05- Illusion of control
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 Samantha’s POV : ( he’s suffocating me , it’s so hard to pull away , how can this pathetic kid do this to me , Hun.. what’s this gooey stuff he released , it’s so warm , what should I do , it tastes so funny )

”drink it girl , it’s your reward for the job you just did . It’s good for you , don’t waste it” . (Haha no shit .)

she scooped up the white liquid which was smeared on her lips and swallowed it . Wow so fucking cute , I want to ram you so hard , aha.. why can’t you get up , just once . 

She’s looking at me , ah those eyes , so expecting . well , I can’t help you dear , I just can’t get it up , 

“Michael , now give me the crystal , I calmed you down “

so that’s what you were expecting . Well , I didn’t hope to train you in one day , just for a second I thought I was some OP dude in some overrated novels.

” I can’t give you the crystal , I’ve got only one”

Michael Was sitting on his chair , giving a nonchalant vibe . He looked at her Like he gave no fuck about anything.

“you..you promised , you would give me . Why ..why”

”I lied “

”you bastard , scum , how could you , .. ah .. I won’t leave you , i will tell my mom what you did , Die , I will kill you” 

she jumped on me trying to scratch me , I caught her hands and hugged her .she started struggling , wow it’s so hard . I should calm her or it might get messy if she escaped .

“Samantha calm down ,what would happen if everyone found out what we did today . ( Samantha visiting a mans house in the night for sexual pleasures or selling herself for a crystal ) . They would call you a whore , you couldn’t  lift your head anymore , everyone will point at you and make fun of you . I don’t want them doing that , just think  about your family , what would happen to their reputation , if everyone called their daughter a whore . We don’t want that do we .”

she calmed down a little ,offh.. 

“ Samantha , listen , you just have to use the crystal that your parents gave, don’t think too much , just leave everything to me .

you know That i like you , how could I allow some bitch to snatch you from me , here, calm down , I am there for you .”

i started gently caressing her back to calm her down , I took her to the chair and made her sit on it , It took her some time to come back to her senses .

she sat there ,calmly, head down staring at the floor , thinking .

Michaels POV: ( uffh.. now that she’s calm , everything can be settled, she would be afraid of today’s incident leaking out and ruining her image , she will keep this a secret.

but , if she got impulsive and told her family ;then it would become a shit show for me . For stopping her from taking this path , give her an illusion of control , place some control in her hands and then she will think that she could make use of me , like her lackeys .)


Samantha’s POV : ( how could he make a fool out of me , you bastard I will kill you , I will tell my mom and get you killed , but , but .. what if all the things he said became true , what would happen , I don’t want those things to happen . Calm down .. 

maybe , I shouldn’t tell anyone , then nothing will happen , that’s right , I will take revenge on my own . He said he liked me right , hehe.. I will torture you , make you my dog . Yes, that should be good to look at , following me while waging your tail . )

“Michael you better keep your word , I will do as you said and use my family’s crystal, but , I don’t want to marry him, I don’t care what you do just break the marriage without effecting me . I am telling you , don’t break your promise this time or else, I won’t care what happens. I will do everything I can to see you dead .” 

( wow, I forgot how evil and scary women can be . Anyway , it went in the way I thought, just have to keep up with the act for some time” )

”yes , don’t worry , I will take care of it dear”

”don’t call me dear” 

“ how can it be , I like you my dear , we did such things just now, how couldn’t I call you dear!” 

... just don’t call me in front of others . 

Hehe .. Michael gave a grin looking at her , but she ignored him by looking away .

Now , today she kept Quite , who says , tomorrow she won’t stay quite about some other things .  Hehe.. 

just you wait dear , until I become strong enough to handle your family.


“I won’t let you go , my Dear”.( whisper.. BITCH” hehe