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Chapter 1.1 (Revised and edited)

Edited :HueyWeiSay

Xiao Meng knew that he didn't have enough time to rant more to his system hence he just turned his attention on how he can escape the situation that the original owner was in. The faded footsteps he heard earlier were slowly becoming louder and slowly creeping in to his side. 

Ahhh!!! I don't want this anymore!!

System sweat dropped, 

(Host, you need to do the mission or else the higher ups will get angry with us.)

Then help me!!!

(Affirmative. What Host want this system to do?)

Make the assailant's attention focus on something else so I can escape from the broken window thirty degree to the left. Quick!!

(Yes Host.)

Even though Xiao Meng was totally panicking, he had the ability to order someone as the profession he had before was General Manager of the Hotel and Restaurant that his family had. He is now very thankful for the experience he got from his previous job. After sending an order to the system, he made himself relax for the sake of his plan to succeed and safely got out from the death and life situation he was in.

When System got the order, it started to form various codes from his data, creating a replica of his Host and making it run in the opposite direction of where his host is in. The armed men saw the running figure and shouted to catch the man but the replica's speed was top-notch and soon he was five meters away from them. The armed men started to fire their guns at the replica's direction while running, leaving the place where the true Xiao Meng is currently hiding.

Xiao Meng didn't wait for the armed men to get back as he exits the warehouse from the broken window and soon knows that the original owner got the armed men in the isolated place away from the bustling city of Country E. The place was surrounded by tall and scary trees so Xiao Meng didn't want to stay any longer. He started to run when his feet slipped and he rolled down.


Xiao Meng continue to roll down to the steep part of the forest as his body bumped to wherever gravity pulled him. He bit down on his lip to suppress the groan that wanted to escape to avoid getting the attention of those armed guys even though he knows that his system successfully deceived them. By the way where’s his system?


(Yes host?)

Help me here!

(I can't now, host. I already used all of my fuel and it needs time to filled again. I'm sorry host.)


Xiao Meng continue to roll until his head hit a rock that made him faint on the spot. The system panicked and tried to call it’s host, crying.

(Wuwuwuwu... Host...)

Xiao Meng only stopped rolling when he landed on the flat surface of the road where a speeding car hurriedly came towards his direction, making his panicking System shriek.


Luckily the car stopped just as the system shut down all of its senses and went offline. When it all happened, it didn't see the person approaching his Host.

The sweating middle aged driver sighed in relief when he saw the limp and bleeding man on the road still breathing but just faintly. Thank god, he stopped in the nick of time or else his boss would get mad at him for tainting his car and just leave him in this spooky forest. He crouched down to check the pulse of the young man whose body was covered in bruises and thought how this man got here. He looked up to see how high this young man fell down and faintly felt how much it hurt so he decided to tell his boss. But he didn't know that his boss already got out of the car and was standing behind him like a death reaper that was waiting to snatch their soul so the sudden appearance of his boss really scared the hell out of him.

"B-Boss!!" he shrieks like a woman who got caught from adultery.

The 'Boss' stare at the bruise face of Xiao Meng and sense a familiarity from the young man. Seeing that his boss didn't bothered to look at him and see how horrible the condition of Xiao Meng. As a concerned citizen, he steeled his balls and asked his boss.

"Boss, this young man really needs to go the Hospital or else..." He stopped at the taboo and cursed-like word when he sensed that his boss's eyes didn't leave the young man's body. With a short response of "Mhm." The driver hurriedly carried the body of Xiao Meng and placed him in the back seat as his boss seated on the front seat which made him relieved. He closed the door first and dusted his hands when the engine of the car suddenly started and within a second the car he was just driving, drove away from him. The driver silently shed tears. Soon after his phone vibrated in his pocket. As he opens it he saw his boss's message saying that he should just commute home, making him shed more tears. Boss...wuwuwuwu... this is such an isolated place, there is no way he can use a public vehicle to go home. 

Sighing at his ill fate, he started to walk home.

(A: poor driver-san)

Opening his eyes again, the sight that welcomed him was a ceiling coated with white paint, a beeping sound from a machine and a man who was eyeing him predatorily. He completely panicked.

Who??!! System!!! 

Xiao Meng helplessly called the system of his but the shitty one didn't answer him. His widen eyes met darken black eyes. Xiao Meng under his stare. The two of them stared at each other as if they were memorizing each other’s face while Xiao Meng didn't last long under the other person's gaze. But now, Xiao Meng’s fear subsided even just a little bit because he points out that the man has looks.

System who went into offline state: *blankly stares at its host*

Xiao Meng from the previous life he had, he really love to see and drool over handsome and beautiful men whoever his eyes landed on. He even goes to a specific place just to admire and fantasize those handsome and beautiful men he encounters and always has to take a cold shower after fantasizing. For others, he was just a pure maniac and pervert but to him, it was his kink and fetish. (A: Uhhh...what?)

Xiao Meng pushed himself into sitting position and glanced at the man, whom from the very beginning when he open his eyes up to now didn't blink his eyes to him, seemingly afraid that he was a just but a merely a dream. He awkwardly opened and closed his mouth, not knowing what to say to the other person. He concluded that this humble and yummy man in front of him was the one who rescued and took him to the hospital so he wants to say his gratitude to the gentleman but didn't know how. From the view of the other person, Xiao Meng look like a small fish who is mouth goes open and close with a trouble face. But preferably cute on his opinion.

Just as the other person opened his mouth to speak, the door suddenly flung open and the one of the same men in suits he saw when he was running away from the very individuals, came into his view that made him feel like he was in the same situation again when he recently just got into this world. Due to the extreme fear, His body trembled like a wet kitten that being abandoned in the sideways mewling to someone to take him home, rolled his eyes and fainted.

The armed man glanced at the fainted Xiao Meng briefly before withdrawing his eyes under those beastly eyes who look at him and nervously though not visibly seen, he reported his work. "Boss, he is the one we were pursuing earlier and suddenly just vanished under our gazes. He is the one who holds the confidential documents of Lin Hua Corporation." He briefly summarized what happened and his conclusion before falling in silence, afraid of offending the big person in front of him.

The same man shortly replied "Mhm." before dismissing his subordinate. He walked to the patient's bed and stare at Xiao Meng with complicated expressions and massaged his glabella to ease the pain. Under the light that the lampshade emitting, the man eyes soften and lowly called, "Ah Meng..."

Author: Not really my liked chapter for now. If somebody will like to apply as my editor don't be shy to message I will gladly welcome you with your help, it will really make the story really clear and progress really well. Just message me or just leave a comment below and I will try to comment as far as I can Bye for now. Adieu!!

Update: Got an editor!! 💯💯HueyWeiSay