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After the breakfast, Jin Yue decided to tell what he knows and what is he to him. As useless as system can be, the percent of accessing the memories was still on it ways, too far away from his grasp.
According to Jin Yue, they knew each other as early as they are babies. Zhous, Xiaos and Jins’ couple were close friends back when his (XM) parents were still alive. But after the inconspicuous accident, the friendship was gone astray between Jin and Zhou as his parents (JY) believed that Jin had their hands soiled in that accident, further more blaming that Zhou was the one behind the accident.

After that, the two families destroy their friendship, conspiring each other’s reputation and head to head clash with their companies. His parents firstly wanted to adopt him but those sly foxes were get their hands firstly on him before them.

Xiao Meng absorbed the knowledge and concluded. Zhou has hidden agenda when they adopted Xiao Meng but the recently orphan who really need parental love took advantage of it and used him to made Jin stay in their place. All of it was opposite from Xiao Meng’s memories. To his view, the couple who adopted him was kindhearted and loving one and his step brothers was too shy to meet him.

Too shy? pei! (spitting sound)

The innocent Xiao Meng didn’t see the behind look of those people who he considered as his family and fall to their schemes. Xiao Meng smile with contempt, is this the people he wanted to give a happy and peaceful life?

‘System, can you please tell me what Xiao Meng’s regret once again.’ He commanded.

The floating ball quivered and softly made a sound, (Scanning…. scanning…. Another energy was interfering system’s server.)

(Searching for the perpetrator…. Denied.)

(Searching for Xiao Meng’s Regret…. searching…)

Xiao Meng noticed the changes happening on his system and with a little worry asked, ‘what happened?’
(System answers, System find another energy on his Host’s body, interfering his host and this systems connection. System was still finding where the energy landed. Host, please be careful.) system robotically said, reverting to its auto-mode.

(Searching…. Searching Complete!)

{Xiao Meng’ Regret}
*Find my “Happiness”
*Support Brothers [ERROR 303]
*Redo my life

Xiao Meng’s eye widen after seeing before flashing a sly grin.

“Now, isn’t things got more interesting.” He lowly laughed.
Luckily Jin Yue didn’t get to see his current look and be deemed to act OOC. He sits up, dusting the imaginary dirt on him before giving a command.

‘Finish getting the memories of those people, add the Zhou couple on the list and monitor them closely.’ He commanded which make the ball quivered once again in fear.

“Thank you for telling me of who you are and what connection we had but I need to get back to the place before the managers of those work I had taken my jobs. I need those to survive now as I don’t have anyone to consider as a relative, all of them died after all.” Xiao Meng sadly smile at Jin Yue who looked at him with impassive face.

“You can call me if you want in this number.” Jin Yue give him a calling card with his name which made Xiao Meng smile in gratitude.

“Thanks, I will.” Xiao Meng said before turning to leave.
Jin Yue looked on his hand which touched, grasping the lingering feeling that he left.

“Ah Meng…”

‘Entering World’s data base: Successful!’

“Successfully accessing classified information of world serial code #124769”

{Sending the classified file to Host #108386969…please stand by…}

Xiao Meng was walking down the road he was familiar with. It leads to his run-down apartment that he can only afford with the previous Xiao Meng’s money left to his bank account. As his eyes were totally glued on his old cellphone that continuously ringing to the rapid message that Hua Jie sending to him.

{Where are you?}

{Boss was looking all over to you!}

{I just learned that you got molested. Why didn’t you message me so I can beat that mongrel man!}

{Just text me if you are already home. I will bring some food to you. Love lots.}

He can’t help but to let out a small smile, he moved his finger across the screen and send a quick and small message to Hua Jie.

{I met a friend and catches a few things in our lives. I just got home too and you don’t need to come over, I already ate. I will come to the restaurant today.}

Clicking the send button, he tucked his phone to his pocket as he arrived on his apartment’s door. Getting his key, he opened the door without enthusiasm.

‘I really want to move somewhere comfier and had homey vibes than this run down I had.’ He lamented before plopping himself to the creaking sofa.

‘Then please work diligently! Fighting Host!’ System cheered.

‘I don’t want to hear from you, useless system.’ He jeered.

Not edited. Sorry
I realized that there are so many of you waiting for this book to update. So I hasten my ass to produce one. Hehe
Though, it is just a short one, I promise I will compensate to the next up.

Hint: 18+