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Samantha’s POV :  ( why isn’t he opening the door , what if someone see me here. ...Hahh... At last the door opened , I have to get in fast .....” come in “......

well , how should I ask him to give me the crystal, yes , I should smile a little , Giggle while talking and he will give in ,Uf..uf my beauty . pathetic kid today’s your lucky day to see me like this . 

why is he staring me down , those deep black eyes , he’s so still and calm and there so much difference from the last lime I met him . 

Whats that in his hand , a blade ? Wow a black blade , I have never seen such a blade , such a sharp glossy finish , it’s like , it’s gonna cut me in half . Where the hell did he get such a blade from . Maybe I should take it too . Definitely you should be mine .

... “why did you come here”       ....... 

Hun.. that startled me .what should i say . I thought he would  be all flustered , but he is too calm . Calm down girl , calm down .. huff.. )


”Michael , could you please give me .. your crystal “ 

why do you want mine , don’t you  already have one . Your parents , I mean didn’t they give you one ?

No I don’t , Well , they fixed my marriage with the village chiefs son , as dowry, the village chief is giving us 2 crystals and 2 D class items , but I don’t want to marry him . I don’t like him he’s always with women and there a lot of bad rumours about him .I don’t want to use their crystals , or else I can’t refuse the marriage.  

So you are my hope Michael, please help me. 

Samantha’s POV : ( why am I telling him all this )

Michaels POV : ( hoo, so that’s the reason , by the way , you are kind of a naive bitch . To think, that if you don’t use the crystal you will escape from the marriage. Hehe... Your family sold you off , for getting close to the chiefs family and don’t forget about those two D class items, they can increase their strength with them and break the balance  with the elm family . So many benefits, they will make sure that you sacrifice yourself for the family’s well-being. 

I am sure the chiefs son would enjoy your tight ass , but first, you have to worry about escaping from me

I have only one crystal , what would I do tomorrow .

please Michael , only you can help me . Can’t you do this for me . It’s just a crystal .

Michaels POV : ( wow bitch , using such a cute face , do you think I am stupid like you lackeys , who would follow behind you like dogs )

ok , aha..

by the way , what do they do at the awakening ceremony tomorrow ?

thanks Michael you are the best .

You don’t know about the ceremony huh !

well , I don’t have anybody left to tell me about these things .

sorry Michael.

Well , the awakening ceremony , there’s  nothing much about it.  You already heard about it , “ The tale of the saint and the mother of pandora” . It’s the same thing that’s been followed . 

The world of pandora , the mother who takes care of us . In the early days , humans were not as strong as they are now , the beast ran rampant , they were the kings of this world , every single life were under their feet . About , 100,000 yrs ago there came a being calling himself saint . Seeing such a helpless state of the humans , he pleaded the mother pandora for a way to protect themselves . The mother hearing his sincere plea decided to grant humans the ability to use mana , just like how beasts do . The humanity , using this boon , started their journey to gain power . Naturally there were fights as beasts were aggressive , but this time beasts were also getting killed . After few years it was the first time when the beasts were pushed back , the humans started celebrating  their victory over the beasts , unaware about the calamity coming towards them . The emperor beasts soon emerged from their slumber , angry at the ants that were fighting back they went on a rampage wiping 80% of humanity before mother pandora interfered .

Seeing the massacre the mother created new life form beast kin , elves and dwarfs with similar features as humans . But , the saint was not happy , he stared researching about new ways to strengthen us as he had seen the horror of those emperor beasts . 

He created a concoction made of beast cores and few herbs to clear the passages  and clean the body for better absorption and control of mana .

Thats how the ceremony came to be , every year on this day they provide the concoction for everyone who’s 13 yrs  old.

Michaels POV : ( ok, that’s how it is , the mother of pandora , the Mana , the beasts , different races , hahaaa ... I fell so exited , thank you for bringing me to this world .

I will bring everyone under my feet , just like those emperor beasts , even if I have to die trying )

Thanks Samantha 

so, about the Crystal, can.. 

( I cut her off mid sentence ) Well , you didn’t tell me that the Crystal was part of the awakening concoction , as it was costly the village don’t provide them to everyone . 

So , am I right Samantha ? How can I give you such a precious thing.


please Michael , I will do anything , please give me the crystal.

          You will do anything , humm.. ( That’s how you trap a lamb ).

dead Michael : she’s a fox.. fox not a lamb ☠️