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Chapter 1.3 (Revised and edited)

Edited by HueyWeiSay

‘This!!! This is the Big Boss??!!’ Xiao Meng looked dumbfounded at the same man who helped him back then, he didn’t think he would be saved for the second time in a such embarrassing scene. “You! You!” he stammered as he points his finger at him. The Man looked at him as a flash of emotions suddenly passed through his eyes and vanished as fast as it came. The man ran out like his butt was lit on fire, leaving the two of them who continued to stare at each other.
Xiao Meng was the one who first snapped out of his trance and thanked the man shyly, “Uhh...T-Thank you…again...” he stuttered and looked down at his feet. 
“Why??” the man asked, making Xiao Meng look up and stare at him totally confused. The second action that the man did really made him more confused as he dragged Xiao Meng out of the bar.
‘System!!!Who exactly is this guy!!’ this time he looked for his system to get out from this situation.
(Looking through world’s database……) the monotone voice of his system didn’t even help him this time.

Fuck!! Don’t tell me he will butcher me?


Xiao Meng tried to get out of his death grip as the man felt that he wanted to get out from his grasp so he tightened his grasp on him. He will not let him go this time, he promised!!
They soon arrived at the parking lot as the man caged Xiao Meng in his embrace and buried his head in his neck which made Xiao Meng stiffen.
‘Who is he?! He isn’t even included in the original’s memory!!’
(Searching Complete. There isn’t an existing file about the man, Host.)


“Uhh...Mister, I think you got the wrong person. I’m not the one who are you looking for.” Xiao Meng reasoned and tried to get out from the man’s embrace but failed miserably as it only made the man tighten his hold on him.
The man looked up as Xiao Meng saw the man’s obsidian eyes full of adoration and anguish. Xiao Meng really didn’t know how to handle this situation!! He doesn’t even know who he is?!
“You really don’t remember me anymore, Ah Meng?” the man hopelessly asked as his rough calloused hands brushed his cheeks that involuntarily sent chills to his spine. This man’s affection was quite scary to be honest!!

But for some reason, something shifted inside of Xiao Meng when he heard the man call him with the endearment. And it caused him to lean into his touch and his eyes spilled tears. Xiao Meng regained control of his actions, feeling quite agitated .
‘what is happening to me?’  Xiao Meng thought as tears continued to slip down his unblemished cheeks, reaching the man’s hands.

(Host, this is must be the original’s true feelings! Because Host is new, the energy wasn’t that stable so there is a chance that the original’s feelings and character will appear on some occasions.)

‘Is this safe for me?’

(Don’t worry, host! Even though some energy fluctuations might happen in both host’s soul and the original’s soul, it will not cause any harmful effects on host as the original’s soul is currently in the waiting area of Reincarnation Sect, waiting to be judged.)

The man consoles the crying Xiao Meng by lightly tapping and rubbing his back, whispering calming words. 
“Don’t worry Ah Meng, I will make you remember me again. I will never let you out of my sight.”

( ̄(工) ̄) ||
Xiao Meng sweat dropped.
He was currently in the man’s house. The first time his eyes fell upon the extravagant and spacious piece of land which the man identified as his property. Inside of him, he felt shell shocked.
‘I don’t believe that this man isn’t in the database. Hurry, check it again if the result is the same, look through the original’s memories.’ Xiao Meng commanded as his curiosity pricked him to the edge. In the meantime, Xiao Meng will give the benefit of the doubt.
The man looked at the pitiful state of Xiao Meng. Red-rimmed and puffy eyes with confusion and fear swirling through his twinkling violet eyes. The sight made his heart ache as he approached him carefully. He squatted to his eye level as his eyes soften at Xiao Meng looking at him warily.
“Take a bath before we talk first Ah Meng.” The man said with a soft smile as he forced himself not to touch Xiao Meng’s head to console him. Xiao Meng wasn’t ignorant, he saw how the man clenched his hand and forced a smile. For some reason, something shifted inside him.
“Don’t smile like that. It doesn’t suit you.” Xiao Meng said all of the sudden, making both of them widen their eyes in shock.
The man let out a low laugh as his eyes flashed in reverie, “I think so too.” The man sits up and points out, “The bathroom is there and for clothes, I already prepared some there, just choose whatever you want.” 
Seeing the man leaving, Xiao Meng unconsciously grabbed the hem of his suit and asked.
“What is your name?”
The man’s eyes slightly glinted before going back to its usual dimmed colour, “My name is Jin Yue.”
Xiao Meng sighed in contentment, scrubbing the warm water on his pale skin. He is currently talking to his system.

(|||゚д゚) (Host, I finished scanning the database and the result is the same so I moved onto the original’s memories but only the most recent memories are accessible. All of the old memories are either blurred or just black.) System reported as it fidgeted animatedly, fearing that its host would get angry at it again.
Xiao Meng frowned in displeasure. ‘If I remember correctly, you didn’t give me the original’s memories? How about I search it for myself?’ 
Σ (っ°Д °;) っ (S-sorry host! I forgot to give you that! Let me give you that now.)
‘Well thank you, system.’ Xiao Meng said darkly as the system shivered.
(Sending Original’s Memories…1%)
Xiao Meng patiently waited for the memories to be transferred, he succumbed to the familiar feeling.
“Jin Yue, huh.”

= ̄ω ̄=
Author is back!!
Finally, the male lead has made his entrance in the scene in the middle of Xiao Meng’s misery to become his golden thigh but what is this situation?? Read the next chapter to find out! *wink*

Mini Theatre ~
Golden thigh: Meng’er, I’m here to save you (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)
Meng Meng: *eyes suspiciously* Who the hell are you? (。ŏ_ŏ)
Golden thigh: ( TДT) Meng’er…