The Murderer
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A loud slap echoed in the entire living room, accompanied by a shrill voice of a woman.

"Murderer!", the woman cried as she raised her hand again to give another round of slap on the still man's face.

In such a spacious room, only the sound of flesh being violently hit and the angry cries and screams of the woman filled the room. There were other people in the room, but they were powerless to do anything. All their heads were lowered as they silently choked on their  sobs and tears.

Everyone had reddened eyes filled with tears, yet, he, Rio,  whose face was now bruised beyond recognition, had no tears. Despite all the beatings and accusations, he didn't raise his head at all. Even with blood flowing from his broken lips and nose, he didn't stir. No pain could make him stir or feel. At that moment, it was as if he were made of stone.

In his head, he was thankful that his children were not at home. His parents called earlier and offered to take the children to their home. He didn't wish for them to see their father at such a sorry state, nor did he want them to witness such chaos.

His thoughts were interrupted by another wave of slaps and screams."You killed her! You monster! You killed my daughter!" The woman, his mother-in-law, had gone crazy with all the beatings and curses she threw at him. Her eyes were filled with hate, but her voice was that of anguish and despair.

He closed his eyes. Her calling him a monster didn't hurt. It didn't matter if he was truly a monster. But her accusing him of killing his wife made him wince in pain. At first, it was a dagger slowly piercing through and with sudden thrust, went violently straight to his heart. That's how it felt to him.

"Bring her back to me! You monster! You killed her! I will kill you!"

Bring her back? Oh, how he wished he could! But what could he do? Three days ago, he called for an ambulance and as soon as it arrived, she was immediately rushed to the hospital. The medical staffs pronounced her dead even before they lifted her up on the stretcher. At the emergency room, the doctor officially confirmed that she was dead. Her mother refused to accept it. The doctor felt helpless, but he had to do so. As  if he was the herald of death, he repeated it for everyone to hear. She was dead. He sighed deeply and shook his head. He expressed his condolences while patting everyone gently on the shoulder and left. 

Rio remembered that while they were outside the emergency room, her mother turned to him. She looked at him with a pair of bloodshot eyes. She blinked and suddenly, tears began flowing down her face. She started wailing loudly.  Her father was facing the wall as he wiped his tears with the hem of his shirt. Her brother hung his head low while his shoulders trembled uncontrollably. Despite such heart-wrenching event, he was the only one still. His eyes were devoid of any emotions. There was no grief in his eyes, just an empty gaze.

An hour after that, his mother-in-law looked at him coldly. She didn't utter a single word. She just kept staring at him. She said something to his father-in-law. He saw him shaking his head and that made his mother-in-law angry and more agitated. She started screaming at him, accusing him of being a heartless and uncaring father. In the end, in order to appease his hysterical wife, he sighed and helplessly submitted. Few hours later, her cold and stiff body, covered by white sheet,  was taken by the authority for investigation;  in case there was a foul play.  

Did he really kill his wife, Nina? He smiled bitterly. Yes, he did.


This is my first ever work here on Scribblehub. I am still new to writing and English isn't my mother tongue. I hope everyone will be kind enough to correct me (gently for I am a soft potato)  if there are any grammatical errors and stuffs. I am more than willing to fix any mistakes and accept any suggestion and changes for improvement. I'd love to hear from you, guys! Feel free to share your thoughts.


I actually have many stories in mind, but I am still new  and so, I need to practice and learn the basics first before I write a novel. For now, I will hone my skills through this novella!



-Hedonistic Potato-