Chapter 4: Modd that Bunny!
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Staring at the blinking terminal cursor Ben was faced with his first problem. What mana feature should he try and connect to first?

From the diagram he can see that there are 3 main features to this magic. Mind, Power, and Form.
Thinking about it Ben is fairly certain that this is a small representation of all the features of this little rabbit. Mainly due to how vague the Terms were. However, once he connected to one of them he was not sure what sort of actions would be available. That being the case Ben very quickly called up his mental Putty window again and input the IP for the Mind aspect.




Connection refused.

"Fuck." He says simply falling into thought again. That reaction….

That was very similar to not having permissions….

"Connect to IP "MIND" Username: admin Password: "

There we go. Even when the password fails I should be able to learn something from the….

"Welcome to Mind Server, please do tread with care fellow Architect." Those were the words that came up on the screen.

"This better not be normal." Ben says to himself shaking his head in disgust. They didn't even bother to secure the session! How dare they! What would the point even be to making something that can get hacked by any Tom, Dick, and Harry that walks past?!

His hands closed into fists.

"Don't you worry little Rabbit. Papa is going to make you safe, and happy." Ben says with a firm nod.

Typing into the command prompt Ben rattled off a few commands to make things a bit easier.

Passwd admin
@[email protected]
Useradd: Master
Passwd Master
Su master

"There we go. Now we are all nice and secure on this server. Nothing will get in the way of us now." Ben said with an affected evil laugh. He simply couldn't help it. It was almost like he was hacking into a little cuddly rabbit, and the irony was high! Why not be a little evil with it too? Not like anyone can judge him while he is in here alone.
At least until Gellis came back.

"Well since I'm here I may as well poke around the server and see what executable it has." Ben said using several list commands to see all the available folders for him to play in.

Most seemed to be empty save for one piece of information, however the folder marked 'memories' was a huge exception to that rule. Apparently along with being adorable this rabbit was also meant to keep an eye on young Gellis. Something he was apparently not aware of.

"Well I at least hope he doesn't know you can see him." Ben says to the rabbit as he quickly attempts to close the 5th video of Gellis 'Discovering his Sexuality'
Ben wasn't one to judge, and Gellis was a young man, but….well…Let's just say that if Gellis knew he was being filmed he may pay quite the price to get the video back. It takes the rare man to admit that he likes a little backdoor stimulation during his "relaxation" time.

"I suppose this could make some good black mail for that kid but, nah." Ben shook his head. He simply couldn't betray the kid. Not yet at least. Should Gellis betray him, then you bet your ass the first thing the world is seeing is the recorded proof of Gellis' anal fixation, but till then?
While he may not consider himself a good person Ben did still have his own internal set of Morals and Values. The corner stone of which? Don't fuck people unless you have to!
Only make an enemy when there is no possible other choice. He turned the rabbit over in his hand admiring its craftsmanship.

"I wonder where he got you." Ben says to himself pouring through the files inside of this little rabbit.
Aside from gathering an acceptable amount of dirt, Ben had made sure to make some quality upgrades to this little rabbit. Specifically, he set it so that the answer to any question Ben asked was ended with a cute little -Sama.

While he was not Japanese on Earth he was still a massive Anime fan, and the He simply couldn't pass up the chance. He also set his rabbits personality.

One of the unique folders underneath "Mind" was Personality. By default, it had almost no values in it, but it was perfectly ready. There was a base template set up, but for some reason, the file was set to "Disabled" in its configuration.

A quick vi, enable, and !wq, and Voila! My Rabbit is now completely unique! I had changed her to suit every different specification I may have had. From her completely cracked sense of right and wrong, to her utter devotion to me, to her highly psychotic tendencies. Perfect.

With a shrug Ben decides to finally close the connection, but his face quickly meets pillow and his thoughts sink into oblivion.

Mere seconds after closing the connection from the rabbit and Ben is comatose and cuddling it. Mana exhaustion is quite a bitch.


"Your new pet is he doing alright?" Headmaster Charles asked Gellis.

"Ye..Yes headmaster my Ben seems to be doing okay. He really seemed quite shocked to be here though….Do you…Do you think he might be….a dud?" Gellis asked closing his eyes tightly as soon as he asked the question. He feared that he may see his teacher agree too quickly.

While a humanoid summon is "always" good. There are of course exceptions. While there has only ever been one useless humanoid it was to an amazing degree.
Obsessed with fighting, fucking, and feasting. It simply lacked the power, equipment, and gumption to accomplish any of them proficiently.

"What if my Ben is like that? A pervert, or worse a fool!" Gellis whined to his teacher. His doubts finally overwhelming his mind.

Headmaster Charles stroked his beard pensively in thought. "I think…that your Ben is probably quite good." He finally answered. "Did you see that job of his? While I'm not certain, I don't think I've ever seen a Magical Architect become certified. Firstly, we should find out what your Ben can do…what are its strengths?"

Headmaster Charles turned away and opened the drawers of his desk. Pulling out a small leather
bag he tossed it to his young protégé, who held it in a vice like grip.

"Here, 50 silver pieces. Take him out and get him cleaned and dressed for the area. Also…try to find out what it likes. We'll keep it happy until we know more about it." The headmaster said turning to the paper work on his desk.

His unspoken message was perfectly clear. "Figure it out yourself!".

Gellis bowed deeply, "Yes sir!"