07 – To sacrifice or not – 1
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The children just left the central tent .

The Village chief motioned towards the maids , they carefully brought several refreshments for the guests . He took a sip from the chalice filled with wine and looked at the old men “partrach Harl , partrach Elm what do you guys think about this years kids . Will there be any good seedlings” .  

 Harl caressed his beard , giving a solemn look at partrach elm and the chief , he spoke in a calm pace . “ my two grandchildren are quite good , I am expecting a lot from them , especially Samantha .”

partrach Elm “ stop with your boasting old man , everyone knows that my granddaughter Rose is much more talented than your granddaughter.”

”Hunn, stop day dreaming , you old foggy , just because you married your son with the neighbouring - harlet village chief daughter  , doesn’t mean your granddaughter will inherit his aptitude. birth lineage plays only a small part , during awakenings , the longer someone holds on Without fainting , the greater the benefits . Everyone knows this” partrach Harl gave a reply with an annoyed expression.

” Stop with your bickering, .. what about that kid , Michael”  the village chief knew , that if he didn’t stop them now , they would continue arguing the whole day . 

partrach Harl POV :( I knew you would bring this topic about the kid , you want to know our stand regarding him . Humm , I am also interested in him , who wouldn’t be , but first I have to know what that Elm guy is thinking )

partrach Elm POV:( Michel , that kid , huh.. I still remember that day,

It was slightly drizzling. A blanket of clouds were covering the sun ; preventing him from showing his presence . You could see many corpses across the fields outside the village, if one didn’t look closely; they would think that wolfs were hugging the humans to sleep . Blood and gore everywhere, it was a scene of nightmares ;bitten heads , torn limbs and sprayed intestines, there has never been such a brutal beast horde before . Everyone were desperately trying to hold back the beast horde  from reaching the village.

Howl ....

”fuck it’s a lightning wolf , run it’s a C class beast”  it was his last words before he was torn in half by a huge mouth . 

It was a lightning wolf , it was a meter taller than the normal wolfs , standing at 2 and half meters tall . There was lightning zapping on his body ,it was a brutal beast , known for its ferociousness. 

Many people lost their will to survive , some started running back to the village , they was shouting in despair .

kach ...

the head of a running person fell . “Those who run from the fight will be beheaded” a booming voice ran through the battle field .

the village chief pointed at a man and two old men “follow me” . The chief without waiting for them to follow rushed towards the beast . The man hesitated for a bit , but with a sigh he followed the chief . 

The wolf, seeing their king joining the battle , got frenzied, their craving for blood got intense . With a howl they leapt on to the humans and the slaughter began . 

“Three of you go and hold the lightning wolf for 1 minute . I will charge my ultimate skill . We have to finish him quickly .” The chief started gathering mana onto his spear . It was a black spear with silver spiral running through its body , the tip of the spear was made out of bone , it started giving out a dangerous presence as the chief Kept pouring mana in .

The man stopped , he looked over the field , as if he was searching for someone, he found her , a beautiful woman , fending of a dire wolf ,a evolved form of wolf a D class beast . “Mira , sorry , I can’t anymore , take care of our son Michael” . It’s a if she could hear him , she turned towards him . The man turned and started running towards the lightning wolf . Maria , for some reason felt uncomfortable seeing him run towards the beast . 

Rick and the old men reached the beast , they surrendered it , the king let them surround him , it gave a sinister smile , .... boom..... it release a compressed lightning discharge from its body . An AOE attack . A blue dome of lightning expanded Around the beast , it was so fast , the three got no chance to escape , the old men were thrown away like a ragged doll . 

The blue dome cleared everything in its path , except for one . 

A man was standing in front of the wolf king . It’s as if he wasn’t effected by the attack , blue lightning was buzzing on his skin , it did nothing except shredding his top . He was huge , broad back , thick arms , there was deep scars all over his body. He was like a forged hammer , sturdy and undaunted by anything . He stared into the wolf’s eyes , taunting it.


the wolf pounced at him , he used his bare arms to hold of the wolf’s mouth from biting him . He lifted his leg , using his full power he twisted the head of the wolf and gave a kick on its chin . 

Boom .. the wolf king flew away from the impact , a 500kg beast , just flew away.

”is he really a D class , why don’t I see any mana fluctuations from him , how strong is he “ partrach elm didn’t know what to do , he just stared at the man , mouth open .

everyone else were also staring at the man , but , only Mira shouted , “Rick, why” 

“ Rick , hold on to the beast just a little “ the chief shouted 

 Rick jumped into the air and used the momentum, to throw a punch onto the head of the beast .

Booom .. it was like a thunder clap .” Howl.. aa howl” the wolf started whimpering in pain . 

Village chiefs POV :(  for some reason he is not using mana , how Can his body be so strong without using any mana.He is at least stronger that C class . 

That’s why ,oh,  I can see it , he is injured, he is suppressing them . But , will he pose a threat in the future. What should I do ? ..... it would be best if I can get him killed by the wolf’s dying retaliation. I should slow down my mana, all I need to do is drag it a little longer , act at the end and sweep everything )

Rick continued to smash the lightning wolfs head , the wolf ,unable to do anything Laid there taking all the beating .)

“ So , partrach Elm , what do you think” partrach Harl asked with a probing look 

.......  “...”

the question broke his recollection of that mans glorious events , making him startled .

“ I don’t know , he has an unusual background , I still remember that day , that man .its so sad that he died that day .” Even partrach Elm didn’t know that whenever he talked about Rick , he used such a respectable tone . 


“What will he turn out to be”.. mumble ...... partrach Elm was in a way asking himself , can he see a miracle , once more.