Intermission chapter: The Great Armageddon
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<Beijing, China, 4 years ago>

Inside a large well lit hall, there sat 16 people around a long rectangular table. Behind them stood their subordinates. At the end of the long table, there is one vacant chair.

"Mr. Liu shen, where's that remaining person? we've been waiting for half an hour already!" said one of the 16 people with brown hair.

"You mean the person who's supposed to sit at that special seat? I don't know, but he should be here any minute now. We can't start without him, after all... He is the sole reason why we had this 'meeting'" Right after Liu shen said that, all the people in the room felt the familiar pressure and aura that they've always felt whenever they met that person.

"H-He's here..." said the woman from the 16 people.

The doors opened and they saw a tall teen with silver white hair, red eyes come into the hall along with his subordinate.

"King of Yggdrasil, Jormungandr. Has arrived with the 1st emissary, Noele" announced the woman behind a podium.

All the people in the hall stood up from their seats and bowed their heads a little in order to show respect to the person who is currently the strongest among them.

However, Lucas just ignored them as if they don't exist which angered the people a little. He sat down at the seat at the end of the table and closed his eyes. Noele just stood steadily behind him.

"Now then, let us commence the meeting about this year's Global Martial arts tournament!" said Liu shen.

The discussions between the leaders of the world's mightiest martial arts factions began. They began sharing differing opinions, ideas, and suggestions. Lucas just sat there with his eyes closed as he listened to their discussions without participating at all.

After 20 minutes of discussions and negotiations between the leaders, Lucas opened his eyes and asked a question.

"When and where is the tournament going to be held."

When the 16 people heard his question. A nasty smile appeared in some of their faces.

"Did no one inform you? Great Jormungandr, the tournament is being held right now at this moment."

"What are you saying? then what is the purpose of this meeting? and what about the discussions and negotiations that you did earlier?" asked Lucas as his suspicions increased.

"Of course, we only did that to... buy us time." Liu shen stood up and didn't held back on showing his sinister smile.

"Buy you some time? Noele!"


"Call Tanya and the others, ask them the situation at yggdrasil!"

"... the call... won't get through." said Noele as he started to get anxious.

"Hahahaha! it's no use. Right now, the 90 million fighters from the underworld, along with the 60 million C to SSS class martial artists from our newly formed Tri-continental alliance! must be massacring your faction already!" said the westerner with Blonde hair.

"You see, you've been getting powerful day by day, to the point that it started to terrify us. But a person still has his own limits. All of us 16 here are leaders of world class martial arts factions. If we somehow work together, even a monster like you will fall. Now then... let's end this chit-chat, Everyone! it's time to chop up the Great serpent!! Hahahaha!!"

The 16 people in the room got into formation and they prepared for a combined attack.

"You're all overestimating yourselves.."The air around Lucas suddenly changed as he let out monstrous amounts of bloodlust, the pressure that everyone at the room felt is too much. The temperature turned colder and colder as the despairing atmosphere intensified. For the first time after a long while, Lucas showed his rage to everyone.

At that moment, the 16 people realized their mistakes. Indeed, they overestimated their own abilities far too much. After all, they still haven't experienced the wrath person they know as the World serpent in the battlefield. They were just kittens who poked an innocent looking dragon. But it's too late to regret the things that they did.

Lucas held the katana at his left side and started to pull it out.

"π˜”π˜°π˜°π˜― 𝘣𝘭𝘒π˜₯𝘦, 4𝘡𝘩 𝘴𝘡𝘺𝘭𝘦: π˜“π˜Άπ˜―π˜’π˜³ 𝘀𝘰π˜ͺ𝘭"

The katana in Lucas' hands started to glow look like the moonlight and before they knew it, they were only looking at Lucas' after image, the real person already passed through them, swiftly and cleanly cutting their heads off without their knowledge.

16 heads fell to the ground and blood sprayed out from the headless corpses.

"We have no time to waste, let's go, Noele."


Lucas and Noele ran over to their base in another country. Since it would take a long time to go by plane. They decided to run across the waters like gods while easily breaking the sound barrier due to the extreme speed. Since Noele is far inferior, he asked Lucas to go on ahead without him.

After a while, Lucas finally arrived at a wide open field, somewhere in Japan.

However, what he saw was the subordinates that he trained so hard for many years, lifeless on the ground with only the 3 emissaries and 2 elders, remaining standing and fighting.

A skilled fighter charged at Lucas with a dagger, trying to stab his heart, but when he stepped into a certain distance away closer to Lucas, the fighter's body suddenly exploded to bits, and his bones turned into powder. No one saw what actually happened because of how quick the execution was, but they all know one thing. The enemy king finally arrived at the battlefield.

"Retreat... I apologize for arriving too late, let me handle this." said Lucas to Tanya and the 4 other remaining members.

"B-But Lucas-sama, we can still fig-" Kagami tried to convince Lucas but he got cut off.

"When I said retreat, you will retreat, or are you saying that you plan to disobey my orders?"

"N-No, I-I wouldn't dare to but..."

"Noele will arrive for a short while, you five can take a rest first when he arrives... Just... let me take out some of my rage."

After that, Lucas faced the forces of the enemy who numbers around 110 million, all alone. One person against strong martial artists of 3 continents.

Every attack made by Lucas sent deadly shockwaves that would kill thousands of warriors. The speed at which he kills his enemies is out of the world. Heads flying off, arms and legs falling to the ground, heart, lungs, and intestines spilling out, heads getting cut into pieces and bodies turning into mush.

The light from his' eyes started to slowly disappear and he gradually turned into a grim reaper whose only goal is to avenge his fallen comrades. Noele who arrived rescued his 5 remaining comrades.

"Noele! you're still in perfect condition! please help him! if this goes on, he will die!" cried Tanya as she tried to convince Noele to help Lucas.

"I'm sorry Tanya, but... Lucas-sama doesn't need my help. Look at his eyes, that's not the eyes of a person who needs meager help from someone like me. Just trust in him... he will, get through this."

Right now, Lucas' body is filled with slash wounds and marks from punches and kicks. His clothes are all tattered but he still fought without paying attention to them.

The battle went on for 34 hours nonstop without rest, and finally, it ended with the loss of the Tri-continental alliance and the underworld.

When the officials from all over the world heard the massacre that took place at Yggdrasil. They immediately sent their subordinates in order to investigate, many reporters riding in helicopters and van arrived at the scene. The military quickly cordoned off the open field from the ordinary citizens as the scene at the battlefield is too gruesome.

Around 110 million people died at this day, leaving only one wounded and beat up person standing on top of the pile of corpses, his body covered in blood from head to toe. And at that same day, through the live broadcasts streamed all over the world. The world witnessed the birth of its first true king after centuries.

They only felt one thing for the person. Respect. Not knowing the reason why, most of them just suddenly knelt in front of his image, officialy placing him at the world's Apex. The King of Humanity.

And that is how the battle that will go down in history, known as the 'Great Armageddon' ended.