Chapter 1
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Hakan concentrated on  the red dot, he pulled the bow string a little further before letting the arrow go,the arrow passed through the trees swiftly and hit the middle of the red dot. It was almost past noon which means break is almost over and he had to go back to Master Zoran's training. At this point he still wasn't sure whether to call them trainings or torture camps. Noon is his favorite time of the day since hes usually on a break from his lessons and he gets to spend time in the forest relaxing with the trees, their company somehow always keeps him calm. 


A loud growling sound makes him stop his next aim. He quickly dashed towards the direction of the noise avoiding the tree roots that were on his way. He stopped behind a tree and looked at what was going on. He spotted two men with black clothing bending over a dying animal.


On closer inspection he spotted two pups with white fur which was partially covered in flames, one blue in colour and the other red they were trying to growl at the two men, probably warning them to leave their mother alone. He had read about them  before, wolves that emit flames to protect themselves, they were fire wolves one of the rarest mythical creatures very hard to find and those men were letting an adult fire wolf die, , one of nature's elemental wonders and they were killing it. He looked at the men closely and spotted something familiar on their necks and realization slowly came to him, he immediately knew who the men were. Scarlet blood hunters, a group of hunters who find illegal things or things that are rare and sell them at the black market for very high prices they either steal or kill to obtain their goods but the activity they do the most is the hunt of mythical creatures and sell them on the black market, they kill the adults and sell their body parts then they take pups and sell them as pets for some nobles. Just the thought of how many innocent creatures they had killed made him want to give them a very painful death. But he couldn't kill them, a death happening in Master Zorans woods would bring trouble for him no matter whose deaths they were and he wouldn't want that. But that didnt mean he can't  get rid of them.  

"Who thought we'd be this lucky we caught a fire wolf and its two pups boss will be so proud of us," one of the men said.

"Stop talking and start parking our catch,"


Before the man finished his sentence an arrow passed him slightly grazing his cheek and embedding itself on a tree.

"I'm afraid i cant let you leave with them," Hakan says as he prepares another arrow to shoot.

"And how is a child like you planning to stop us,," one of the men says taking out his dagger but before he could hold it well Hakan shot it off him. The man was enraged.

"You little shit do you know who you are messing with,"

" Don't know but your face kinda reminds me of trash,"

"That's it you're dead," He said and he held out his hands and fire appeared on them.

'So thats why you are corky you're a fire mage but you are about to find out why that will be the worst power to have right now' Hakan thought

The man  threw a ball of fire towards him. It exploded leaving smoke around him. The man then started laughing while looking at his friend.

"I told him to leave didnt I thats what happens when you mess with us," but his friends eyes remained on the smoke ahead. something didnt feel right, his fears came to light when he saw a shadow carrying something glowing on its hand.


"What is it,"

"Look," the man turned back and spotted Hakan holding a fireball in his hand.

"What the- that's impossible. How did he survive my fire ball," He said as he threw another ball towards the boy but it didn't reach him, it just floated around him circling him as if afraid to touch him. It has always been like this with Hakan, flames they wouldn't dare hurt him, He'd never known the reason why but it was like the flames would rather worship him than hurt him. When the man looked around trying to find an escape route Hakan closed his hand and the flames around him disappeared and before the man could make his next move he muttered a simple spell and the roots underground came up and tangled themselves around the man. He tried to struggle to get free but the  roots only got tighter to the point the man looked almost blue.

"The more you struggle the tighter they become," he tells the struggling man a. He looks around and the other man is not there.

'Foolish of him to think you can escape from me in a forest.' He kneeled down, touched the forest floor and closed my eyes, this way he  could see everything in the forest from where all the animals are to where the man was. He stood up and waved his hand in the air and all of a sudden the air felt cold and the temperature continued to drop. The man who had pretended to run away but had instead turned invisible revealed his hiding  place due to the cold. He beckoned  the roots from the ground and the man  was held suspended in the air, unable to move. He  then motioned for the roots and the men wee bought then bound to the ground.

"Y-you who are you, how are you able to defeat us ," Hakan moved towards them and squirted down looking at them.

"You are not worthy to know my name," he said walking away from them.

"let us go we'll make sure you are rewarded well," Hakan ignored them.

" Let us go please," they said as they started stuggling.

"Noisy," immediately those words left his mouth the root came up and coiled around covering their mouths and they continued struggling.

He walked toward the huge fire wolf, she was in alot of pain and will be dying soon. Hakan squited down and closed its eyes he then waved his and the air moved towards her, she struggled for a while before she looked at me then stopped breathing it wasnt a painful death..

"Dont worry ill care for your children," and as if she heard him the wind blew through the trees and he could feel a huge flash of energy pass by him.

He walked to where the wolf pups were hiding, they were shaking in fear and their fire defence was still on, he picked them up and placed them inside his clothes.

"Come on let me take you to your new home,"

I Walked for a while before spotting the familiar castle I called home I walked in greeting the guards and went directly to my masters office.


Immediately Zoran saw him he hid some papers he was holding out of instinct and looked up.

"Hakan, child your back from training,"

"What are you hiding?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about, what are you hiding,"

"Uhm, well you see I've been thinking-

"Yep I've decided I'm not interested, you can keep hiding you secret"

"Wait, what do you mean you are not interested? You haven't even heard what I was about to say,"

"Every time you use those word it usually means you have invented a new way of torturing me,"

"Just listen since you asked," 

"What is it?"

"Imre academy of talents, arts and magic has accepted you into their school," I froze.


"I know its abrupt but you need to attend an academy once you are 16 years old its and empirical rule and since people have seen you around they are gonna start to ask questions,"


His mother then entered the office her red hair tied back in her normal pony tail. She was carrying  a tray of tea in her hands. She placed it on Zoran's table and sat down next to him looking at her son.


He immediately knew that Zoran had called his mother to convince him to go to school.

"Lemme he called you right, great everybody was conspiring against me,"

"Calm down sweetheart it's just school,"



A loud sound came from under his clothes startling everyone in the room, two furry creatures appeared and I looked at the two smiling.


Zoran and my mother looked at the himas if he had grown a second head. He told them of his encounters in the forest and the men he left there, "So you're telling me you fought two people that are skilled enough to join the red blood group and won."

"Yes they weren't that hard to fight, plus it was worth it i saved these two,"

"Yeah about them they have to go back," mother said dead serious.

"Come on mom they were almost killed how will they survive out there,"

"I get it but you start school in a months time who is gonna take care of them when your gone,"

"I've not agreed to that and even if i agree I'll take them with me, it's a magical school and these are mythical creatures so it won't be a problem," and they look at me twitch looks that say 'you didn't have a choice to go or not to' my mother then sighed and looked at master

"Its not my choice lord Zoran what do you think?"

"I will go to school without bothering you if you agree,"

"Yeah  guess it can be in part of the training program, but you'll need to learn to tame them before your school reporting day,"

"Yes! I will do it," he said turning to the pups, "I'll name you Anya because of your flame lie eyes and you Io because of your calm blue gaze."