Chapter 5: Editing
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Gellis stood in his doorway, feeling quite conflicted.  On one hand, his teacher had told him to go and spend time with his newly summoned pet.  That should be a good time filled with joy and laughter!

On the second hand, there stood his newly fixed and freshly working RA-bot.  It had been his dearest friend throughout most of his early childhood, and a decent companion even after he had out grown such childish toys.  This is another event that should evoke joy and perhaps even a chuckle.

The third hand was the cause of his apprehension.  That toy was completely destroyed, all the internal magical sygladry that allowed it’s function had been erased.  This toy….perhaps the original designer would be able to get it back in working order, but even then the time required would be massive!  An untrained, untested, and probably unmagical creature like his Ben shouldn’t be able to make something like his RA-bot work.

He looked at the rabbit in his hand, and was further stunned.  “Put me down right now you fuck head!”

The RA-bot…it…it just spoke to me!

“Be..Ben!” He yelled into the room.  His summoned pet was sleeping quite contently on his bed.

“What!” Ben yelled out as the sweet dreams he had of bountiful boobs surrounding him came crashing back into a cold, foreign reality.

“What the fuck dude!” Ben yelled out loudly as he spied his new toy in Gellis’ hands.  Ben hopped up quickly to snatch it back.  “You can’t touch her yet I’m not done.” He called out holding the toy defensively behind his back.

This caused Gellis to look at his summoned pet differently.  ‘Perhaps this guy is some kind of retard.’ He thought as he struggled to keep a neutral expression on his face.

“Well, I don’t mind sharing, but that was actually MY RA-Bot.” Gellis said his heart breaking a bit.  ‘What do you mean get away from YOUR toy!  It’s mine!  I bought the dumb thing!’

Ben narrowed his eyes and laughed somewhat dismissively at Gellis.  “Oh yeah?  How about we let her choose?” He said carefully keeping his tone as neutral as he could.

Gellis could only smile at his cruel fate.  ‘I guess I did get a dud.  It’s even hearing voices from my RA-bot.  Oh well…maybe we can use it as resource for re-animation or breeding.’ 

Just as Gellis was considering confining his pet in the dungeons below the school a tiny female voice sounded from behind.

“I don’t wanna go with Gellis!  I wanna stay with you Ben-Sama!”

Gellis stopped his movements and focused on the sound.  “Who was that?” He asked.  His Summoned pet Ben slowly took the RA-bot from behind his back and placed it in front of him.  “I told you she’s not done yet.”

Gellis merely nodded dumbly as his eyes grew to the size of dinner plates within a matter of moments.  His stupid little doll, that his mom got for him.  It had no real magic sygaldry associated with it, it could only recreate a message that it was told.  More of a glorified voice recorder in modern times.

How did his simply doll with no features suddenly turn into a talking entity with full speech lines? 

Then the RA-bot got up slowly and hopped up on Ben’s lap nuzzling closely.  Gellis thought he might soon pass up.


“Did you…modify my RA-bot while I was gone?” Gellis asked this question with zero inflection in his voice.  He didn’t want his Summoned Pet to be able to guess how he wanted it to answer.  He just wanted it to be honest, because the full realization that he had summoned an entity with the ability to lie dawned on him.

He could simply treat everything as fact but…this creature.  Gellis wasn’t sure if the thing was shrewd or suicidal!

What it had shown him in just a few minutes was concrete proof of its ability to manipulate the magic sygaldry in objects in ways that he had no understanding.  This could be something worth its weight in Mythril. 

Ben considered this question for quite a long time while he was waiting for Gellis to come back.  Unlike his friend here, Ben had no illusions about reality.  His life was dictated by how useful he was. 

What does that mean?  If he wants food, water, and a place to sleep, then he should just shut up and do what he is told.

However if he wants more than that?  If nothing else being able to edit how things are setup, be they networks, computers, or magical sygaldry is useful.  The more useful you are, the more people will pay for your services.

Granted he was not a free entity, but they would have to be charged by his master.  So if Ben wanted a nice place to live, or even a mate.  He would have to get those things through his master.  What better way for Ben to get what he wants than to show off what he can do?

This all made perfect sense to him after he thought it out.  He even sent the entire script to his Bunny-Chan. 

With a smile Ben reached out to place his hand on Gellis’ shoulder and stared into his Green eyes.  “Gellis, I’m not sure…how this world works, but I think this thing,” He gestures offhandedly towards the RA-bot clinging to his arm, “I think it is probably not something often seen…is that right?”

There it is.   Ben offered Gellis enough rope to hang himself, now just to judge how to deal with him going forward.  Should Gellis choose honesty, then Ben would have a partner, if he lied…well…Gellis wouldn’t be a problem if he did.

With a small smile Gellis laughs and nods his head, “Yeah you are right!  Something like this is…Ben I think you have just saved my ass!” He yells half giggling as he collapses on the floor in relief.

“Oh wow!  Ben,  you have no idea the pressure this is off me!” Grinning and laughing Gellis easily misses the small subtle wink shared between his ‘pet’ and RA-bot.


‘Send command

Edit crontab

Del ‘kill-stupid-master’


Okay, now that Gellis won’t get stabbed by Bunny-Chan tonight we can go on from here.  “Gellis, what do you say to taking me out for a walk around town?  I’d love to see what your world is like!”

Laughing freely with a joy known only to those without stress Gellis nods and hastily gets dressed.

“Sure!  In our world, the most common diversion is probably the smoking house.  Wanna try that?”

With a surprised blink an eager smile began to blossom on Bens face.  “Sure, thing buddy.”

Just like that arm in arm two walked down the Aqua path.