and precaution are the priority.' Or so his thought process went.

After finding no anomalies, at least on the surface, he relaxed on the bed slightly.

'It should take a few days for me to get some usable amount of mana. Until then, I'll stay low. Make them protective of me, bring down their defenses by acting as a cute defenseless child, before majestically escaping the place. Yosh, that'll be my plan for now.'

And so, while thinking about various situations that may arise, and plans to deal with them, he slowly drifted off to sleep.

This chapter is meant to be a filler episode, as well as showing that the MC is now weak as fuck, and that he's totally on guard to avoid any situation like in his previous two lives. If you get that, then I'm happy that the message came across. If not, then you now do.

Adios, perras.

By, your lovely and handsome Level9ROB.