Chapter 16
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Michelle woke up with a jolt. He sat up and looked around. When he realized he was in his bedroom, his head was attacked by the hangover. He supported it while trying to remember what happened last night.

He ate dinner with Ming Chen and then…

He frowned.

He couldn't even remember when he left. Currently, he was also still wearing his clothes from last night.

His neck felt sore somehow. Did something happen when he was drunk?

He never would've expected he could be so drunk that he entirely blanked out. It was definitely that wine. He needed to make sure he never drank that in the future. It would be too dangerous if he lose his memory like this again.

Then, he realized he didn't dream about that mysterious voice last night. On the other hand…

He silently lifted his bedcover, "…"

After cleaning everything up and taking a cold shower, he went to the dining room. The housekeeper has already prepared the hangover soup.

The housekeeper was looking at him awkwardly, so he asked, "What is it?"

"Master Langley, do you still want the…cookies?"

"…What cookies?"

The housekeeper took him to the kitchen, and he went silent.

The only word that could describe the state of the kitchen was a catastrophe. On the kitchen counter were several ingredients, bowls of dough, some broken utensils, and a tray filled with unknown glop. The oven was thoroughly burned. The same with the microwave. There was a trash bag filled with unknown dark materials and broken plates.

Michelle kneaded his temple, "Why didn't you clean it?"

The housekeeper answered nervously, "Because Master said you said not to touch them…"

Michelle, "…"

He walked back to the dining room and ordered Jack and Jake to call the driver and his assistant. This was the first time for him to be in this situation of bafflement.

When the 2 people appeared, he promptly asked them what happened last night.

The 2 people hesitated but eventually recounted everything they saw honestly as it is without adding or lessening anything. Everyone else tactfully left except for the housekeeper.

After they raised the screen, they also turned on the radio to make sure they couldn't listen to anything from the backseat. So for the things happening along the way, they didn't know themselves.

Once they arrived at Ming Chen's apartment, Ming Chen opened the door himself and ran out. When the assistant went to close the door, Michelle was lying unconscious on the seat.

Returning back to the mansion, the driver and his assistant were ready to carry Michelle to his room, but he was already awake. He entered the mansion and directly head to the kitchen.

The housekeeper continued. She asked what he wanted to do, and she would do it for him. Michelle told her that he wanted to make star shape cookies and refused her help.

In the end, after failing countless times, he went to the living room and sat in silence while gazing at the moon. They didn't know what to do, so they waited until he fell asleep on the couch and carried him to his room.

Michelle's thoughts halted when he heard the part where Ming Chen ran out.

"Ran out how?" he asked to confirm.

"…Ran out as if…running away from something." The assistant answered in a small voice.

All of Michelle's people knew that even though Michelle dabbled in illegal businesses, his moral in that kind of thing was still straightlaced. He never played around with women even though he has a playboy like Wei Linzhen as his friend. He never bought any prostitutes or slaves to play with.

His bottom line has always been debaucheries and drugs. None of his people were allowed to take drugs and play hookers. Any families, groups, or syndicates that run businesses involving that and crossed paths with Moonlight all suffered the same fate.

Michelle quickly stood up, "Take me to him."

In his room, Ming Chen was sitting in a daze on his bed. He locked himself in his bedroom and hasn't slept since last night. Every time he closed his eyes his mind would rewind the event in the car and his body would start to boil from shame.

Even thinking about it now already made his cheeks heat up. He quickly covered his face with his hands and groaned dreadfully.

He didn't think…

He didn't think he liked to be kissed so much!

How would he know?! He has never been kissed for hundreds of years!

He wanted to dig a hole and bury himself. He almost jumped out of his bedroom window after running away from embarrassment last night.

His head recalled the sensation of Michelle's tongue stirring inside his mouth and the scorching temperature of their breath mixing together. The sloppy sounds of their lips sucking one another. His head became mush from the kiss, and his body became weak from his touches.

His eyes started to spin from the image, and his psychokinesis accidentally activated, breaking the mirror near his bed.

The door was suddenly knocked. Yu Renjia's angry voice was heard, "Chen, are you okay? What happened?? Did that bastard do something to you?? Didn't I warn you he's dangerous?!"

I didn't think you mean he was dangerous in that sense!

But Ming Chen couldn't even say that because he himself was also guilty for enjoying it.

As guardians, the three of them never had any romantic relationship with humans. He wondered if he would get punished for kissing a human. But deep inside, he didn't really regret it though.

He felt he has just opened a new door.

If Yu Renjia heard his thought, he would surely cough out blood and directly shut that door back and burn it with the fire of hell.

"That's it. I'm going to murder that trash." Yu Renjia went to take his helmet.

Suddenly, their doorbell rang.

Yu Renjia saw who it was and slammed open the door, "Just the man I'm looking for."

He threw a heavy punch at Michelle's face even adding it with his psychokinesis. Jack and Jake wanted to move to block it, but Yu Renjia's movement was too fast.

Michelle hit the wall behind him from Yu Renjia's punch. His lips were cut and bled. But he didn't try to fight back. He stopped Jack and Jake who were ready to move.

The door of other units opened one by one from the ruckus.

"What happened?"

"A fight?"

"Can you do it somewhere else?"

Before Yu Renjia could say anything, Ming Chen pulled him back, "What are you doing causing a scene?"

He quickly apologized to their neighbors and pushed Michelle and the twins inside. He apologized once again with a smile and closed the door after their neighbors went back inside.

Ming Chen looked at Michelle but was immediately reminded of their kiss. He quickly looked away and walked to the living room, "…What are you doing here?"

"I want to apologize for last night." Michelle followed his figure.

Ming Chen glanced at Yu Renjia. Yu Renjia sat down on the couch, "I'm not going anywhere."

Ming Chen struggled for a while before pulling Michelle to his room and locking it. Not for the life of his could he let Yu Renjia know what happened last night. Especially his thoughts.

Yu Renjia was stunned. He banged the door, "Chen, are you seriously doing this?!"

"Ren, please tolerate just this once. I…" Ming Chen didn't know what to say, "I will explain it to you once I'm ready."

Yu Renjia lowered his fist. It was the first time he heard Ming Chen talk to him with that pleading tone. He groaned and scratched his hair.

"If I hear anything suspicious inside, I'll f*cking break this door down!" he huffed and glared at the green-eyed twins, "What are you looking at?! We only have tea!"

Jack and Jake, "…"

This guy is a bit funny.

Inside, Ming Chen sighed in relief. He motioned Michelle to sit down on the chair while he sat on the bed.

"You remember what happened?" Ming Chen asked doubtfully. When someone got drunk from Wine for Rainy Days, none of them could remember what happened.

"I'm not in the position to lie, so no. Honestly, I don't. But I now know you do. Can you tell me what I did to you? It's also fine if you don't want to. I'll let you beat me either way if it can make you forgive me."

"It's not your fault. It's mine. I'm just reaping what I sow. I shouldn't have let you drink that wine knowing its effect. I thought if it's you, you could handle it."

Michelle looked at Ming Chen who was avoiding eye contact with him. That unknown urge bubbled up inside him again.