Chapter 13
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Ming Chen placed Yu Renjia down on the bed. He noticed they were being followed and managed to shake them off, but it took him a bit of time.

He took off Yu Renjia's jacket, shoes, and socks. He pulled open the bedcover on the other bed and arranged the bed before moving Yu Renjia there. Finished covering him with the bed cover, Ming Chen sat down on the other bed and informed Wen Rui about their situation.

Wen Rui replied by updating him that Bai Hua was with Feng Yiran. They were about to head to Feng Yiran's apartment.

They exchanged a few more words before ending the call. Ming Chen slumped back to the bed. In the end, what did heaven want him to do there?

There wasn't any follow-up vision, so he probably did it, right?

As expected, was it the bomb?

He closed his eyes and recounted the event. Who was there at that time that heaven wanted to protect?

He abruptly shot up.

It couldn't be…

Was that really…Michelle?

No, wait, just because that person was blonde, it didn't mean it must be Michelle.

But still…

The only blonde person he knew was Michelle. And heaven wouldn't ask him to save some stranger he didn't know…right?

But why?

Who was Michelle that heaven moved a guardian to save him?

Ming Chen thought for a long time but couldn't get any clue. He gave up and decided to think about it later. He went to the bathroom to take a bath before going to sleep.


"My king, why does smile never blooms upon your face? What distress you so?"

"My king, my heart and body belong to you. Always have been and always will be."

"My king…"

"My king…"

"My king…I will sacrifice my wings for you. I wish you glory and happiness in your next life."


Michelle's eyes shot open. He sat up with trembling breaths and a wild heartbeat. He looked down and saw his bedsheet become wet at an unknown time.


He dazedly touched his cheek and stared at his tear-stained fingers.

What was happening to him?

What was that…dream?

He wiped his tears and went to the bathroom to wash his face. When he saw his reflection, he paused.

Something flashed in his mind but quickly went away. It gave him a sudden headache and he held his temple to knead it. It disappeared a few minutes later.

Ming Chen woke up much earlier than usual. Because he was used to sleeping past 4 AM, it was hard for him to sleep last night. He finally managed to after thinking about Michelle that didn't end up anywhere and circled around everywhere until he fell asleep.

It was more effective than counting sheep.

He saw that Yu Renjia was still asleep. His face's complexion has gone back to normal, so he was already fine. Ming Chen ordered room service and Yu Renjia woke up when he smelled food.

They left after eating breakfast and went back home. When they arrived, Wen Rui has already gone out.

Ming Chen talked about his doubt to Yu Renjia and told him Michelle was there at the warehouse last night.

"That bastard Langley?"

"…Ren, language please."

Yu Renjia controlled himself, "I understand where your conclusion is coming from. But I don't like to think that's the truth."

"Why do you dislike him so much?"

"What is there not to dislike? Why are you defending him?"

"I'm not. I was just asking," Ming Chen sighed, "Okay, let's not discuss this anymore. If heaven wants us to protect him, then what can we do except to comply?"

Yu Renjia snorted in dissatisfaction, "It's a waste of our time."

Ming Chen shook his head and went to do his chores.

The next round of the singing competition arrived. Fortunately, Bai Hua's throat has recovered thanks to Feng Yiran's caring.

Unsurprisingly, although Bai Hua didn't end up in Feng Yiran's house, the man himself visited the apartment every day. He spent most of his time there except when it was time for him to work and sleep.

Their intimacy reached another level.

Lin Xia's enmity also reached another level.

The quarter-finals invited audiences to watch. Wen Rui obtained the ticket for Ming Chen while Yu Renjia kept watch in the backstage after Wen Rui smuggled him in.

It could be said Wen Rui was the MVP today.

The seat was limited and numbered. Ming Chen sat down on his assigned seat which was almost right at the center. Just as the show was starting, the person sitting next to him arrived.

"Hello, Ming Chen. What a coincidence."

Ming Chen turned his head. Michelle was smiling at him. He smiled back, "It really is, Michelle. Are you here to root for Xiao Bai or someone else?"

"Linzhen got this ticket and planned to come. But there was suddenly some trouble in his family, so he gave it to me."

"So it's like that."

"Yes. Are you here for Xiao Bai?"

"Not particularly, but I'm rooting for her."

The show started with the host opening it. There were 12 contestants left in the quarter-finals. After 6 stages, there would be a break in the middle before continuing the last six. The result would be given on the same day as usual.

Wen Rui told him that Bai Hua's stage would be the ninth while Lin Xia was the third.

The 2 people before Lin Xia were very good. But although their voice was beautiful, it wasn't to the point of mesmerizing. Their choice of song was also a bit dull.

When it was Lin Xia's turn, the music suddenly became pop and funky. She sang with a cheerful tone, jumping around everywhere on the stage while throwing bright smiles to the audience. It contrasted very much with the previous ones that she immediately left an impression on the audience.

Ming Chen keenly noticed that her voice was better than her previous stages.

Did she really practice or…

"Do you like that kind of song?" Michelle suddenly asked.

"I don't have any particular likes in terms of music, so…I don't dislike it, but I don't like it either. How about you?"

"She looked like a monkey." Michelle said straightforwardly.


Ming Chen covered his mouth. Michelle heard his muffled laughter and stared at him. The studio was dark because all the spotlight was on the contestant, but he could make out the outline of Ming Chen's cute pair of eyes that contained unconcealed laughter.

It gave a different feeling than his usual polite business smile. This was his genuine laughter.

"My king, do you like my smile?"

"My king, I can't seem to smile for you anymore. But I will try in my next life. Will you still like me nonetheless?"

Michelle frowned slightly from the sudden relapse. Ever since that day, he has been dreaming these strange dreams filled with this person's voice calling his king with gradient emotions. It sounded very similar to Ming Chen's voice, but he knew better that Ming Chen never spoke that colorfully.

Spoiledly, lovingly, pitifully, sadly.

Every sentence this voice was saying always started by calling his king.

It was as if this king of his was his everything.

Even his life and death.

But why was it that every time this voice called upon his king, his heart felt like it was being ripped by a dagger?

"Michelle? Are you okay?"

Michelle turned to see Ming Chen looking at him in worry. He inexplicably wanted to reach out his hand to rub the worry out of his face.

His hand moved on its own, but he managed to stop it. Instead, he rested it on Ming Chen's shoulder and patted him.

"I'm fine."

They continued watching. Until the first half finished, nothing dangerous happened. As they were taking a break, Ming Chen received a message from Yu Renjia.

[Ren: A contestant spilled a bottle of coke on her. It was intentional however I looked at it]

Ming Chen noticed one of the judges stand up and head backstage.

[Chen: Shen Yuanjun's coming your way]

Yu Renjia raised his eyebrows, [Ren: Protagonist's luck?]

[Rui:…I sent him there, Ren Ge]

Shen Yuanjun appeared backstage. The man's face darkened when he saw Bai Hua was drenched with a sweet scent of coke in the air.

At the same time, Ming Chen noticed someone above the stage doing something. It was too dark for him to clearly see what that man was doing. Wen Rui also noticed it. He moved his camera and zoom it to see.

The show then resume. The host spoke for a while before welcoming the seventh contestant. Not long after the eighth finished, it was finally Bai Hua's turn.