Bloody Night.
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I wrote this like 2 years ago, and never in my life have I seen something age so incredibly well. This'll most likely be the only chapter.


augh… Another shitty morning. I hate waking up.

I'm still incredibly hungover, and my stupid long black hair keeps getting in my face.

Hey, My name is Autumn. My friends decided to invite me to go drinking the other day, and I got a little excited after abstaining from alcohol for a long time and drank over my tolerance, which I found to be a full bottle of  Spirytus Vodka. I would rave about how my liver is god incarnate, but that would make it harder to get out of bed.

It was a great night, not a great morning, though.

Without even realising it, I had made my way to my curtains and opened them, only to see the horrendous blinding light.

My eyes And my hangover could not correctly compute, and I short-circuited. Staring blankly at the window for a couple of seconds.

"I regret everything and nothing at the same time" My voice was monotonous and dead, like how my morning felt.

Now I have to get ready for work. Great.

My chest is super sore from sleeping on it, and I'm feeling like a -10, but nothing stops the grind except death and losing my job.

Being groggy and unmotivated, I had completely forgotten how to put on my bra. I'm so incredibly smart...

30 minutes later

I'm so glad that I work the night shifts, as I doubt I would be able to make it to work in time if I worked the afternoons. It's around 5:30. My shift starts at 11 and ends at 10:20, I am not excited, but I should be able to get rid over this killer headache and soothe my pains…

[Time 10:24]

And I'm late, Great. How does that happen when you have 5 hours to get from A to B? Because GODDAMN-TRAFIC! Somebody forgot to turn their blinker on, and I almost drove directly into them! It was a shitshow.

But at least I made it to work on time if you rounded it to 10:20. Yeah, let's go with that.

While I was thinking, I was of course walking to the door of the large corporate building I work at. I am a programmer, great carer path when you choose it, but horrible when you're underpaid and worked like a dog to create a dumb interface that barely works and get paid for a commission instead of an- I'm getting off-topic here.

Opening the door, I was greeted by an incredibly unhappy boss. 

His name was Jim.

Jim, was a Prick.

Simple, See?

No but in all seriousness, Jim was a Power hungry cunt that didn't know how to not abuse his staff. He decided to battle me on history. I won of course as I was one of the people that loved looking back at the wars and such, and he'd doc my pay for 'Talking during work hours' which was hyper Bullshit.

"Why were you late to work?"

"I almost got into a car accident due to somebody's reckless driving"

"This is your third warning in the lasts three months." 


"You are fired. If you look at the third clause-" 

"I quit," I said as I handed him my notice of leave. Where I work, you can leave as long as you give a physical and digital copy to the manager you are under. I always keep a letter of resignation on me because I hate this job, But I need money.

"Jim, now that I am no longer your employee, fuck you" 


Leaving Jim and heading into the glorious outside world, I make my way back to my car.

Leaving this job had a lot of setbacks. It would be difficult to pay my shitty apartment's rent. And it will likely take a while to find a new job due to my profession.

Mentally sighing and getting into my car, I start the trek back to my Apartment- or at least that's what I would like to say. I am Halfway home, which is a good thing. But there is also a Shipment truck attempting to crash into me, which is a bad thing.

I can't turn. This thing is 100% going to sideswipe me.

Prepping for the worst, I close my eyes- only to hear a crunch and a massive eruption of pain from my legs.

Opening my eyes, I can see that the door has deformed and latched onto my legs, which seem to be detached from my body. 

My car was 19 meters away from me, and I was bleeding from the back of my head, and my open leg wound. Or, well lack of legs.

Of course, adrenaline can't stop the pain from losing both of my legs, so I  scream in agony.

"OWOWOWOWOW!" I shout into the air, attempting to ease my pain in any way, as my open wounds leak blood, lots of blood in fact, I start to get light-headed.

That was until of course I felt my arm get crushed under what seemed to be a car. And when I looked, that was exactly what it was.

Is Even my car against me? Why can't I just die from blood lose already. It hurts.

My arm being crushed had me spit out countless profanities into the night sky. It was horrible. I could barely hear myself over the fire caused by my engine, well exploding. I don't want to be saved. I want to die. There is quite literally no point in living if I become 3/4 paraplegic. 

My wish for peace was of course ignored as I felt the fire cauterize my open wound, causing another bout of incredible pain. Is this what it feels like to be branded? Poor cows...

Ooh... I seem to be kicking the bucket. What a short-lived life. I didn't even manage to get laid. Oh, well you win some… You lose... some…









Why am I falling?! What the hell? Why can't I just die after such a traumatic experience?! 

'Argh!' what the shit? Why is it so bright?! You expect me to attempt to swim into it? Hah, my body is incredibly fucked why would I even want to survive…? If I could have a different body maybe… It doesn't even matter at this point. I could even be a Droplet of rain and be hap-

What the ever-loving...

Where the hell am I? It's grey and black everywhere... Holy shit am I in a cloud? I can't feel my body, but I feel like I have mass, which makes it incredibly odd. My body is very unstable. I don't have a defined shape, and it feels so weird, and the fact that I can see only adds to that. In fact. I have a full 360-degree vision which is hurting my head horribly. The extra influx of information makes my head spin.

And my body... why am I a drop of water?! I was fucking joking! You don't take someone's jokes this seriously?! What are you, a Twi**er user!?

Deep Breathes... or metaphorical ones at least.

But yes, I seem to be a water droplet. How is this possible? I have no fucking clue. Maybe I'm alive, and my brain is making some wacky shit to keep me sane.

That would be option number one,

option number two is that I died. And this is hell.

What? You thought that I would try to put myself in heaven? Definitely not, I followed laws, but I DEFINITELY was not a saint.

I've likely committed every sin, except lust.

Pfft... I have 6 Sins and one Virtue. What an interesting lineup.

Woah holy Shi-

And I'm falling again. Why did it have to rain when I was thinking over my life, eh?!

Well. At least ill be able to see where I am.

Woah... That is one massive forest. This place doesn't seem to be Earth. How do I know? Maybe it's the hundred-meter tall mushroom. Or even the tree that seems to be sticking out of the planet. 

Where in Satan's name am I?

Is this Florida? 

And then I hit the ground with a wet splat.

Jesus Christ,  that is incredibly weird. My entire body was split apart and reformed. it didn't hurt at all but oh god if it didn't feel weird. 

It felt like being cut but not being able to feel the pain.

But that's not all, when my body reconnected it was like being glued and then phased together. 

It was incredibly uncomfortable. And being in a constant state of rain, this conjoining thing didn't stop. Not at all.

And what happens when you're uncomfortable for a long time? You get angry very quickly and find everything irritating.

Which is why I hope that truck driver fucking died.





After what felt like aeons of rain, it finally stopped. I am now inside a pond. Or am I the pond? I don't know. All I know is that

I could go for a taco right now. They added that new thing to the menu the day that I died, too-


< Name - [N/A]

Race - Sentient Water

Class [N/A]

Class [N/A]

Total Level - [N/A]



  • Body
    • Brawn - [N/A]
    • Dexterity - [N/A]
    • Agility - [N/A]
  • Mind
    • Intelligence - 11  
    • Perception - [N/A]
    • Charisma - [N/A]
    • Cunning - 2
  • Spirit
    • Wisdom - 7
    • Resistance - [N/A] 
    • Essence - [N/A] 
Mass Upgrades

  • Mass - 0
    • [EXPAND]


  • Racial
    • Mass Collection. - Chant 'Condense' to absorb the water in your immediate area[↑ Mass]
  • Acquired Skills
    • Annoyance Resistance LV 3
    • Pain Resistance LV MAX
    • Math LV 6
    • Cooking LV MAX
  • Acquirable Skills
    • Observation - 100 G[Requirements - Be a sentient Race]
    • Telekinesis - 100 G[Requirements - Have ~10 Intelligence]
    • Hydrokinesis - 100 G[Requirements - be Greatly related to water]
    • Matter Absorption - 100 G[Requirements - Be a race that absorbs Matter into itself]
    • [EXPAND]
  • Titles
    • <Sentient Water>  The first of your kind, Congratulations!
    • <Mathmatician> Have above 5 Math. [Wisdom/Intelligence↑]
    • <Gourmet Chef> Max out the Cooking skill. [Taste↑ ] >


Owww! What the shit! Why did this stupid blue screen just wedge itself into my thoughts?! That hurt a Fuck ton, what happened to pain resistance!

... Oh, that's why I was rain. Im the first of my kind? thats awsome. 

It seems this is a video game like world? That would make a lot of sense. Skills, mass and spending mass for upgrades.... How is mass going to let me hear things? 

the only skill i can actualy use right now is [Water Condense]. I might as well try it, if it actually condenses the water I should become smaller and heavier, if there is some sort of magic going on of course…






urghhh, I'm going to throw up.

That was a horrible experience. once i chanted the skill all of the water in the pond i was in floated into the air and started pouring into a single point.. it looked cool but felt like being in a washing machine. this lasted for 10 minutes. 10 minutes. 10 Fucking minutes of washing machine torture. I went from a relatively wide pond to a small heavy puddle, not the best but i should be able to do better if i take a dip in the ocean- never mind. I would probably go brain-dead if I attempted to absorb an entire ocean.


Mass Upgrades

  • Mass - 1000 G
    • Enhanced Vision - 100 G
    • Hearing - 50 G
    • Mental Strain Reduction 400 G
  • Acquirable Skills
    • Observation - 100 G[Requirements - Be a sentient Race]
    • Telekinesis - 100 G[Requirements - Have ~10 Intelligence]
    • Hydrokineseis- 100 G[Requirements - Be a race of sentient water]
    • Matter Absorption - 100 G[Requirements - Be a race that absorbs Matter into itself]
    • Hibernation - 200 G[Requirements - Be a long-lived species]> 


W~his~tle. Look at that! I could actually do things now. I had already decided on a few skills earlier but the two new additions seem to good to pass up.

{Skill Telekinesis Has Been acquired- 100 g}

{Skill Hydrokinesis Has Been acquired- 100g}

{Skill Hibernation Has Been acquired- 200g}

{Skill Matter Absorption has Been acquired- 100g}

{Mass Upgrade - Mental Strain Reduction - 400g}

{Mass Upgrade - Hearing - 50M} 

Why does everything hurt my head! OwieOWOWW! why! ohhh, it's clearing up... man, every time I get one of those headaches I fear I might turn into a vegetable. 

these new skills are going to be incredibly helpful! and the fact that I can hear now is also really awesome, it sounds like one of those forest ambiences on Whytoob.

I should be able to move with hydrokinesis.... but I don't know how. Maybe just wanting it to fly?

I want the water to fly

Holy Moly that actually worked? do I just put my intent onto something like spirals or something? jesus this is awesome, I could go find a river to absorb... A small river of course!