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Everybody remained silent in shock as the oracle finished the saying. No one  could believe what had been said. Something like that had never happened in Lakion family blood line before. A child born without power. 

"We cant have a child like that in our family let alone the heir," one of the elders said while glaring at the three year old who had no idea what was happening

"I agree," another continued," the child is an abomination even to the weakest of people he will surely bring shame to our family."

"We should get rid of him before words get out," at those words the eyes of his mother widened and she rushed in front her child weeping. She looked up at the king who all this time had been quite.

"Please your highness spare my child, I will go away with him and he will no longer considered your child and I will have the oracle savor his bloodline from yours please don't kill him," at those words the elders gasped a child of  severed bloodline is not fit for society, children with birds have no hope of living get his mother chose that she must be planning something.

"How can we be sure with women like you, for all we know you could go out and announce saying that we forced you to savour your childs blood line claiming that the kingdom turned his child because he was talentless and lacked magic in his blood," one of the elders start to question.

"For the safety of my child i will never stoop to such crude levels I promise to leave to a foreign land if given the opportunity and the house of Lakion will be a dream forgotten and i will never set foot in this kingdom again,"

Everybody turned to the king awaiting his thoughts. He quietly stood up dusting his coats causing every one to bow down. He walked straight towards the woman.

"Make sure to leave before the next sunrise, i give you a week to completely exit the kingdom if you are spotted in this kingdom in a weeks time the guard will been ordered to kill you on site"

The woman was in shock she held her child with teary eyes, he didnt tell her to savor the bloodline. She quickly took hold of her son who was silently wondering why everyone in the hall looked mad and why his father was glaring at him. His mother pulled him outside and she carried him out the hall into their small room she hurriedly packed their important belongings. She placed him on her front and tied a clothe above him she placed the bag on her back and left the house.

She hurriedly left the city gates not wanting to waste time . She  looked back at her home town for the last time wondering how it will be  outside the place. A small tug on her clothes made her look down at her child who was looking at her with his big beautiful eyes she smiled at him and continued her long journey knowing no matter what troubles come her way she would do anything in  her power to protect the child in her arms from anything that comes their way.

a week later the age of they were at the edge of the kingdom, the sun was high and the sky was blue they've been walking for a long time she was starting to feel weak but she couldnt stop she knew trouble was following her, the king wouldn't just sent her way with a child whom he called 'broken'. she had since the immediately she left the palace gates the king must have sent them and ordered them to kill her and her son before they left the kingdom border. In the king's mind dealing with them it's probably dealing with a problem that might arise in the future he took the child might disturb him as he grew up so to satisfy his ego as a king he decides to wipe out any mistakes he could have made. 

"Come out. If you cant stalk someone quitely dont do it it will just get you killed,"

"Hahahaha, young lady do you know who you are talking to i would have killed you long ago but your body amuses me and  I wanna have my way with it,"

"Yeah not gonna happen, i don't do it with ugly,"

"You how dare you. Get me the woman and kill the child," several men came out the bushes and stood behind the man. She placed the child who was now a sleep on the ground near a tree. She bent down an lifted a sword from the bag she had and pointed it towards the men.

"Young lady do you think a normal sword will work on us, we don't have time to waste Erik get her," a man who looked like a walking boulder walked forward and stood in-front of her.

"For the sake of sportsmanship ill let you have the first swing," Aria smirked and looked up at the man. It seems every body had forgotten who she was before becoming the kings concubine. Just because she hasn't fought for years doesnt mean she is weak.

"That will be the worst decision you have ever made," before any one could blink she had moved forward first attacking the mans legs the before the man could recover she sliced through his neck . It had happened so fast that the other team members didn't know how to react. Aria didn't give them time to she sliced through the men in a speed that no one would have considered humanely  possible she turned back t the remaining person the cocky so called leader she held his collar and whispered to him.

"Tell king pyrhuu  that if he sends others i will consider it a declaration of war, he shouldnt forget who i really am," the man who was quivering stood up quickly and ran toward the city. Aria walked towards her sleeping child and held him her hands.

"Come on Hakan how are you still a sleep after all that noise must be a special talent," she chuckled to herself. She picked him up together with the bags and continued walking after a week of her journey she came up to a village. As she entered  every body looked at her and the child whose hand she was holding. The stares were so much she was getting irritated before she could react a man came her way. she was about to react when a man came in front of her and introduced himself he looks like the boss of the place or something. he smiled at her kindly and introduced himself. 

"Hello welcome to Er'ikinn  I am Collin. We are not used to having many guests so please don't mind the stares come follow me," she followed the man to a huge mansion where she was requested to sit.

"Mama where we," little Hakan asked.

"Some where special," she told him smiling but the child could see the fatigue in his mothers eyes. He leaned on her chest as away of comforting her the action made Aria smile. She knew her child was usually smarter than most. Hakan perceived everything differently from other children.

A few minutes later a man old enough to be her father walked in to the room she placed Hakan down and bowed down to the man Hakan seeing this did the same the action as his mother making the older man chuckle.

"What a clever child. Hello I'm Zoran leader of this town,"

"I am Aria and this is my son Hakan we are searching for a town and residency,"

Zoran looked at  Aria then at her child, at first he thought he was seeing things then as he looked closer he saw it the fire in the child's eyes dangerous fire. at first glance seemed up to 200 do i do my gender if you look closely there was a strong fire fire strong enough to to burn a nation.

"What are you good at?"

"I can do house work as a maid," The man took a small bell and rang it but no sound came out some seconds later a woman came into the room.

"Elda she is a new worker i've placed her and her son under your care," the woman nodded and gestured for them to follow her,"

"Thank you so much lord Zoran ," Aria said as she bowed down.

"Dont worry its nothing,"

Two years have passed since then Aria and Hakan have gotten used to the mansion. Hakan loved the library the most out of all the places in the mansion because the other children wouldn't bully him there. He sat at his normal place reading a book that seemed to large for a five year old.

"You are still here Hakan youve been here since morning,"

"Mama, i was just finishing," He says closing the book he was about to stand up when he started feeling dizzy and sat back down.

"Mama i dont feel too good," Aria was about to walk closer to see the problem when a blast of power hit her making her almost unable to stand she looked at her child with wide eyes she knew what was going on but it didn't make sense the oracle clearly didn't sense any power in him so how was it even possible for him to awaken. And the aura he had was powerful enough to bring her to her knees.

"Hakan look at me you have to control it before it gets worse,"

"It hurts mama please make it stop," Aria struggled to walk towards him and held him in her hands. She spoke soft words to him until he fell a sleep the aura was still there but not as much as before.

On the other side of the mansion lord Zoran who was busy in his work felt the aura hit him. It was like nothing he had felt before. Immediately after Collin came in looking like he had been hit by a storm the aura must have been too much for him.

"My lor-

"I know i felt it too," he placed his work down and walked towards the area where the aura felt stronger when he entered the library what he saw was jaw dropping. Children nomarly manifest at the age of ten but to do it so early. If this news got out the elders would go crazy. He looked down at the child who was being held by his mother. Aria looked up eyes begging him to do something. He ran his hand through his hair and laughed.

"Well life just got interesting."