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“Congratulations on passing the CompTIA Network+ Test!”.  The words on the screen seemed steady to an outside viewer, but to the one person closest to them it was almost as if these words were in Greek.  His pulse pounded wildly in his ears as he attempted to make sense of the words.

“Did I really?” He pauses briefly before a wide smile creeps across his entire face.  “I did it!” He whispered to himself as he furtively began to pack up his scrap paper.  Making his way towards the exit of the testing center.  He looked around and could see that the place was just as deserted as when he had first arrived. 

Most would be entirely unaware of this building, along with what it contains.  The CompTIA Network+ Certification test is quite well known to the young man, and his fellows among of the IT Crowd.  This was a test designed by non-biased third-party organization designed to test ones theoretical knowledge of network design, and implementation.

While these words might seem like gibberish to the common man, to others they were a badge of honor.  One that was hard fought to obtain.  Ben had wielded his mighty pen for many an hour in preparation for this day.  The sleepless nights that he had were innumerous.  Time spent in study and preparation all for this singular moment of victory. 

His smile seemed to be permanently affixed to his face as he slowly made his way outside and onto the verdant green campus.  Taking a deep breath Ben very nearly coughed out his lungs, the acrid smell of burning weed causing his lungs to heave violently. 

While he was most certainly no naïve, the smell of weed is harsh at the best of times, and being unprepared is most certainly NOT the best of times.  Unfortunately, that particular drug had recently become legal where he lived, and the people were not enjoying it responsibly.

He shook his head walking to his car, “Fucking kids, Just cuz it’s legal doesn’t mean you should be little assholes about it.” 

Pulling his mind away from the irritant was hard, but with an effort the birds happily chirping all around in the trees began to take his mind off the irritation that was being surprise hotboxed while leaving a testing center.

He was quite the average looking man, Ben was.  Standing just under Six Feet tall he could be called neither tall, nor short.  His build was average, neither fat or slender.  His hair color, brown as mud, just like his eyes.  All in all?  There was very little there to draw the eye.  He made nearly no impression on the world around himself, though that was at least partially by his own grand designs.

You see Ben, had never truly desired the spotlight, being invisible suited him much better.

He closed his car door and sat down taking out a Cigarette.  He light it and took a nice slow drag of the Nicotine filled joy within.  As dumb as they are, he had picked up smoking right out of high school after his dad was killed.  The stress of losing a parent, getting a job, and quitting school all within a year had rattled him.  So he sought out smoking as a comfort.


Holding his smoke with one hand he took out his smart phone.  Just as he was dialing to call his Grandma, to share the good news obviously, he felt a very odd pulling sensation behind his eyes.  Like someone was trying to forcibly yank his eyeballs downward and leave the rest of him in place. 


He grimaced and attempted to locate the source of his pain, but to no avail.  Everything around him seemed normal, but that pulling sensation was constant.  It kept tugging on him harder and harder with each passing second.  It was like his consciousness was being firmly ripped from his body.

Then just as suddenly the pulling was gone.  He blinked at the sudden change, but his body was more shocked by the million other changes around.  He opened his eyes wide to meet the many shocked stares around himself. 


He took a deep breath in, the traces of cigarette smoke still evident by the burning stick in his mouth.  The air around smelled heavily of Sulphur and gunpowder.  Though, that wasn’t really the first bit of concern for Ben in this current moment.  If you asked him he would probably be torn between, the very alien looking lifeform in front of him, and the fact that he was standing in a glowing pentagram.  Yeah…one of those two things would probably rank higher than the brimstone smell.

Ben tried to understand what was happening but try as he might logic failed him.  “This is almost seems like one of those Novels that weebs love so much….”

Ben focused on the Alien in front of him, and tried to decipher what it was.  Just looking at it, then one would probably assume it was a person, but that term felt wrong.  Looking at the top of its head, there was Long Silver colored hair.  Not like the Silver that comes from being old, but much glossier and fine, like metal.  Lower were two bright green eyes, with a disturbing lack of pupils and sclera.  Just a Sea of green from one end to the other.

Otherwise, the shape was quite human.  It was bipedal with two arms, and it didn’t seem to have anything out of the….”You have a tail?” 

‘Well good job Ben, fantastic start to the conversational thread there ol’ boy’

The creature apparently does not find him rude, or perhapds simply doesn’t understand him.  It cocks it’s head in his direction before speaking to some others behind him.  From Ben’s current area within the circle his vision is actually quite hidden as to what is going on around him. 

In the immediate vicinity surrounding the young creature without pupils, there is a crowd of at least 50.  All with the same haunting eyes, and yet all eyes are on Ben.  One of the creatures leans down and whispers something to the Creature with Silver Hair and Green Eyes.  The Silver one nods its head and with a flash, the world grew loud.

The sudden din of noise shocked been deeply nearly making him jump in the air.  While before it was merely meaningless sound, after that flash, it was suddenly words.

“What is that thing?”

“Oh no, what did he summon THIS Time?!”

“I bet it was another failure, stupid demons shouldn’t even be allowed here.”


The cacophony around was truly staggering, and yet a fact did cement itself into Ben’s new reality.  Turning his eyes above he called out to a god he knew wouldn’t care, or listen “REALLY! I ACCOMPLISH MY DREAM AND YOU TAKE ME NOW!” He screamed inside of his heart, while on his face he looked mildly surprised at the crowd around him.