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Chapter 1.4
Edited by: HueyWeiSay

(Sending Original’s Memories…100%)

Xiao Meng’s eyes got blurry after his system announced the completion of sending the original’s memories. Dozens of unfamiliar yet familiar scenes flashed through his mind, telling the story in Xiao Meng’s point of view. His head ached a little bit, thinking it was because of soaking in the bath for too long, he didn’t know that this actually came from the memories. That is the after effect that system choose not to tell its host.
The memories weren’t helping to lessen his confusion about that man hence it just increased the suspicions he had of this world. Just how wrecked did this world become after the children of the world had their happy ending? Xiao Meng sighed as he decided to finish his bath and prepare himself for sleep and call it a day. He had a really long day.

‘Monitor Jin Yue and inform me right away if you see any suspicious acts.’

Xiao Meng instructed before wearing the neatly folded clothes that Jin Yue prepared for him. He thought that he would not face the man right now as his eyes were barely hanging open due to the fatigue he had. Existing the bathroom, he walked to the room that Jin Yue gave to him as his room and plopped himself and shortly drifted into a dreamless sleep.

The system who feared its host, thoroughly obeyed Xiao Meng’s order as he carefully watched every movement that Jin Yue made and took note of all of it for the later.
Under the light of the moon coming from his balcony, a solemn figure stood with a wine glass in his slender hands. With unknown thoughts running through his head, a small self-pitying smile formed on his luscious lips as his raven eyes focused on the flashing light coming from the city.

“Ah Meng doesn’t want to meet me.” He mumbled under his breath.

“It’s okay, that’s a normal response that he will have…”

Xiao Meng was woken up by the burning smell swirling in the air, making him frown.
“Who is the idiot that wants to burn down the house?” he grumbled while scratching his head in helplessness. He decided to go down.
Ah, he just remembered this is not his house from his world, it’s that man’s.
Descending from the stairs, a deep yet soothing voice called his attention.
“Ah Meng, you don’t need to see this…” Jin Yue helplessly said as his face covered in black soot, making him look like a ghost. 
That sight that welcomed him made him lose his footing on the stairs. He fell with his ass first and moaned in pain.
“Aiyo…” he cried out as he rubbed his aching ass.
Jin Yue gulped at the unfolding scene, his eyes were glued on the creamy white skin underneath the hem of the large shirt he gave to Xiao Meng. He felt like he made the best decision in his entire life.
Xiao Meng soothed his fast beating heart and glared at the person who had caused it. Even before, he really feared ghosts and supernatural things. And this man had failed to become a sinful ghost.
Jin Yue who had snapped out of his trance after seeing the glare his love gave him, hurriedly came closer and helped him get up. Xiao Meng took the outstretched hand before muttering his thanks.
Coughing his embarrassment, he asked, “What are you doing?” 
Jin Yue’s face redden before lowering his head, “I tried to cook for you and completely forgot I can’t cook edible food.” He bashfully scratches his nose. Xiao Meng saw it before coughing again, this time to hide his laugh.

“I-I see.” He barely managed to say before regaining his composure.

“How about I cook for both of us?”

“Can you?” Jin Yue enthusiastically pleaded, causing him (XM) to let out a chuckle and stretch his hand to rub the black thing on his face unconsciously.
“Yes. I can do much more than that, I need to cook for myself after all to live.” Xiao Meng simply said before taking off the apron of Jin Yue and made his way to the kitchen.
Jin Yue looked at him with tightly sealed lips.
“You don’t need to feel sorry for me. Like you said, you already knew me when I had no recollection of you now and before, and probably know what I have done before which put me in that place.” Xiao Meng let out a small pitying smile for himself before smiling, like it was never there in the first place.
“Anyways, just sit there. You aren’t bothered about what you eat, right? Not health-conscious?”
Jin Yue smile at him warmly, distinguishing his darkening thoughts, “Anything is fine.”
“Just call me. I’m going upstairs.”
‘System, can you locate the chosen ones? Can I also access their memories, maybe they have met this guy. My intuition  won’t let me rest easy until I find out the truth about him and this wrecked world. In the first place, who sent me here! I want to ask that person about life!
(As this is Host’s first time trip, the Higher Ups will allow you to have all the access to every person with connection to the story and gain their memories for free. Trying to gain entry to world’s database…currently at 10%)
(Higher Ups currently unavailable. You can try again later.)  System robotically replied, making him frown.

Xiao Meng made a breakfast consisting of chicken congee, eggs and steamed buns that made his stomach growl in protest. After washing his hands, he went upstairs to call Jin Yue.
He decided he would talk to that handsome guy after breakfast. He will go home before his worry-wart manivore  (who eats men)  friend destroys the land. He chuckled at that thought. 
When he arrived at his door, he knocked twice before calling him out, “Jin Yue, breakfast is ready.”  He said but was met with silence. Questions filled his mind and directly called for his system to ask.
‘What is he doing?’ Xiao Meng thought before excusing himself to enter the room. The sight that greeted him was a handsome man looking eagerly at the papers scattered on the table, he looked so serious that he couldn’t bear to disturb him. He almost drool at that sight.
Jin Yue felt that someone looking at him with heated eyes, a certain someone that he knew and wanted to look at him like that more. He decided to leave him be and feast his eyes on his looks that he was proud of.

The system that is watching, (…) Host and this guy think the same way ah.
Xiao Meng got a hunch that someone was bad mouthing him so he decided to snapped  out from his delusion and asked Jin Yue to come down to eat breakfast. 
Smiling softly he said, “Let’s eat.”

Little shameless corner
The shameless Gong: *feeling giddy* Wifey is looking! Need to look cool and yummy~
Ogling Shou: *drooling* how tasty is he?
Fake System: *crying* why do I need to watch this and be fed with dog food?!