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Chapter 1.0:


(Transfer Complete.)

(Sending World's Information...16%)

Feeling groggy as he woke up, opening his eyes fully, he started to scan his new surroundings. He was thankful that his travelling wasn't painful as the others he had experienced and tried to ask the system who promised to him.


'System, where am I?'


(Replying to Host: In the World Serial Code #0124769.)

In other words??

(Alternative World of Earth)

(100% Sending Information to Host: Commence!)

Like before the unbearable pain attacked his head as he clutched his head with furrowed brows.

According to the information he got in this world, the child of this world aka the protagonist is a crossdressing boy who had a sister complex inferiority. So after the work of fate, he switched schools with his sister who is two years younger than him. After his sister's unwinding pleading to him, he ends up attending a Prestigious Academy. This world has a two male leads; in fact,a pair of twins. With a flick of twisted fate, the two male leads always coincidentally bumps into the crossdressing protagonist after their first encounter on the first day of school as the protagonist finds himself lost in the big Academy. By the string of fate circling in their pinkies, the two men slowly develop feelings for him.

So what is his role in the story?

Thus seeing how the male leads slowly developed interest in the protagonist, another figure was dissatisfied and fumed in jealousy and this was the adopted younger brother that the two male leads had. From a  very tender age, the adopted brother was already in love with the two of them. At first it was just simply an admiration forming but as soon he started to feel jealous whenever he saw some girls coming to their direction, he always sees red so later on he was just simply in love with them. He didn't even need to explain why and when it happened.

After losing his parents at younger age the two male leads' parents decided to adopted him because their parents were long time best friends. Seeing this as an opportunity, the adopted brother strived to become a housewife for the two as he started to learn household chores, learning to be a perfect 'wife'. He is the one who handled their foods and clothes that made all the servants look at him in awe. But the outcome of his all sacrifice and efforts just make the male leads frown in disgust. Then, the drama starts there. After knowing the intimate relationship that the male leads and the protagonist had, he began to scheme by means of revealing the protagonist's true identity, bullying, breaking his things and publicly shaming him in front of many people. But all his actions just became the easiest way to develop their feeling for each other. After the male leads found out that he was the culprit, they warned him to not make an appearance ever again so the adopted brother obeyed and happily ever after happened to the three childs' of the world.

Now, he is occupying the adopted brother's body.

It really showed how bleak the story was. He didn't bother to ask who and where his parents were, who adopted Xiao Meng and why Xiao Meng didn't even get any benefits after his parents' death. And he laughed at the idea concept that this world had. A polyandry cliché type.

He sighed and call the system.

(What does host need?)

'What kind of system are you? And what do I need to do in every world we will be going?'

(Host, I'm System 6969, which was created and assigned to fulfill the regrets of each targeted person in every world in every universe. As a host of System 6969, you need to complete those regrets that they have submitted to our Headquarters1 after crossing the River of Reincarnation2 to have a second Life in a different and alternative world that the Higher Ups3 will choose depending on the history4 of the soul. Adding on to that, Host also needs to stop the recurrence of happenings after the target's death because our mission has a biggest contribution in each target's reincarnation. The target will not have their 'reincarnation passage ticket' if we failed.)

Uwaahh...what a big responsibility I have. I thought I would enjoy world hopping as much those main characters from those novels I've read.

'How much has the story progressed as of now?' he first asked about the condition of the world before acting out of character. Ohh... speaking of OOC.

'Can I act out of the character?'

(Host's level is not enough to request for OOC. Please work hard enhancing your stats and level :) )

So I can't...

(Don't be sad, Host. This System is here to cheer you up :) :))

Stop that smiley emoticon, it's scary... Just send the mission already.

(Yes host.)

(Xiao Meng's Regret:)

1. Find my "Happiness"

2. Support Brothers

3. Redo my life

(Scanning Complete. Host is currently at the end of story. Please retreat in your position, an assailant is on their way to kill you.)

SaY WhAt??!!

You're not reliable as it seems, you shitty system!!!


Xiao Meng panicked as he fully scoped his surroundings. He was drenched in sweat and breathing heavily as his arms gripped the metal bar in his left to support his frail and thin body. He had an adrenaline rush as his eyes dart everywhere to see if they had caught up to him already. MD5!!! What kind of shitty situation he was in??!!

'System!!! Get your lousy ass here!!'

(Yes host?)

'What’s actually happening?? And you said 'at the end of the story'?! Aren't I too late now?!' Xiao Meng snapped and released his anger onto the poor system.

(Apologizing to Host. The connection was too late for you to arrive at the very beginning, this system only just had the opportunity to sneak host here when the story is already ending without sniffing by the observer6.)

MD!! Connection?! I want life refund!!

(Please don't say that host...)

Scan my situation again!!

(Affirmative. Scanning...)

Not too far from where he is currently standing and hiding, faint shouting and sounds of footsteps was echoing to every corner of the abandoned warehouse that the original run off to. It instantly brought dread and fear to Xiao Meng who just became a new host of the body and doesn't know what he will do next. He cursed his unfortunate fate and the very system he had.

The once again blamed system: what I've done TT^TT

(Scan Complete.)

(Host is currently in the 'Unwritten After Story' of the Original Plot. Where it tells the happenings after the two male leads and protagonist get together and live happily ever after. So whatever the host do now will not affect the story except host purposely confronting the 'fated childs'7)

What else?

(And the reason why the original Xiao Meng was being hunted is because after the two male leads banished Xiao Meng from their house and blocked all sort of communication with the Zhou's Family. Xiao Meng settled on the run-down apartment in Country E, three cities away from the supposed city where the Zhous live. He struggled for the whole two years of life after being thrown when he didn't even finish his college year so getting a job a hard one. He tried to save some money from the small jobs he took but it wasn’t enough for him and just barely support his needs. So he took the risk of being a cracker, a job where he has to steal some confidential documents from appointed targets that his customer chooses and sell it for a reasonable price that both sides agreed on. He found the job an easy way to make money as he excelled in both hacking and disguising into someone. But he didn't think that his own client was the one who watched and monitored him for almost a week now and was just getting the right time to drag him down. So after destroying the evidence of him stealing from Lin Hua Corporation, a rival company of his client has, he is now hiding for his dear life.)

For what reason was Xiao Meng really desperate to save money? Revenge?

(Host seems become slow-witted.)

You wanna fight me?!!!

(Xiao Meng wants to finish his studies to redo his life which was included as your mission.)

System: Confirmed. My Host is a bird headed person and slow catcher. -_-|||

Why did I fall just as you said horrible things about me?

(Host is just imagining things.)


As much you have seen from the new version that system 6969 had and I boast for, here some words that I magically created because it needed to be part of the story. :)

Xiao Meng: Here another smiley maniac...

Author: Waahh!! Bully Xiao Meng!!!

Xiao Meng: Shut up!!!

1.Headquarters- it is an advance, high-tech and high rated facility in System World where every system need to visit every Millennial to give the records of the works along with the improvement statistics of their respective Host that every system was assigned to handle and help. The facility was facilitated by a representative from the higher Ground to handle and monitored the trillions of systems that been created as of now. And that being wasn't easy to be provoked at.

2.River of Reincarnation- another facility where all the souls from different worlds being checked and calculated to where their place will their rightly go. It depends on their background on what they had done from their previous life, on the good deeds they do and their faith. The facility looked like a long river where equivalent to a long line of souls that waiting to be judge.

3.Higher Ups- they are the one who instruct and give orders from the lower section. Powerful, Deceitful and not easily provoked by.

4. History- simply means how the person live their previous life. The higher ups will fully depend on the history on one individual before deciding where they will go.

5. MD!!- a various curse. (this is not mine!! Just get from my lovely and favorite translator and author.)

6. Observer- they are the low beings from every world where they work was to monitor the condition of the world, the fated individuals and prevent all outside powers to enter. Well, if you have an authorization ticket from Higher Ups, you can easily can get in and out from every world.

7. Fated Child- the chosen individuals where they get the blessing of higher beings of their worlds. Simply, I just changed my interpretation for the world's children.

PS from Author:

Hi guys and gays!!! I'm back from my long time hiatus state aka death(lol) and just WHOLY edited this story so sorry not sorry this Arc may happen short for your liking but don't worry I will make sure to explain briefly as far as I can the happenings in this Arc to satisfy your thirst for smexy scene and the happenings here. In my own observation, each chapter starting from prologue will be consisted in the range of 1,000 to 2,000 words. I think it's good for a revision version, right??

Anyway, I just informed you not long time ago I will edit this so I think you will not be too shock for the changes in this arc I guess?? So for now, I will bid my goodbye. Adieu!!

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