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Today is my birthday, thus I wanted to celebrate it with you dear readers. The regular chapter would be early again on Thursday as a Thanksgiving treat. Please enjoy the chapters and provide feedback as comments and reviews.


The story is going to be in the first POV with a different character's POV for each chapter. However, to provide a better understanding and reduce info dump, there are going to be journal pages that are named Essays which provides the journal writer's own POV. Please take note that these journal pages are dated differently and not in a linear order. 



I hate this will construct.

Not because of the futility of conveying mental images between two people speaking different languages without loss of meaning.

No, that is only to be expected.

Not because of the endless misunderstandings encountered while translating proper nouns, abstract facts, and concept names.

Severely discouraging and tiring to a torturing extent but no. That is not the reason either.

Certainly, not because of the endless headaches caused by prolonged use, emotional distress,  or mental contact with amateurs who can’t contain their minds and focus their thoughts.

None of them was the reason.

I hate this will because it's impossible to predict the possible long-term side effects of opening your mind to a stranger.

If you open your mind to a madman, you can go mad.

If you open your mind to a pervert, you can go... Astray?

What if you open your mind to a fool? Does your mind slowly deteriorate until you become a fool yourself? Can you go crazy? Maybe you go astray. Well… Would you be aware of that if your mind deteriorates slowly for a long amount of time?

Detection of lies… Discerning the intentions… Understanding the emotional state of the mind… Even reading the surface thoughts… The promises were absolutely great. The results are simply… Meager?

You would be lucky if the person is deliberately lying or trying to hide something. But if you're in the mind of a fanatic who believes in his own lies, or a disabled person who can't tell right from wrong, or even a madman who is literally crazy… Good luck with that. Besides I don’t even want to think about the perspective of the fool, the deceived, and the betrayed. Even charmed and dominated could be understandable but for those poor souls, there was simply no salvation and this is the exact reason, that it is strictly forbidden to use truth-type powers in a tribunal.

Discerning superficial intentions on the other hand is utter nonsense. It may be very useful in case you are trying to communicate with a savage who acts on impulse and is incapable of making any long-term plans. In communications with all the remaining sane and normal people, it is simply misleading.

One can be depressed, hopeless, desperate, and then the next moment he can just lose it and want to relieve everyone he loves of the cruelty of life so that they do not experience the same pain. Good luck trying to discern those murderous tendencies that bore out of… Love?

I'm not even going to get into the empathy bulls**t. Aside from the interesting way that emotions are contagious, the fact that they sense yours while you are sensing the other person's emotional state is literally terrifying.

'I feel devastated, but you're happy. I'm angry at you for your epicaricacy, but you are so calm about it that… It does excite me? How so?'

A vicious circle which only makes comrades doubt each other.

Last but surprisingly least, reading surface thoughts is simply… An urban legend. Surface thoughts? What are those? Do they really exist? More importantly… The surface of what? Mind? Soul? Simply ridiculous.

Human beings are complicated creatures with their faults and flaws and unfortunately, there is no simple will construct that can help you to understand a being that can’t understand itself.

Unfortunately, this type of will is the easiest and fastest way to overcome the language barrier between two people and build trust in the short term. Not to mention that it accelerates and facilitates language learning.

As long as I keep the daily exposure time short and I don't have long-term contact with this woman, it shouldn't be a problem.



Agāh H. Ates

571 Imperial + 001 Cihan


...or so I thought back then...


571 Imperial + 003 Cihan


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